Jul 01

Hockey Riot Hero & Dispensary Owner Arrested In Violent Cannabis Day Conflict With Vancouver Police!

Bert Easterbrook showing plumbers crack...

Bert Easterbrook showing plumbers crack while battling Vancouver PD…

Ignoring orders by the City of Vancouver not to setup their annual event cannabis protesters defiantly setup shop on the grounds of the art gallery (the location where Occupy Vancouver was held) today. Protesters setup speakers on the art gallery’s stairs, vendors sold pot and related paraphernalia. The “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery was seen walking around with a giant joint he claimed was made from an ounce of marijuana.

Part way through the day protesters and police got into a violent confrontation. It’s unknown at this stage what prompted the conflict, but a video shows an angry group of protesters who outnumbered the police struggling against the cops as they were trying to make an arrest. The crowd was shouting at the cops as they tried to hold back the crowd, news reports indicate that at least four people were arrested.

Two of the people arrested today are familiar to long-term readers of this website- the first was an outspoken cannibals activist who owns a dispensary, the second was widely acclaimed by the media in 2011 as the “hero” of Vancouver’s Stanley Cup hockey riot- he was also arrested as part of a similar clash during Occupy Vancouver…

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Jun 29

Vision Vancouver’s Greenest City: Waste, Deception & Seditious Extremism (Feat. Tamo Campos)

Is it real, or Vision Vancouver propaganda?
Is it real, or Vision Vancouver propaganda?

The City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan is an initiative to do what it says on the box, to make Vancouver the world’s greenest city by 2020. The plan that was launched in 2010 reads like it was written by mayor Gregor Robertson’s benefactors and former employers in the NGO and social enterprise industries.

Many Vancouverites are skeptical about the mayor’s big idea. Some worry about the potential for conflict of interest- who’s the plan’s primary beneficiary, taxpayers or the NGOs and foundations that helped put Robertson into power? Others doubt the mayor can deliver, it was only three months ago Robertson tried to blame his failed promise to “end homelessness in 2015″ on what may be the most stupid excuse ever- claiming his team of “brilliant minds” took seven years to realize that a steady stream of homeless move to Vancouver for the more temperate climate.

On Tuesday evening both the mayor’s sceptics and unquestioning followers will have an opportunity to hear the city explain its progress at the half-way mark of the program. Billed as a “celebration”, the event will include a makerspace, a “battle of the brushes” painting event, and an opportunity to taste food and drinks from local vendors including a “greenest city cocktail”. The event’s speakers include the deputy mayor, a professor from SFU- and an RCMP monitored extremist who recently claimed he’s above the law because Canada is an illegitimate country.

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Jun 19

RCMP Tracked Extremist Attends TIDES Canada Funded “Indigenous Knowledge” Huckster Camp (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

Clayton Thomas-Muller- tracked by RCMP since 2010

Clayton Thomas-Muller- tracked by RCMP since 2010

In late February TIDES Canada President & CEO Ross McMillan wrote an angry letter to the RCMP. McMillan was upset by the release of an RCMP document obtained by Montreal’s La Presse analysing risks to Canada’s energy industry. TIDES was named for their connection to anti-energy protests, the document also identified the RCMP’s “most urgent” perceived threat “of violent criminal activity is in northern British Columbia, where there is a coalition of like-minded violent extremists who are planning criminal actions to prevent the construction of the pipeline.”

McMillan’s letter expressed his “grave concern that the RCMP would produce a document asserting that Tides Canada, a respected Canadian charity, is associated with a movement involving violent extremist and criminal activity”. It’s understandable why Mcmillan would be gravely concerned, his charity is currently undergoing a CRA audit for their political activities, TIDES Canada has a lot to lose.

Hollyhock is a TIDES Canada funded New Age retreat on Cortes Island, BC. Hollyhock’s programs sell genuine “indigenous knowledge” to people who can afford to drop a few hundred dollars for a weekend visit. It’s also the location for the TIDES sponsored annual Social Change Institute, a training camp for many of the Astroturf activists covered by this website. Hollyhock had a special visitor last week- an extremist who’s been tracked by the RCMP since 2010 for his involvement with the “Northern BC” activists warned about in the very document McMillan objected to in February.

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Jun 16

Did Harper Revoke Paul Watson’s Citizenship Rights Or Is He Selling Us Another Fish Story?

Paul Watson: Hates trophy fishing, loves trophy wife...

Paul Watson (and 4th wife): Adamant opponents of trophy fishing…

“Captain” Paul Watson’s activist career took-off in the early 1970’s as one of the early members of Greenpeace; he calls himself one of the founders, they say he’s not. Watson was an influential member of the NGO and became a member of the board of directors. The relationship went sour in 1977 when he was thrown off the board after differing with Greenpeace over tactics- the majority believed in non-violence, Watson wanted to go a step further.

Watson responded by starting the Sea Shepherd Conservation society, a Washington state registered charity that uses “direct action” techniques to interfere with the whaling industry. The group’s tactics include high-adrenaline clashes between SSCS ships and the whaler’s, launching stink bombs through pneumatic tubes, and sinking their rivals ships while they’re docked and unattended. Some critics call Watson a terrorist, others a pirate- he’s been locked up or pursued on criminal charges by at least five countries.

2015 has been an exciting year for Captain Watson. In the past six months he’s married his fourth wife, the Japanese government has requested France to extradite, and Sea Shepherd settled a $2.55 million settlement for damages allegedly caused to Japanese fishermen. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s recently come out with what’s either a stunningly important or tragically stupid allegation- according to a June 6 Facebook posting, the Canadian government has denied Watson his right to enter the country.

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May 24

Vancouver Activist Promotes Violent “De-Arresting” Tactics For New Protest!

Tamp Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace after their Burnaby Mountain arrests

Tamp Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace after their Burnaby Mountain arrests

Vancouver activist Dan Wallace has become a fixture at local protests over the past couple of years. His first high-profile moment was shortly before last year’s May Day march when he called on a group of masked anarchists to use violence against the police. If there’s one thing that can be said for Wallace it’s that he’s got cajones, he was surrounded by at least a dozen cops when he said that. Curiously, despite the fact protesters used violence against the police, he walked free without charges.

Since then Wallace has been everywhere you don’t want to be. He was one of the primary figures at the Oppenheimer Park occupation, was arrested protesting Chevron on Burnaby Mountain and later arrested there protesting Kinder Morgan. He started off this year’s May Day celebration manning the BBQ during the daytime, and inserting himself at the front of the police line where a gang of rabid protesters clashed into the cops. Some protesters got arrested, but Dan walked away that night.

This week the same thugs activists degenerates who organized May Day have announced a new “Commercial Drive Street Party”, inspired by the violence we saw on May 1st. The event page is only about 4-5 days old, but we’ve seen some of the usual suspects- including Dan Wallace, who appears to be promoting a crime that sent two people to prison after the Toronto G20.

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