Feb 28

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip Hoodwinks The Vancouver Sun (Feat. Peter O’Neill, Harsha Walia)

Nothing to see here officer!

Nothing to see here officer!

Earlier this week Vancouver Sun reporter Peter O’Neill wrote the naïvely titled story RCMP claim of B.C. anti-pipeline extremists shocks native, environmental leaders. From one perspective the story was gut-bustingly funny, blatant misinformation so poorly researched it could have come from the Vancouver Observer. But it was also profoundly disturbing- dangerously sloppy reporting that could potentially get people hurt.

The story was centred around the release of an RCMP document outlining critical threats to the Canadian petroleum industry. Despite being marked “Canadian Eyes Only”, most of the content appears to come from open source information. The interesting part was the analysis, a peak into activist militancy through the lenses of the RCMP. And, as expected, the document’s release was followed by the inevitable torrent of activist complaints.

Up until Wednesday, the most obviously propagandistic article criticising the RCMP was published in NOW Magazine by American Anarchist Sakura Saunders- not unexpected for an anti-social hooligan who leads f##k the police marches. But O’Neill’s story really takes the cake, interviewing Grand Chief Phillip Stewart and framing an image so wildly deviant from reality that there were reports of people seeing the glow of Linda Solomon’s blush as far away as Halifax.

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Feb 24

Anarchists Accuse “Harper Government” Of Cancelling Dodgy Non-Profit PayPal Account (Feat. Shiri Pasternak)

Shiri Pasternak: Anarchist Indigenous Solidarity Bullshit Artist...

Shiri Pasternak: Anarchist queen of dodgy disclosure practices

After three and a half years studying anarchist appropriation of indigenous voices, one lesson I’ve learned is that organizations with the word “Solidarity” in their names are often a good place to look. Barriere Lake Solidarity is an excellent example- more anarchists than a G20 bail hearing, close connections with the pro-violence AgitProp extremists at the Media Co-Op, and more bullshit than the Liniers Cattle Market.

BLS is a unincorporated “working group” running under the banner of the student fee funded Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill University. The groups founders include Martin Lukacs, an editor with the Media Co-Op and contributor to The Guardian newspaper in the UK (who often writes on First Nations issues without disclosing his activities as a “solidarity” activist). Lukacs was arrested at a BLS protest with fellow Media Co-Op leader Dru Oja Jay in 2008.

Anarchist Shiri Pasternak is a post doctoral fellow at Columbia university who has worked closely with BLS. She’s also an associate with Defenders of the Land, and works closely with their leader Russ Diabo. Pasternak came out with a sensational accusation last week claiming that “The Harper Government” has frozen BLS’s PayPal account- “due to our successful campaign to raise money for families who were going hungry because of negligent government service provision”. Really?

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Feb 21

NOW Magazine Publishes Dangerous Propaganda Against The RCMP (Feat. Sakura Saunders)

Why? Because of people like Sakura Saunders...

Why? Because of people like Sakura Saunders…

Earlier this week Greenpeace released a document they acquired from the RCMP. The paper warns that certain elements of the environmental movement pose a “realistic criminal threat to Canada’s petroleum industry, its workers and assets, and to first responders”. As expected, the news has caused quite a stir in the environmentalist world- with many supporters using it as a example of how the “totalitarian Harper government” has been “criminalizing dissent” in an effort to further their “evil plans”.

Of all the propaganda written by the country’s environmental movement, the most blatant was published yesterday by NOW Magazine. Professional protester Sakura Saunder’s article Why Is The RCMP So Afraid Of Enviro Activists argues that “The real threat to oil and gas industry is not the so-called ‘anti-petroleum movement,’ but growing public support for Indigenous land defense [sic] across the country”- there’s a problem though, Saunders is completely full of shit.

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Feb 20

Pan-Am Games: Line 9 Protester Re-Arrested By Hamilton Hate Crimes and Extremism Unit

Was it Trish Mills? (She's deleted this posting now)

Was it Trish Mills?

An interesting story was posted yesterday to the Anarchist News website about “a person in Hamilton who has been active in organizing against Line 9″. According to the story, this person was visited by the Hate Crimes and Extremism Unit of the Hamilton Police who took them into custody for breeching the conditions of their bail. The story went on to say that “Subsequent court appearances have made it clear that the Hate Crimes and Extremism Unit targetted [sic] this person as part of the security operation in the lead up to the Pan Am Games”.

If you’re not familiar with the Pan-Am Games, statistics say that a large percentage of Canadian’s aren’t, they’re an event not much different than the Olympics- only, limited in scale to people from “the Americas”. Also similar to the Olympics, the police have some genuine concerns that some unsavoury activists may use the occasion for violent self-promotion. Buy how realistic of a problem is this?

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Feb 20

Fake Pulitzer Nominee Misappropriates Rosa Parks With A Racist Slur (Feat. Linda Solomon)

It started with a lie...

It started with a lie…

The Vancouver Observer was founded on misinformation. It all started when editor Linda Solomon arrived in BC and published her book “Why I Love Vancouver Reflections on a City by a Pulitzer Nominated American Journalist”. Solomon, like her fellow Hollyhock instructor Rex Weyler pulled a cheap trick on the people of BC- they’re not really Pulitzer nominees. You see, anyone can put $50 in an envelope and send it to the Pulitzer Prize Board- nominees are people who’ve made it to the finals, everyone else is considered an “entrant”.

Since its dubious foundation, the Observer has made itself into the Pravda of Western Canada- which would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact their reporting has become a danger to our country. Take for example their dodgy NDP “Spying” story that published misinformation about Canada’s security services- weakening their ability to do important work monitoring the small percentage of activists who’ve been promoting sabotage and criminal activity.

So, how does a fake Pulitzer nominee follow-up creating Western Canada’s “truthiest” online publication? Solomon’s idea is to launch the National Observer, continuing her tradition of publishing dangerous propaganda. Adding insult to the injury, Solomon has shamelessly misappropriated the memory of Rosa Parks- a brave woman who stood against America’s institutionalized racism by defying the rules and sitting in the front of a Montgomery, Alabama bus.

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