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Further Evidence The Vancouver Observer’s Linda Solomon Is The Worst Kind Of Hack… (feat. Kevin Annett)

  Back in January I published a story about Linda Solomon, the founder and publisher of the Vancouver Observer who launched her newspaper with a rather misleading statement. She claimed that she is a “Pulitzer Nominated” journalist. The problem is that she doesn’t qualify to use that title- a person’s only considered to be a …

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Anti-Nuke Protesters Vandalise West Toronto Infrastructure! (feat. Zach Ruiter & GE-Hitachi)

Back in November a group of anarchists and militant protesters connected to Occupy Toronto converged on West Toronto in protest of a nuclear fuel processing plant run by GE-Hitachi. Led by Zach Ruiter, the protest quickly became a farce. The people in the neighbourhood were unhappy how the publicity hurt their property values- many became …

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Zach Ruiter Gets Pwned By Steve Paikin Of TVO!

  Zach Ruiter is one of the more entertaining clowns in Toronto’s activist community. The protests he leads more often than not turn into cop-baiting sessions, he embarrassed Toronto-Parkdale MPP Cheri DiNovo pretty seriously with one of his anti-nuclear marches. He’s also caused some embarrassment for NDP MP Andrew Cash and MPP Jonah Schein.

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The Globe & Mail Falls Hook, Line & Sinker For Iranian TV’s Anti-Canadian Fish Story (feat. Patricia Kelly & PressTV)

Last July PressTV broadcast what was undoubtedly their greatest ever fish story. Being a propaganda arm of the Iranian government they’ve told a lot of whoppers. This story is no different that way, but it does have an amusing twist. It actually involves fish- documenting the perils faced by Patricia Kelly as she battled for …

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Amy Goodman Backs The Voices Of Violent Canadian Revolutionaries (feat. Media Co-Op & Rabble)

As Canada’s experiences with the Toronto G20, 2010 Olympics, and Vancouver’s anti-gentrification kerfufel show us- there are people in Canada’s activist community who’ve begun to get out of hand. There thousands of people across the country who espouse the use of political violence, and hundreds who misguidedly follow their guidance. Many of them are just …

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