Ontario Legislator Lies At Jordan Peterson’s UofT Debate! (Feat. Cheri DiNovo)

Cheri DiNovo: Bravely saving Ontario from politically incorrect eco-terrorists

Cheri DiNovo: Bravely saving Ontario from politically incorrect eco-terrorists

On Saturday morning I dragged my tired ass out of bed early to make it to the University of Toronto for Dr. Jordan Peterson’s debate on Bill C-16. The event was for students & staff only, but I decided to stand outside like a groupie who can’t afford tickets for their favorite band. It seemed like a great opportunity to get some film of the inevitable protest.

But it turned out that I was wrong, there wasn’t a single protester in sight. I heard that their official excuse was that they were boycotting the event, but I have my suspicion there was more to the story. It’s more likely they were in hiding after the October 11 shitshow where two of their compatriots got arrested for assaulting Peterson’s supporters.

But there was one person I recognized when I arrived at 9am. The last time I saw NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo was when she was a keynote speaker at a racist anti-police march in 2013, the last time I wrote about her was when she “bravely” called-out an eco-terrorist group for excluding trans women. So I pulled out my video camera and walked up while she was being interviewed by Toronto Life. And, wow, the results were well beyond my expectations!

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Letter to CBC Ombudsman: Invoking Godwin’s Law On Jordan Peterson Wasn’t Fair Play

Michael Serapio: Eyes wide-shut at the CBC

Michael Serapio: Eyes wide-shut at the CBC

Dear CBC Ombudsman,

I’m writing in response to the October 29 CBC News segment Heated debate on gender pronouns and free speech in Toronto, a debate between University of Toronto professors Jordan Peterson and AW Peet. More specifically, the short set of video clips from Peterson’s October 11 demonstration that Michael Serapio introduced at the beginning of the broadcast.

The first clip shows Peterson screaming at the crowd without any context as to why. This was followed by a clip from a different video filmed by Peterson’s opponents where they ambushed the professor with the accusation that there was a “presence of Nazis and white supremacists assaulting people” at his protest.

As a person who reported on and filmed the event, I was shocked and appalled at how these clips misrepresented the day’s events. I’ve documented what really happened below:

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Meet The Hardcore Racists Featured At Toronto’s “Anti-Racist” Trump Protest

Cathy Walker (left circle) with Davin Ouimet (right circle) at "Anti-Racist" Trump protest

Cathy Walker (left circle) with Davin Ouimet (right circle) at “Anti-Racist” Trump protest

After days of American protests against President Elect Trump, the usual suspects from Toronto’s Social Justice Warrior scene held their own protest today. The Nathan Phillips Square event was billed as an “anti-racist” protest. And like the vast majority of Toronto’s “anti-racist” protests, today’s hypocritically featured three of the city’s most overtly racist SJWs- and a person-of-interest to law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border.

The banner used on the Facebook event page claimed the event was to “Make Racists Afraid Again”. Of course, in Toronto’s SJW community, there are two types of racists- the “right type of racist” (those on their side) and “the wrong type of racist” (those who might not even be racist, but who the SJWS disagree with on other issues). The racists at today’s protest were of the former category.

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University of Toronto Teaching Assistant Speaks About Mandated Sensitivity Training

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Video: UofT Free Speech Student Calls Out SJW’s Lies, Racism, Violence, & Arrests

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