Disgraced Ontario Finance Minister Resigns After Violating Federal Quarantine Act

breaking the law breaking the law…

If there’s one positive thing that’s come out of the Covid pandemic is that it’s accelerated the public’s understanding of our politician’s hypocrisy. Liberal Health Minister Patty Hajdu was busted flying a government jet home for Easter after telling the public “now is not the time for gatherings”, US Senator Nancy Pelosi was photographed in a hair salon not wearing a mask, and the UK Prime Ministerial advisor Dominic Cummings traveled to his hometown of Durham while exhibiting Covid symptoms. When it comes to Covid and government leaders, it has become clear there’s “one rule for me and one rule for thee”.

This bring us to Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips who just returned this morning after telling Ontarians to stay home before jetting off to an exclusive luxury resort on the Caribbean island of St. Barts. Adding insult to injury, before he got busted, Phillips had the audacity to send out what many perceive to be deceptive tweets making it appear he was home in Canada. Phillips has denied his tweets were intended to deceive.

Premiere Doug Ford, despite already knowing Phillips was abroad before the information became public, huffed and puffed and demanded Phillips come home immediately. Phillips did just that, arriving back at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport this morning. And, you can’t make this stuff up folks, less than one minute after walking out of the customs hall Phillips promptly violated the Government of Canada’s Quarantine Act.

Toronto News Channel CP24 (unknown if there were others) was staking out the exit doors when Phillips emerged. And like a moth to a flame, the now disgraced politician walked up to the camera and held an impromptu news conference. Philips used the opportunity to apologize to his constituents saying he made, “significant error in judgment,” and a “dumb mistake.”

Dumb mistake indeed…

Dumb mistake indeed! You see, according to the federal government regulations travelers arriving in Canada aren’t allowed to hold airport press conferences on their way home. The regulations very clearly state that people under quarantine restrictions must go home immediately, and “avoid contact with others” on the way back. CP24 and the rest of the media were so hungry for content they either didn’t recognize Phillips violation or didn’t care to mention it took him less than a minute to break the rules.

On a call with Peel Region bylaw enforcement today the representative I spoke with expressed disappointment Phillips broke the rules this morning. She also referred me to Durham Region health authorities to file a complaint, Quarantine Act enforcement is to be led by authorities in the traveler’s home municipality. I spoke with Durham Region Public Health Inspector Andrew DiBlasio early this afternoon and he assured me he’d be calling Phillip’s office today (I gave him the number) to follow up on his infraction.

While writing this article I’ve just seen the news that Rod Phillips has officially resigned. That’s a great start but Patty Hajdu, Nancy Pelosi, and scores of other hypocritical politicians are still in office. It’s time to drain the swamp of the lot of them, and while we’re at it- clear the slate of the uninquisitive media who watched Phillips break the law in front of their faces and said nothing.

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