Nov 24

Interactive Chart: Who Got Arrested/Detained On Burnaby Mountain?

When the RCMP read out the court’s injunction against protesters “resisting” Kinder Morgan’s surveying work on Burnaby Mountain it was like they pulled the trigger on a starting gun; beckoning every professional protester, cop hater, and misguided AnarchoKiddy™ to rush up to Burnaby post-haste!

Today’s graph is still a work-in-progress, I’ve managed to compile a significant number of the protesters who were arrested or detained, but there’s still a lot of work to do! This is where you come in dear readers, I’d like to try a crowdsourcing experiment. No, the article’s purpose isn’t to ask for money (but if you like my work, there’s no better way to tell me than pressing the donation button near the top-right of this page!), what I’m hoping for is that some of you can help find me more names!

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Nov 19

Vancouver Observer/Desmog “Journalist” Gets Physical: Intimidates Sun News Reporter (Feat. Erin Flegg)

Vancouver Observer's Erin Flegg gets physical with Sun News Camera...

“Journalist” Erin Flegg gets physical with Sun News Camera…

Note: I’m still working on Kinder Morgan Protest Unmasked Part II, stay tuned in the next 2-3 days, apologies for the delay…

In December 2013, this website published an article examining how Vancouver Observer writer Erin Flegg appeared to be walking the fine line between journalist and participant at several anarchist-led protests. Flegg magically had the habit of being right on-the-scene whenever masked anarchists planned illegal actions. The results of the research were inconclusive then, it may have been that Flegg was not a participant- perhaps Rising Tide was been inviting her because they knew she’d write a positive story (even when staff of Port Metro Vancouver are being assaulted).

Flegg appears to have moved on from Observer and is now writing for the equally dubious DeSmogBlog. Flegg’s recent work has the same marques of good propaganda as her work at the Observer. Take for example her profile on Burnaby Mountain Jakub Markiewicz- most Flegg’s “in depth look” into him centres around endearing the reader, and completely omits mentioning he was arrested on May Day during a violent clash with Vancouver Police. If there’s one thing we know by now about Flegg is that she’s as anarchist friendly as the publications she writes about.

Today’s story not only makes it undeniable that Flegg has stepped outside the boundaries of being a journalist, but it will also explain the soft position she took on the assaults she observed at least years Port Metro Vancouver protest. You see, Fleff was caught on-camera yesterday assaulting Sun News reporter Ada Slivinski.

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Nov 15

Breaking: BROKE Burnaby To Join Pro-Violence Anarchist For Kinder Morgan Protest Planning Session!

Harsha Walia (left) insulting Toronto Police at the 2010 G20

Harsha Walia (left) makes her #KMFace at Toronto Police during the 2010 G20

There was bad news for the protesters who’ve been causing trouble on Burnaby Mountain the past few weeks. After spending the past week in damage control, trying to reassure their followers there was no way Kinder Morgan could win their injunction, KM won in a very big way. Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen made it clear that the protester’s antics were well beyond what one would call free speech:

“I am satisfied that as much as the right of the public dissent must be carefully protected, what is at issue in the present case goes beyond that.”

Just a couple days earlier Kinder Morgan announced that they have no intention to pursue financial damages against the protesters. That wasn’t good enough for SFU professor, and gifted amateur protester Lynne Quarmby, who was quoted in the Vancouver Observer spreading FUD explaining how she’s still worried KM will sue. BROKE Burnaby has made it clear they don’t plan to encourage others to violate the injunction- Quarmby has said she’s uncertain if she will.

But behind all of the sweet demeanor of professor Quarmby, and the innocent stance taken by BROKE Burnaby, there’s a dark side to the protests. We’ll cover more of this in the upcoming Kinder Morgan Protest Unmasked Part III (Part I can be read here). But for today there’s some breaking news, despite their attempts to appear innocent, and disapproving of militant tactics, this evening BROKE promoted an event led in-part by Canada’s most visible advocate for protest violence…

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Nov 14

Desmogging Emma Gilchrist’s GarossinoStyle™ Cheap Tricks Against Vivian Krause (Feat. Vision Vancouver)

Emma Gilchrist and Sandy Garossino: Separated at birth?

Emma Gilchrist and Sandy Garossino: Separated at birth?

On Wednesday the Vancouver Province published a thought provoking opinion column from Vivian Krause. Her article A vote for Vision is a vote for U.S. interests gives an excellent overview of Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson’s backers at TIDES Canada and Renewal Partners. Krause has written scores of newspaper articles, blog postings and letters outlining her research into the heaps of cash being dumped into Canadian politics and activism from foreign donors- much of it coming from American oligarchs and their influential (and sometimes creepy) foundations.

One of the first signs that the Canadian Occupy movement was corrupted by unions and NGOs came when dissident occupiers began to ask question about the funding and backgrounds of the organizers who were running the show. Suddenly Occupy was no longer about the 99% vs the 1%, reality was reassigned to where certain members of the 1% were acceptable allies. We were told to ignore that George Soros destroys economies for a living, that train barron Warren Buffett is a “common sense mogul”, and how we should forget that the Rockefeller Foundation once funded a Nazi eugenics institute.

When one takes on the oligarchs it should naturally be expected that there will be some kickback. That’s not to say that Soros, Buffett and Mr Burns are behind the curtains pulling strings (though perhaps Newell is). Successful oligarchs are too busy playing real-life Railroad Tycoon and crashing the British Pound to worry about the likes of Vivian Krause. Besides, there’s no need for damage control, the foundations have built a self-healing system- the magic ingredient is greed.

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Nov 10

#BurnabyMountain Unmasked Part I: Is It Safe To Send Your Kids To SFU? (Feat. Vancouver Observer)

Who allowed them to build this in a "conservation area"?

Simon Fraser University: Who allowed them to build this in a “conservation area”?

After several weeks being subjected to protests, harassment, and alleged assault; Kinder Morgan took action last Friday and served a group of Burnaby, BC protesters with a lawsuit. The company claims protesters have caused $5.8 million damage. That sounds like a lot of money, defendants and their supporters have complained it’s outrageous- simultaneously ignoring KM’s lost business while patting themselves on the back that less oil is flowing out of Alberta.

Faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, the protesters have been bravely defiant. Ignoring the potentially high price of her 15 minutes of fame, defendant defendant Lynn Quarmby bragged saying “I don’t think they could’ve bought themselves worse publicity”. Why are they so confident? Rules for Radicals gives us the answer, “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive”- in this case, the positive is all of the “free” publicity.

So, as we wait for the judge’s decision, we should expect a full-on public relations war the next few weeks. The protesters have already gone into overdrive trying reframe the situation to their benefit. Outside of claiming their dubious victory one of their key messages was published in the protester friendly Vancouver Observer. The headline proclaimed ‘We are not radicals’ – Kinder Morgan lawsuit defendants speak out. But how true is that statement?

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