May 19

May Day Violence: Assault Charges Laid, More Thugs Identified! (Feat. Harsha Walia & Jakob Markiewicz)

Harsha Walia standing at the front of the police line

Dan Wallace & Harsha Walia standing at the front of the police line

In our last story about the Vancouver’s May Day celebrations we covered the violence that occurred when a group of thugs got into a clash with the police on Commercial Drive. The mayhem started when the thugs opened their “dance party” on the street, Vancouver Police told the crowd to stay off of the street but they ignored and began swarming around the cops.

Standing in front of the police line was a character well-known to readers of this website, Dan Wallace who openly called for people to use violence against the police at the 2014 May Day march. Standing behind the cops was a line of people carrying a “We Love This Coast” banner, a group led by Vancouver anarchist Shirley Samples. A video of the event showed how the cops looked visibly nervous/uncomfortable as both sides pushed their way into the police line, some (including Wallace) raising their fists and showing aggression.

New information has come available since the last story was written exposing two other actors who were involved in the May Day mayhem. Both have been covered by this website for their militant antics. The first, Harsha Walia, is Canada’s most prominent promoter of the “Black Bloc” style violence we saw at the 2010 Olympics and this year’s May Day. The other is a young man who has obviously drank too much of the former’s militant flavour of Kool-Aid- can you guess which of the two is currently sitting behind bars?

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May 06

Updated: Alberta NDP Gets Their Weasel On, Deletes Platform & Candidate Biographies From Their Website!

Wait, where did it go?

Wait, where did it go?

The results are in on Alberta’s election and it’s official, Hell has finally frozen over and the province has elected an NDP government. As expected, NDP voters are overjoyed, so much that they’ve ignored one of their most beloved issues- the first-past-the-post system has resulted in the NDP winning with less than 50% of the vote.

Curiously, less than two hours after the election closed, the Alberta NDP has now erased all of it’s candidate profiles from their website. What does this mean? One person speculated on Twitter that “Scrubbing their website on elxn night suggests they will revise their platform in light of a huge victory”.

One thing we can deduct from this weasel-like action for certain is that the Alberta NDP have a poor understanding of how the Internet works- you can’t just delete a webpage and expect it will be gone forever, there’s a wonderful site called that’s backed-up many of the Internet’s more popular websites, the Alberta NDP’s is one of them.

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May 05

May Day Violence In Vancouver! (Feat. Dan Wallace, Shirley Samples, Green Party, NDP)

Dan Wallace (on left) - recognize that sign in the back?

Dan Wallace (on left) – recognize that sign in the back?

Vancouver’s May Day celebrations have had a history of violence over recent years. Things started to heat up in 2013 when Vancouver Police allowed a group of masked thugs to march through downtown with flaming torches and swarming the entrance to the PIDGIN restaurant- a couple of days later anarchists burned down and East Vancouver house. Last year the same group of anarchists got into a street fight with the police, swarming around an occupied city bus as they burst through a line of bike cops.

Vancouver’s anarchist community has a rich tradition of violence. Anarchist leader Harsha Walia has become a global icon for the Black Bloc style militancy we saw at the 2010 Olympics where protesters smashed windows, damaged street furniture, and clashed with the police. May Day is all too often Vancouver’s version of The Purge- the opening day for “violence season”, and a tool for recruiting useful idiots into the criminal side of activism.

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May 04

#BaltimoreRiots Protest: Student Unions, Racists & Useful Idiots (Feat. Ryerson Student Union, CFS)

A large crowd showed up...

A large crowd showed up…

On Saturday afternoon a group of protesters gathered in front of Toronto’s police headquarters to protest “in solidarity” with the people rioting in Baltimore. The protest organizer’s media release claimed the event was part of an “international day of action”. If you’ve been following protests for long that phrase probably looks familiar to you, Occupy and Idle No More regularly organized events between cities this way- it’s a tactic commonly used by socialist obedience cults.

Most of the city’s major media outlets came to attend Saturday’s protest, with the majority producing headlines claiming that the protest was about “police carding”- basically, just regurgitating what they read on the media release. The reality of the protest is that it was almost completely focussed on solidarity for the rioters in Baltimore- The Sun and 640 News got it right. Of course, as usual, there’s one thing the media neglected to tell their readers/viewers/listeners- who was behind the protest, and what’s their real agenda?

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Apr 29

Harm Reduction Gurus Donate To Violent Extremist Camp! (Feat. Gabor Maté, Bruce Alexander)


Zoe Blunt (far-right) with masked cowards building a “pit house” at the Unist’ot’en Camp

The Unist’ot’en Camp is a protest site in northern BC, not too far from the town of Houston. The camp is a collaboration between a couple of First Nations activists and radical violence promoting anarchists from Vancouver and Victoria. Camp spokespeople claim that they’re positioned at the exact junction of several planned pipelines. They’ve warned pipeline companies that their workers will be forcefully stopped if they’re seen “in our territory”, and that their equipment will be “confiscated” (stolen).

Last year activists built a cabin on Crown land where Unist’ot’en stands- funding was managed by Bob Ages of the Council of Canadians, a bus load of volunteers were shuttled in to construct it by Victoria anarchist Zoe Bunt. They also built extra “security” measures to protect the camp from bring raided by the police- surrounding the camp with barbed wire and building trap-lines around their “territory”. Curiously, the police and provincial government have neglected to take any action- that said, the RCMP have been tracking the camp for their extremism since 2010.

Hungry for a fight, Unist’ot’en protesters are upping the ante this year with plans to construct a building they’re calling a “Healing Centre”. Like last year they’ve also setup a fundraiser- the goal is to raise $40,000. They’ve got pledges for over $13,000 since they started the fundraiser a few weeks ago- the contributor’s list is quite interesting.

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