Jan 26

Multi-Million Dollar Homeowner Announces MP Candidacy In Vancouver’s Poorest Riding (Feat. Jenny Kwan)

Oh, the irony!

Oh, the irony!

Yesterday Vancouver NDP MLA Jenny Kwan announced her intention to run for Libby Davies’ soon to be vacant seat in Parliament. Kwan has a long history in the neighbourhood and was once a member of the Downtown Eastside Resident’s association- a now defunct housing organization partially founded by Davies that died after a financial scandal involving misappropriation of resources.

DERA’s death marked the beginning of a new disaster called the Portland Housing Society. Kwan’s ex-husband Dan Small was an executive at PHS who got caught misusing the non-profit’s funds for luxury travel and hotels in Vienna, London, and Disneyland. Kwan was put in the spotlight when it was discovered she was with her husband on these trips. Claiming she was unaware he was using PHS funds to pay for her accommodations (and not questioning his choices to stay in $800+ per night hotel rooms) Kwan slipped away from the controversy after paying back $35,000 to PHS.

Kwan’s supporters tell us we should forgive her and accept the fact she was clueless of her surroundings. The problem is, if Kwan’s story is true, how is someone so clueless qualified for such an important job?

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Jan 25

CRA Audited Charity Sponsors Book Tour For Anti Free Speech Violence Advocate (Feat. Harsha Walia)

Sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’s about page contradictorily describes itself as “an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social, economic and environmental justice” that since has become “one of Canada’s leading progressive voices in public policy debates”. The page explains how the CCPA works with “with top-notch researchers to shed light on the key issues facing Canada”. Projects include researching income inequality, “climate justice”, and their annual Alternative Federal Budget “that reflects the values of the large majority of Canadians”.

Harsha Walia is a Vancouver based anarchist whose work promoting and enabling Black Bloc tactics has made her a global icon for violent protest. Wallia leads No One Is Illegal Vancouver, a contradictory organization that both sells the ideology Canada should dissolve all border controls while promoting itself as a “settler ally” helping indigenous communities protect their treaty rights. Wallia was organizing at the front-lines during the violence at the 2010 Toronto G20 and the recent clash with police at the Burnaby Mountain protests, and is one of the many pro-violence activists seen organizing at the RCMP monitored extremists at the Unist’ot’en Camp in Northern BC.

So, what does this tax-exempt charity have in common with Canada’s most visible icon of violent revolution? Disturbingly, it appears the CCPA has become one of Harsha Walia’s most unabashed institutional promoters…

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Jan 24

CRA Audited Quebec Charity Promotes Fundraiser For RCMP Monitored Extremist Camp (Feat. Équiterre)

And they still get tax-free status, really?

And they still get tax-free status, really?

Équiterre is a Quebec based environmental charity whose founders claim to have been inspired after a transcontinental flight to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development’s 1992 Earth Summit in Rio Janeiro. The first sentence in their mission statement claims their goal is to “build a social movement”, encouraging society “to make ecological and equitable choices”. Some of their initiatives include assisting family farms sell produce through organic basket sales, assisting and encouraging government to buy locally grown food (similar to the UN initiative), promoting and educating on energy efficiency and fair trade.

The Unist’ot’en Camp is on Crown land in Northern BC, organizers claim their protest sits at the junction of several planned pipelines. Unist’ot’en is funded and supported by violence tolerant NGOs including the US based Deep Green Resistance, Council of Canadians, and Victoria anarchist Zoe Blunt’s Forest Action Network. The camp is surrounded by barbed wire (Blunt’s currently fundraising for gates); their policy and practice is to threaten, assault and “confiscate” the equipment of pipeline workers who cross their path. In October 2014 the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network exposed how the RCMP designated Unist’ot’en as an “extremist” group in 2010 and have been monitoring ever since.

So, what do this tax-exempt charity and violent (foreign backed) extremists have to do with each other? Well, it appears that the charity promoted a fundraiser for the extremists!

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Jan 14

Planning A Life Of Crime? Move To Vancouver! (Feat. Vancouver Police Department)

Not a criminal? Then don't work in a coffee shop...

Not a criminal? Then don’t work in a coffee shop…

On the morning of January 11th at about 10am a man walked into the Waves coffee shop at 305 Main Street in Vancouver. Shortly after the young woman working alone behind the counter opened the till, the man grabbed some money, and ran away. Officers were dispatched after someone called 911 and officers from the Vancouver Police Department quickly apprehended the suspect. So far so good, right?

Once the perpetrator was caught, the police officers brought the man back to the coffee shop with handcuffs on. According to a report by a man who was there, the officers brought the man up to the woman working behind the till and he was asked to apologize to her. The witness commented that the woman “was so scarred and the VPD asked if she will press charges, she was too scared and said no.” The cops then took the handcuffs off of the man and set him free.

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Jan 13

Dubunking Alan Dutton’s #BurnabyMountain SLAPP Allegation With One Link!

Alan Dutton: Climate change warrior and Nazi hunter...

Alan Dutton: Climate change warrior, Nazi hunter, and all around weasel…

BC’s Burnaby Mountain protests were back in the news again today. The Simon Fraser University Institute for the Humanities’ associate (and past intrepid Nazi hunter) Allan Dutton was in court claiming that Kinder Morgan’s lawsuit was a SLAPP, intended to deprive him of his right to engage in legal protest activities. Dutton exclaimed to the media outside of the courthouse today that, “The allegations we engaged in conspiracy to commit various unlawful acts that’s of course a ridiculous charge,”

Oh, really?

Perhaps Dutton forgot his previous statements, like the one he was quoted saying in the Wall Street Journal just a couple of days before KM hit him with the lawsuit, “We will continue to take nonviolent direct action to stop Kinder Morgan’s activities in Burnaby.” Direct action to “stop KM activities in Burnaby” means to damage the company’s ability to conduct their business- KM wasn’t attacking Dutton’s right to “free speech”, they were trying to stop him from doing damage to their ability to do business.


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