Jul 26

Liberal MP Hedy Fry’s Political Hackery Cheapens The Pro-Choice Debate (Feat. Jim Hillyer)

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Today’s article will be short and sweet, asking a simple question- does Vancouver Liberal MP Hedy Fry misunderstand the workings of democracy, or is she just a grandstanding political hack? This of course is a trick question, our political system eventually turns most of our representatives into hacks. And, unfortunately, this leaves many unabashed to twist the meaning of democracy for political gain.

Yesterday Fry made a posting on her Facebook page complaining about a poll Conservative MP Jim Hillyer included in his government funded flyer where he asked his constituents their opinion on his standing on abortion. Fry’s criticism was that Hillyer was “spending taxpayer’s dollars on this garbage”. Huh?

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Jul 23

[Satire] Breaking News From Kevin Annett And The ITCCS! (Feat. Stromboli)

Stromboli: Guilty as charged!

Stromboli: Guilty as charged!

BREAKING NEWS Disney star STROMBOLI is found guilty of the murder of 24 marionettes Kevin D Annett Assistant to the Prosecutors Office ITCCS Brussels.

In the Matter of The People v Stromboli (Case Docket No. 18072014-236)

The Judgement of the Magistrates of the Court, including the majority decision with with one dissenting opinion

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Jul 21

“Six Nations” Line 9 Occupation Ends With A Whimper…

Dave Vasey & Trish Mills with Six Nations friends

Dave Vasey & Trish Mills with Six Nations friends

Protests against Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline reversal started with a bang when a group of militant anarchists (including a convicted G20 ringleader) occupied a pumping station in Westover, Ontario in 2013. The protests began to fizzle out after the first protest- first there were a series of 1-day occupations (with no arrests), and now the most recent occupation by “Six Nations” in North Dumfries.

The protesters sounded resolute at first, explaining how they planned to occupy the site, holding teach-ins and other activities. Things started getting quiet after the second day, and then all communications stopped on the third. It was a mystery, what happened to the intrepid protesters? Well, the mystery is now solved- the protest has ended with a whimper.

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Jul 21

Six Nations HDI Director Calls Kathleen Wynne “Ballsy”, Elder Asks Where The Money Went

Does Kathleen Wynne Have Balls? Is she a coward? Something worse?

Was Kathleen Wynne “Ballsy”?

The small town of Caledonia, Ontario has been host to a lot of trouble in the past. If you’re not familiar with the story, the quick version is that a group of union backed radicals terrorized the town in response to a dodgy land dispute over a plot of land that was to be called Douglas Creek Estates. At the height of the conflict Caledonia residents were being required to carry ‘passes’ if the native protesters were to allow them to go to their homes. One resident was assaulted and now lives with brain damage.

At the end of the ruckus the province paid-off the developer, buying the land at a premium. One house had already been built, it’s reportedly still occupied by protesters. There was also a great big steel electrical tower; torn-down and placed as an unsightly, dangerous and illegal barrier to the road.

In June the Haldimand County Council voted to finally take-down the barrier. Six Nations radicals quickly warned that this action could start all out war. The council has backed-off, but the momentum hasn’t stopped- now, the radicals have announced plans to build a fence.
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Jul 17

Breaking: “Six Nations” Occupy Line 9 In North Dumfries (Feat. Dave Vasey & Trish Mills)

Isn’t Trish Mills on probation?

A short while ago Rising Tide Toronto sent out an alert that “a group of individuals from the Six Nations & their allies” have occupied a Line 9 maintenance site in North Dumfries. Pictures that are circulating indicate that at least four indigenous protesters are on-site, and some familiar anarchist “settler allies”.

Rising Tides’ alert says that protesters plan to hold an “action camp” where they’ll hold “teach-ins and skill shares centred around indigenous nationhood and direct action”. The occupiers are offering shuttles from Hamilton, Cambridge and the Six Nations reserve in hopes to boost up their numbers.

And, of course, there are the usual suspects in the background…

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