December 2011 archive

Dec 30

An Interesting Video…

Sarah, didn’t you get the message the press has been screaming at us? Your anger was not endearing. And, personally, I’d hold back on comments like ‘people handed hundred’s to me’ at the VAG…

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Dec 29

A Holiday Survival Guide for Occupiers…

I’ve been a bit quiet over the holidays, have been incredibly busy- with the extra burden of moving house- so, apologies for the lack of content here. With the New Year coming I will be once more engaged- and the saga will continue! Until then, enjoy this video- it gives some good ideas for elevator …

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Dec 23

One of the most hypnotizing political messages I’ve seen… (All you need is love?)

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Dec 22

I Felt Like These Two Guys Way Too Often on the OV Facebook page…

All the random ganging-up, the¬†ridiculous¬†accusations, bullying. Follow the rest of the story at the Georgia Straight…

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Dec 21

Oakland’s Black Bloc Speech to Engage the 99%!

“I’m…tired of people telling me what to do!” “I don’t give a shit what America wants- I don’t care, I don’t even care a little bit…”

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