Jul 21

Six Nations HDI Director Calls Kathleen Wynne “Ballsy”, Elder Asks Where The Money Went

Does Kathleen Wynne Have Balls? Is she a coward? Something worse?

Was Kathleen Wynne “Ballsy”?

The small town of Caledonia, Ontario has been host to a lot of trouble in the past. If you’re not familiar with the story, the quick version is that a group of union backed radicals terrorized the town in response to a dodgy land dispute over a plot of land that was to be called Douglas Creek Estates. At the height of the conflict Caledonia residents were being required to carry ‘passes’ if the native protesters were to allow them to go to their homes. One resident was assaulted and now lives with brain damage.

At the end of the ruckus the province paid-off the developer, buying the land at a premium. One house had already been built, it’s reportedly still occupied by protesters. There was also a great big steel electrical tower; torn-down and placed as an unsightly, dangerous and illegal barrier to the road.

In June the Haldimand County Council voted to finally take-down the barrier. Six Nations radicals quickly warned that this action could start all out war. The council has backed-off, but the momentum hasn’t stopped- now, the radicals have announced plans to build a fence.
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Jul 17

Breaking: “Six Nations” Occupy Line 9 In North Dumfries (Feat. Dave Vasey & Trish Mills)

Isn’t Trish Mills on probation?

A short while ago Rising Tide Toronto sent out an alert that “a group of individuals from the Six Nations & their allies” have occupied a Line 9 maintenance site in North Dumfries. Pictures that are circulating indicate that at least four indigenous protesters are on-site, and some familiar anarchist “settler allies”.

Rising Tides’ alert says that protesters plan to hold an “action camp” where they’ll hold “teach-ins and skill shares centred around indigenous nationhood and direct action”. The occupiers are offering shuttles from Hamilton, Cambridge and the Six Nations reserve in hopes to boost up their numbers.

And, of course, there are the usual suspects in the background…

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Jul 14

[Updated] Another Line 9 Occupation, Same Cast Of Characters (Feat. Lana Goldberg & Maggie Helwig)

Lana Goldberg (centre-left) & Maggie Helwig (centre-right) at yet another Line 9 blockade

Lana Goldberg (centre-left) & Maggie Helwig (centre-right) at yet another Line 9 blockade

Update: Undercoverkity was on the scene at today’s occupation and caught video of ALL EIGHT of the protesters. big crowd!

About a year ago I had the opportunity to speak with some law enforcement experts in activist extremism. It was shortly after a group of the usual suspects occupied Enbridge’s Line 9 pumping station in Westover, Ontario, what they told me has been resonating ever since: “The protest should have been a lot more successful”.

The answer to why the protests went pear shaped was simple- people in the media started catching-on to who was behind them. The head of ‘security’ at the first occupation was previously convicted and incarcerated for promoting violent crimes, protest spokesperson Trish Mills got into a physical altercation with court bailiffs, arrestee Gary Wassaykeesic called Westover a “shit little town“.

But, despite this, the protests haven’t stopped. The protesters, in their twisted logic, are using Enbridge’s maintenance activities as an opportunity to proclaim that they don’t adequately maintain the pipeline. Their response has been to interrupt maintenance activities (called “integrity digs”) and make claims against the company’s integrity. If you’ve been following this crowd, that probably gave you a good chuckle…

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Jul 09

Video: Unmasking Oilsands Protester Clayton Thomas-Muller

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Jul 08

Trillium Funded ENGOs Promote Dangerous Role Models To Ottawa’s Youth


The Ontario Trillium Foundation is a provincial government agency whose purpose is to build “healthy and vibrant communities” by “strengthening the capacity of the voluntary sector”. Causes they support include arts & culture, environment, social services and recreation. Trillium promote themselves on their website as “Ontario’s leading grant-maker”.

Trillium grant recipients get more than just money, they also benefit from the credibility of having been selected- it’s not uncommon to see NGOs advertising Trillium sponsorships on their websites. If Trillium has vetted an NGO it must be safe to send your kids to one of their events- right?

Well, perhaps not…

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