Oct 16

BC Charity Caught Promoting Political Party (Feat. Hollyhock, VISION Vancouver)

Hollyhock, a New Age retreat with more fake Pulitzer's than any other...

Hollyhock, a New Age retreat with more fake Pulitzer’s than any other…

Update: Since this article was written, Hollyhock has now deleted the tweet from their account- interesting…

In January, 2012 I had the pleasure of staying at Hollyhock, a charity owned training resort on Cortes Island BC; one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Hollyhock is a contentious place; some view it as (literally) magical, others see a dark side. My month there was dual purpose- both to get some rest and relaxation, and to try and dig through the myths.

What I’ve learned since then has astounded me, the stench of corruption is hard to miss. Hollyhock is both a New Age and activist training centre- their organizers and teaching staff has included not one, but two fake Pulitzer Prize nominees. Other instructors have included a white plastic shaman selling “indigenous knowledge” for $525 per head. I’ve read complaints to the local government about the polution coming from their septic tank system. But more important, there are many indications Hollyhock may be breaking CRA rules for partisan political support.

Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson has a close relationship with the charity, and was once on the board at Hollyhock Farms Ltd. Hollyhock’s main supporter TIDES Canada is also close to the mayor- their leadership have personally contributed to Robertson’s campaigns, TIDES USA raised the property value of the mayor’s Cortes Island home by purchasing 150 acres next-door. But, until yesterday, there has been no smoking gun about Hollyhock’s political activities.

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Oct 14

Bad Heroin: Gregor Robertson & Vancouver Police’s Inaction Is Killing People (And how to save lives…)


Ashligh Gough could have been saved…

On November 5th, 2011, a man was found passed-out, overdosed, in one of Occupy Vancouver’s tented areas- that’s how we learned there was bad heroin in town. One would think, with a recent near death in the camp, that we’d have been flooded with people from the city and harm reduction services offering to help- you’d be wrong though, what I learned the next day is that learned Vancouver’s harm reduction services are a deadly (bad) joke.

Despite multiple attempts to contact mayor Gregor Robertson’s office, and half a day trying to organize outreach services, we only got two things the next day- supplies for taking hard drugs, and the death of a vibrant young woman. Ashleigh Gough’s body was discovered in one of the dents in the middle of a D.O.A. concert. It was just a few minutes after Hollyhock (and alleged Greenpeace) co-founder and Pulitzer cheat Rex Weyler wrongly proclaimed her death was unrelated to the camp (it was unlikely she’d have been alone in a tent otherwise).

One would think, three years later, that the city would have come up with a new tactic for dealing with the problem by now- but nothing has visibly changed. Vancouver Police announced a “rash” of overdoses from bad heroin this week- and at least one more dead body. The situation has got to the point where we’re sacrificing the Ashleigh Gough’s of the world- with an election on, there’s no better time to re-evaluate and look for better solutions.

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Oct 08

City Councillors Endorse Dodgy #Line9 Paper, Assist With Appropriation Of Indigenous Voices (Feat. Layton, Matlow, Fletcher & Davis)

Warning: Indigenous Appropriation Inside

Warning: Indigenous Appropriation Inside

The battle against Enbridge reversing the flow of their Line 9 pipeline seemed destined for failure since the beginning. Line 9 was previously used to carry oil from east-to-west, carrying oil imported into Canadian refineries, the reversal will enable Enbridge to deliver Canadian oil to those refineries instead. The project made sense to most people- even the new militant union Unifor, a vocal opponent to most pipelines, agreed with it.

The anarchist’s first occupation of Enbridge’s Westover, Ontario pumping station appeared successful at first- but a law enforcement expert commented to me shortly after the arrests that they were surprised how little momentum the protesters gained. As each successive protest passed it became more obvious how little support the activists actually had. The biggest surprise came when the protesters setup a July occupation on land claimed by the Six Nations- curiously, community leaders asked them to shut it down and leave.

The battle against Line 9 is not a popular grassroots movement; it’s unions, ENGOs and AstroTurf community groups recycling the same protesters we see at every protest- G20, Occupy Toronto, Stop The Cuts, Idle No More, Peoples Climate March, and [Insert Next Big protest]. We also see the same politicians. Today’s story will explore how four city councillors are listed as endorsers on an incredibly dodgy white paper featuring some of Toronto’s most racist, anti-social, and disrespectful protesters. But, more important, how the paper councillors Mike Layton, Josh Matlow, Paula Fletcher and Janet Davis’ names are on is an insult to indigenous communities across the province.

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Oct 07

Quebec #Line9 Occupiers “We’re Not Greenpeace!” (Well, not anymore, perhaps…)

Former Greenpeace intern Alyssa Symons Belanger locked to a gate

Former Greenpeace intern Alyssa Symons Belanger locked to a gate

In a replay of the Gandhi of Vancouver’s quixotic battle against the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, four protesters locked themselves up to the gate of a Quebec Enbridge facility this morning. They came to protest the reversal of the Line 9 pipeline, a project that’s expected to be complete in the next few weeks. Protest spokesperson Corinne Trubiano explained how it’s their goal to “create a wave of citizen mobilization”, and explained that they’re “a citizen group and not an organized group like Greenpeace”.

It was an interesting choice, Greenpeace; her fellow protester Alyssa Symonds-Belanger is one of their a former Climate and Energy intern, and Trubiano is listed on Greenpeace’s website as a member of their Montreal group. Belanger has been part of a Quebec action camp against Line 9, she was accompanied at the camp by Wolfgang Chapkro, who was arrested at the last Line 9 occupation in Ontario. She’s also part of a travelling show against pipelines.

This isn’t Trubiano’s first anti-pipeline rodeo, earlier this year she was an organizer of a 700km march against the TransCanada pipeline (a April panel for the march included Patrick Bonin of Greenpeace, and Vanessa Gray). In February 2012 she was quoted in the Montreal Gazette while participating in a protest blockading Montreal’s Tour de la Bourse- the protest eventually got violent. She too participated in the Quebec Line 9 action camp.

Small world, isn’t it? But, at least one thing is different in Quebec, the police arrested the occupiers there…

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Oct 04

Has Olivia Chow Sold-Out To The Chinese Dictatorship? (Feat. #OccupyCentral)

Olivia Chow: "We have to go out and sell ourselves..."

Olivia Chow: “We have to go out and sell out ourselves…”

If you’ve been following the news you’re probably aware of the large-scale demonstrations happening in Hong Kong. Occupy Central With Love And Peace is a civil disobedience campaign formed in March, 2013; their goal is to fight for the right of Hong Kongese to have a free and unbridled democracy. On August 31st the Chinese government announced they’ll allow direct elections by 2017- but there was one exception, voters would only be allowed to chose from a list of pre-approved candidates. Since then, the situation has gradually escalated to where thousands of people are on the streets today.

Despite the many differences between Toronto and Vancouver’s upcoming municipal elections, there’s one thing they have in-common. Both cities have women with Chinese backgrounds running for Mayor. Toronto’s Olivia Chow was born in Hong Kong, and her Vancouver counterpart Meena Wong was born in Mainland China. Also in common is that both were active with the federal NDP. They’ve also been quite close, Wong was Chow’s personal assistant from 1999-2002.

But despite the mayoral hopeful’s similarities, there’s one significant difference. As explained in a story in today’s Globe And Mail Wong has now gone public- speaking out in support of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. So, what happened with Olivia Chow?

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