Dec 06

Email To City of Toronto Communications Advisor About BLMTO’s Racism

City councillor Gord Perks gives award to BLMTO

City councilor Gord Perks gives award to BLMTO

This evening I went to Toronto City Hall to watch Black Lives Matter Toronto get the William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations. It was a disgusting example of political ambition overriding common decency, BLMTO is one of the most divisive organizations in the city, co-founded by a black supremacist.

I approached the city’s Communications Advisor Susan Pape and asked her for comment on how the city could award a group connected to so much hate (see video below). She asked me to write her and promised a quality response to my question. The letter is below. Stay tuned Thursday for videos of city councillors scurrying away when I asked them the same questions.

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Dec 05

Activist Group With Racist Co-Founder To Receive Toronto Race Relations Award Tomorrow

William Peyton Hubbard in 1913

William Peyton Hubbard in 1913 (Rolling in his grave now)

William P. Hubbard was a great Torontonian. Born on the then outskirts of the city to former American slaves, Hubbard worked his way up from baker to cab driver and eventually became one of the most celebrated and influential politicians in the city. He’s credited as being “instrumental” in the creation of Toronto Hydro & Ontario Hydro.

In 1999 the City of Toronto honored him by creating the William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations. The city’s website explains that the award is presented “to a person or persons whose outstanding achievement and commitment has made a significant contribution toward a positive race relations climate in Toronto.”

The award is a great idea in concept, and it’s gone to some great achievers including the first Black Canadian elected into the legislature, Kamala-Jean Gopie “a doer, not a chronic complainer”, and Samuel Getachew who recently wrote an interesting article praising Andray Domise.

But something has gone horribly wrong. This year’s Hubbard award is going to one of the most divisive groups in the city’s history that was co-founded by a supremacist who recently called an Ethiopian refugee a “coon”.

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Nov 28

Andray Domise’s Twitter Account Disappears- Is He Pulling A Scaachi?

Why would he do that?

Why would he do that?

Update: Domise’s Twitter account is back up but it looks like he’s nuked most of his tweets, there are only 287 left at the time of this update.

Three days after social justice journalist/politician Andray Domise’s last court hearing for his domestic assault trial there’s a new development with his social media presence. As of at least noon today, Domise’s Twitter account is no longer visible to the public. A small number of his tweets are still cached in Internet archives.

The most interesting are a series of Domise’s retweets of one of Gregory Alan Elliott’s most public and dishonest detractors. She called on people to automatically assume Elliott was guilty based on the fact that he was charged. One would assume now that the tables have been turned that Domise might have a different view on this issue.

This isn’t Toronto’s first high-profile SJW Twitter shut-down. Buzzfeed writer Scaachi Koul very publicly shut down her account in February after she got a lot of backlash after she posted a call for submissions that likely violates Ontario’s Human Rights code. But Scaachi was tricky, Twitter keeps the data for at least 30 days after someone closes this account, she took advantage of this and re-opened her account before it expires.

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Nov 25

Andray Domise’s Lawyer Preps for October Surprise, Mainstream Media Screws The Pooch

Rob Ford kicked his ass

Rob Ford kicked his ass

Andray Domise is a social justice journalist who wrote for Maclean’s magazine and co-hosted a show on Canadaland with the infamous Desmond Cole. He also fancies himself as a politician after running against former Mayor Rob Ford. Some in the media thought he might be the right man for the job, but he was trounced- and one has to wonder if his main purpose for running wasn’t even to win.

Today his life was much different. My Facebook followers heard about this couple days earlier, but the news came out in the mainstream media on Monday that he’s been charged with domestic assault and mischief. The charges are in relation to three alleged incidents with his former girlfriend occurring between 2015-2016.

Domise had a court date so I got up early and traveled across to cover it this morning. Today’s brief hearing raised more questions than it answered. But it also might give some insight to what his strategy is for getting out of this mess- a mystery set of records that are “of a sensitive nature”. And it gave me another great peak into the ineptitude of the mainstream media.

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Nov 24

Exclusive: Alleged Jordan Peterson Protest Assailants In Court, Justice System Screws The Pooch (Feat. Smugglypuff)

Jordan Peterson: "I've studied totalitarianism for 4 decades, and I know how it starts!"

Jordan Peterson: “I’ve studied totalitarianism for 4 decades, and I know how it starts!”

Correction: I originally posted that Williamson’s next court date was December 7th, it’s actually the 15th (the accustics were truly horrible in the courtroom).

Had it not been for the disruptive actions of a group of campus & city social justice warriors Jordan Peterson’s October 11 demonstration would have been a peaceful affair. They blasted white noise over his speech, sabotaged his PA system, Yusra Khogali called an Ethiopian refugee a coon, and two were arrested for assault.

The University of Toronto’s response appears to many as political. They totally ignored the aforementioned disruptive and violent activities and instead put a very public focus on mean/ugly messages SJW trans students allegedly received through social media. Mainstream media reports sounded like they were reading off of the SJWs talking points. When Canada’s state broadcaster hosted a debate between Peterson and Physics professor AW Peet they defamed him as an angry tyrant who associates with Nazis (for opposing a proposed new federal law).

Meera Ulysses was charged for allegedly assaulting (on video in Technicolor) Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern. Theo (Valerie) Williamson (a.k.a. Smugglypuff) watched Ulysses assault and lied to the police that she saw nothing- she was later arrested for a separate incident assaulting a Jordan Peterson supporter and briefly stealing (and smashing) their phone. Today was their first court date, and the justice system has already screwed the pooch.

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