What Are The Odds This Guy Is Innocent?

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  1. I thought you were anti-violence. What does it matter if he’s an innocent bystander or not? What do YOU think it means when the cops hurt someone so seriously and then don’t arrest?

    1. I am 100% anti-violent, and believe deeply that it is our duty as occupiers to not do anything that could encourage or bait the police into being violent.

      Police violence only occurs when the general public allow for it to happen. I’ve lived in several countries and see this as a universal fact. Eventually it becomes more than the people allow – like, for example, in India at the end of British rule.

      It is our responsibility to do everything within our power to stop it from getting that far.

      I’m not making any judgement on the person in this image, as I don’t have enough information to do that. I did, however, put up this poll to get people thinking about the issue…

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