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Greg Renouf, your humble narrator...

Greg Renouf, your humble narrator on CBC The National…

Hi, I’m Greg Renouf. I began my work in technology as a child when I had my first computer in 1979. I was a hacker in my early years- causing trouble for telecom companies in a quest to learn everything I could about the system. My interest in activism began back then when I campaigned against the monopoly powers of the major telecom carriers.

I’ve worked most of my life in the corporate world as a management consultant for ‘big 5’ accounting/consulting firms including Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Accenture. My work includes being an architect for the technology behind the City of London’s Congestion Charging System, leading the implementation of global voice & data networks for telecom carriers, and leading one of the first large-scale implementations of the Asterisk Open Source telephony platform.

Greg Renouf being interviewed by 680 News At Toronto's May Day Parade...

Being interviewed by 680 News At Toronto’s May Day parade…

Growing-up as an ‘airline brat’ I was privileged with the opportunity to have travelled to countries around the world in my childhood. Since then, I’ve visited 73 countries for both business & pleasure- I’ve also lived in the UK, Canada, US, Hungary, Russia and the Netherlands.

My undergraduate degrees are in Computer Science, Marketing & Philosophy (with a minor in Journalism). And I received my Masters degree in Philosophy/Ethics.

I’m neither left nor right- as an ethicist, I try to look at the world by what is right and wrong. I don’t believe in the concept of political parties- politicians should represent their constituents, not party politics.

If you have questions, tips or comments, please write me at: grenouf(at) All email communications will be guaranteed confidential unless you give me specific permission to publish.

Solidarity Oh Ye Brothers & Sisters! (joking)


Greg Renouf Deep in the middle of the Black Bloc during a march against police violence...

Deep in the middle of the Black Bloc during a march against police violence…

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    • Atlas on July 30, 2012 at 02:55
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    Your Blog is insightful. I’m curious are Harsha Walia and Harjap Grewal genuine activist (regardless of agendas) or are they simply government employees. I’ve seen parties in places like Seattle that promote violence turn out to be government contractors. Just curious.

    • Atlas on July 30, 2012 at 02:56
    • Reply

    By the way Harjap Grewal and harsha Walia and other activist works is admirable simply for the will power to move others. Who pulls the strings is another question.

    • The Hammer on July 30, 2012 at 11:12
    • Reply

    Some self-pitty from Kelly Pflug-Back brought to you by the Julian Ichim blog:

    Note that Kelly likes to pretend that she grew up hard and disadvantaged. Despite being a child of privlidge from a very supportive upper-middle class family.

  1. WOW, I’am so impressed by your site…..(double wow)!!

    1. Thank you! :)

        • Janice Ashby on September 22, 2012 at 23:28
        • Reply

        2nd Annual HAPA Seminar, Magda Davis, Dr. Bray, Toronto November 3rd

        Hydro One, which had revenue of $5.471 billion in 2011, owns and operates most of Ontario’s long-distance electricity transmission wires that carry power from generating stations to local utilities.

        A three-man panel is currently examining the future of the local hydros. Like Hydro One’s distribution network, the local hydros deliver power directly to custsomers. Most of the local hydros not owned by Hydro One are owned by towns and cities.

        An umbrella lobby group for the energy sector has suggested that private investment is needed to modernize the sector.

        Whether privatized or not, the province wants to reduce the ranks of Ontario’s 75 local utilities. Combining the local utilities’ operations with those of Hydro One in some form is a good possibility. To top it off, Hydro One’s two biggest labour contracts also expire in 2013.
        The CEO from OZ, Laura Forumusa also received an honorary degree from U. of T. for placing millions of smart meters in Ontario.

        Steve Clarke from Peterborough, ON……
        Also found at:,55,2564

    • Janice Ashby on September 25, 2012 at 20:55
    • Reply–energy-group-pushes-hydro-privatization
    Energy Group Pushes Hydro Privitization,
    September 17th, by Business Reporter John Spears.

    Watch for a new debate on privatizing local hydro utilities, thanks to a set of proposals from Ontario’s broadest energy sector lobby group.

    Ontario’s local hydro utilities — and the municipalities who largely own them — need more capital to update aging infrastructure, argues the Ontario Energy Association (OEA).

    And it maps out a strategy that, it says, would shrink the number of local utilities in the province while tapping private capital to renew outdated equipment.

    The strategy is contained in a presentation to a three-person panel looking at the future of local hydro utilities.

    But the strategy may set the energy association at odds with the association representing the local hydros (who, ironically, are also members of the umbrella energy association).

    continue reading at site…

    • James on April 29, 2013 at 12:31
    • Reply

    I know this isn’t your usually fare, but it is an important issue. If you could take a look at the article and maybe re-post, it would be appreciated.

    • Devils Trumpet on August 28, 2013 at 18:56
    • Reply

    I’d like to know more about the Christian Peacemaker’s funding.I recently abandoned the GTA and now live where there is a huge contingent of Mennonites and not all of them share the same beliefs and values.I am curious to find out which ones are doing the funding,all Mennonites sell their farm goods to the locals,many would think twice about helping to finance anarchist groups.

    1. The Christian Peacemaker’s funding comes directly through Mennonite Church Canada…

        • Devils Trumpet on August 29, 2013 at 18:19
        • Reply

        Thanks,you are a wealth of information as is Undercoverkitty.

    • Shoerack on July 19, 2015 at 11:38
    • Reply

    I’ve only recently been made aware of Kevin Annett the conman and this site of yours is proving invaluable at giving me more information on this nasty piece of work Annett.

    1. Thanks, glad I could help!

    • Alice Martellacci on July 30, 2016 at 12:22
    • Reply

    You’re a real piece of shit, Greg. I hope you know that.

    1. You’re ugly, and your mommy dresses you funny!

    • Ed Frey on August 11, 2016 at 18:38
    • Reply

    My name is Ed Frey and I live in Edmonton. I can back you up in your analysis/description of how very crafty, cunning, manipulative, and all round repulsive, Angela Bischoff is. I get a chuckle at you describing her as Toronto’s current “superstar activist”.
    Having lived in Edmonton since 1985, I had a front row seat watching her as she started and developed her “talents” of conning people and passing herself off as a saint who has the answer to everything.
    Starting as an environmental activist/tax funded parasite in the mid 1980s, she honed her skills well enough to get her hubby Tooker elected as an Alderman in 1992. I Thank God (and I do literally, being of a Christian worldview) that Edmonton voters had the sense to toss him out by 1995.
    By that time, enough people in this city had, quite bluntly, caught on to their shit and the way they operate, so they left town. At bottom, what basically makes people like them tick, their “oxygen” you could say, is that they are “control freaks”. They are hopelessly and helplessly addicted to worming their way into some position somewhere, where they can tell the rest of us lesser beings……………what to do and when to do it and what to think and when to think it.
    Their attitudes/actions and the way they “inspire” others to think and do likewise, are very destructive to nurturing a civil society where truth is more dominant than lies, and the slimebag liars are NOT dominating positions of leadership, power, and influence.
    In summing up, if what I’ve written has made sense to you, get back to me and let’s keep in touch. I’ve had experience in seeing that people like Angela Bischoff can be beaten. If you have the fire in your belly that I suspect you do to see her and others like her “frozen out”, get back to me for any advice, experience, etc I might have that may be of use to you.

    your humble servant and likeminded soul…………………….Ed Frey

  2. Hi Greg:
    I didn’t know how else to contact you, so I thought I’d put it here. I regularly search for news about Kevin Annett over the recent years, just to keep up with his con. I came across this:
    I must admit I haven’t listened to all of this yet…it’s a bit long with several different videos. But….I remember the incident where one of his videos was filmed in a bathroom (with tooth brushes etc. clearly visible.) As soon as I started this video, the backdrop looks like a shower liner that has been unfolded and hung up and the echo I guess is supposed to be like a large room….but sounds suspiciously like a closed bathroom door.

    Maybe it is my cynicism about Kev, do you know if this conference actually took place?

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