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Iceland Tells The Banks Where To Go…

First they give us Bjork, and now they give us the promise of freedom from the bankers. I love Iceland!

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Bob Ages Tacos Occupy Vancouver! (along with a few others…)

I was in a discussion about my posting on the Council of Canadians today when someone made an interesting posting about Bob Ages’ contributions to the demise of Occupy Vancouver. He gave me his permission to share…

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Should Occupations Distance Themselves from Occupy Oakland?

The Occupy Black Bloc issue continues to get traction in the media- slowly, the world is realizing that Diversity of Tactics is damaging our movement… A couple of days ago I tweeted a story by Jon Stewart warning Occupy Oakland that You will always be judged by your worst elements. And, it appears that Jon …

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Another Letter to Garry Neil at The Council Of Canadians

Garry, When we spoke a couple of weeks ago, I explained how I can understand your position that Bob Ages and other employees of the CoC are participating on their own time at Occupy Vancouver, and not as employees of the Council of Canadians. But, as we both agreed, there is some¬†transference from the Olympic …

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Occupy Vancouver Is (Still) An Unsafe Place (Rather unsavory too!)

I think it is time to call-in the Crown Attorney… Related articles Occupy Vancouver is an unsafe place (Dare you walk down her path?) (www.genuinewitty.com) Occupy Vancouver camp unsafe, must end: mayor (ctv.ca)

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