Feb 28

Is unifor Continuing The CAW’s Tradition Of Appropriating Indigenous Voices? (Feat. Shawn Brant)


Tragic news came this week when Loretta Saunders’ body was found dumped outside in the woods. Saunders is a Inuk woman who was writing her thesis on missing and murdered indigenous women at St Mary’s University in Halifax. Police have charged Victoria Henneberry and Blake Leggette with her murder- both sublet Saunder’s apartment after she moved in with her boyfriend. Saunders was reported to have been both pregnant, and on methadone.

Whenever there’s a tragedy to be exploited, there’ll inevitably be a steeple chase of politicians, ambulance chasers and militant unions fighting over who gets to catch the ball. Of course, today’s story is no different, Saunder’s family haven’t had time to bury their daughter and Canada’s newest militant union unifor has already issued a press release and calling for an investigation into missing and murdered indigenous women.

There’s nothing wrong with unifor writing a presser, if it’s genuine of course- but, to use the tragic death of a young woman for political purposes would be distasteful, to say the least…

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Feb 27

7 Reasons The NDP Is Creepier Than You Think (Feat. Mulcair, Davies (x2), Eby & Layton)



NDP anarchist front group Shit Harper Did (SHD) launched a dirty tricks campaign against the Conservative government recently, going all Stephanie Guthrie on their ass labelling them as ‘creepy’. So far most of the content hasn’t proven the Cons are creepy (the above cookie is one example), but they do provide 7 pages that show the reader the word creep or creepy 15 times. It’s a kind of subliminal advertising.

It would be easy to turn this around and talk about all the ways SHD is creepy. One could start with spokesperson Brigette DePape’s well practised plasticine smile. Or, on a more serious note, it’s incredibly creepy how Harsha Walia, one of Canada’s most prominent promoters of political violence, is on their board of directors. It’s also rather creepy to see how close they are with the people who’ve hijacked Idle No More from its founders.

Instead, Your Humble Narrator has decided to turn the article around and give seven examples of how the NDP is creepier than you think (while mentioning the word ‘creep’ or ‘creepy’ 58 times, let’s see if SHD can beat that!).

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Feb 24

[Updated] One Small Example Why You Can’t Trust The Media’s Coverage Of The Ukraine (Feat. Toronto Star)


The Toronto Star is one of many who pushed this…

Update: After this article was published, a reader shared a copy of a statement from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They also don’t use the word ‘mutineers’, but instead use ‘extremist’ and ‘militant’…


If you’ve been watching the media lately (and not totally immersed in the Olympics), you may have noticed there’s been a revolution in the Ukraine. It’s the same game that’s been in-play for some time now- a proxy street war between Russia and the West over the spoils of this severely depressed and poverty-stricken country. There are allegations that the West is supporting neo-Nazis to achieve their goal.

Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebelles said “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. This is very true, people are all too often like sheep. But effective propaganda isn’t always based on ‘big’ lies, sometimes it’s the little details that count, sometimes, all you have to do is to creatively mistranslate someone’s words…

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Feb 18

Union/NDP Front Group Slaps Harper With Teleportation Con-Artist! (Feat. Operation Maple)

Alfred Webre (left) believes Obama has travelled to Mars...

Alfred Webre (left) believes Obama has travelled to Mars…

Have you ever wondered to yourself how deep Canada’s public service unions are willing to sink into depravity in their quest attack Stephen Harper? If so then today is your lucky day- after three years of tracking and reporting on anarcho-syndicalist bedlam, Your Humble Narrator has identified an example so absurdly dark and idiotic it would make Curtis Nixon blush!

Today’s story has it all: a hostile foreign government, falsified mass graves of indigenous children, claims that Barack Obama secretly travelled to Mars, a washed out sitcom superstar, and two con-artists! All of this delicious hilarity is brought to us by Operation Maple- the Union/NDP front group that helped bring us Occupy Toronto!

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Feb 14

Rogue Idle No More Co-Founder Nina Wilson Launches A New Initiative


Nina Wilson, one of the four founders of Idle No More

Nina Wilson is one of the more interesting people who came out of the Idle No More movement. Wilson and the other three founders worked with the Suzuki Foundation to help bring the movement to public attention in late 2012. In 2013 the four founders were recognized by Foreign Policy Magazine on their annual Global Thinkers list. But, despite INM’s initial success, things haven’t been going well for the movement.

INM’s problems have been similar to what happened with Occupy- both had a serious lack of transparency. Wilson has been one of the most outspoken critics of Defenders of The Land, a union-backed group (and privately owned company) that’s been trying to wrestle control of the movement.

Now it appears that Wilson is moving forward and beginning something new…

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