Exclusive: UofT Free Speech Opponent Arrested for Assault (Feat. “Smugglypuff”)

Smugglypuff (a.k.a. Valerie [Theo] Williamson)

Valerie [Theo] Williamson (a.k.a. “Smugglypuff”)

On October 11th Professor Jordan Peterson held a demonstration at the University of Toronto to voice his concerns about political correctness. As expected, the radicals at the university’s student unions showed up to protest and shut down the professor’s speech. They (sort of) accomplished this by blasting white noise through a public address speaker system that was rented by a student union leader named Cassandra Williams.

If you’re one of the unfortunate people who relied on mainstream media reports from outlets like CityNews and the Globe & Mail – or the intentionally unbalanced reports by the campus Varsity newspaper – it’s likely you have a complete misunderstanding of what happened that day.

One of the most memorable moments of the protest was when Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern was assaulted by a trans woman who tried to grab away her microphone. Moments later, a protester who the Internet named “Smugglypuff” blatantly lied to police officers claiming that nothing happened. But Smugglys story doesn’t end there, turns out he/she/xe/ve/thon/hu/ge/zee is now facing criminal charges- but not for the reason you might think.

Smugglypuff Assaults Peterson Supporter:

Barbara E. and her partner Bryan T. (last names withheld for safety) heard about Peterson’s protest over social media. Bryan was aware of Peterson’s work and watched the professor’s videos long before he kicked-off his campaign against political correctness. The two live fairly close and walked to the protest with their dogs.

An article published in the Varsity quoted an anonymous source who claimed that the couple “seemed to be identifying themselves as white supremacists.” When I asked Barbara to respond to this accusation during our first conversation, she responded saying “For the record, I despise white supremacists. I stand up against all hate groups”. Bryan confirmed he shared the same world view.

Having spoken with Barbara and Bryan it’s bleeding obvious this accusation was complete nonsense. As we’ll discuss in more depth in my upcoming article on journalistic malpractice, Peterson’s opponents had no problems telling boldfaced lies to support their position- and the media put little-to-no effort into determining the truth.

Barbara explained that her assault occurred shortly after someone pulled the fire alarm in the Sid Smith building (this wasn’t the first time I’ve seen one pulled at a UofT protest). Black Lives Matter black supremacist Yursa Khogali was screaming at and advancing on one of Peterson’s supporters and Barbara decided to film it with her mobile phone. Smugglypuff’s girlfriend started taunting and getting aggressive towards Barbara after that. Then, out of nowhere, Smuggly attacked Barbara from behind and eventually grabbed and ran away with her phone.

Wesley Williams's sees himself as the "death of the palefaces" (2015)

Wesley Williams sees himself as the “death of the palefaces” (Photo: 2015)

As Barbara ran towards her alleged assailant to recover her phone, Peterson opponents Wesley Williams (a.k.a. Qaiser Ali) and his sibling Cassandra Williams started chasing her down. Lauren Southern started calling out for the police, yelling out “yellow hat!” as they ran into the building. Smugglypuff eventually threw down Barbara’s phone- smashing it on the floor.

The assault resulted in an abrasion and some bruises on Barbara’s elbow, and more on her jaw as a result of being hit by her own phone. She originally made her complaint to campus police. But as assault charges are outside their paygrade (their performance during the protest was poor), the case was eventually handed over to the Toronto Police Service. Smuggly was later arrested and charged with assault.

The circumstances of Smuggly’s release are unclear, but it’s assumed he/she/xe/ve/thon/hu/ge/zee was released with a promise to appear in court.

Smugglypuff Unmasked: 

Smugglypuff Cartman meme

Smugglypuff Cartman meme

Smugglypuff became an Internet meme after being caught lying to the police and flipping a bird at Rebel Media’s camera. There was a lot of speculation about what Smuggly’s name was, but it can now be confirmed. Her birth name was Valerie Williamson, but as a female-to-male trans person he (I’m assuming the pronoun, please don’t charge me with a hate crime) now goes by the name of Theo Williamson.

As with almost all of the counterprotest’s organizers are or have been in the past (as with one of the mainstream journalists who misreported on the event), Williamson is an elected student representative. It was announced on October 1st that she’s assumed the role of Equity officer with the UofT’s New College Student Council. Coincidentally (or not), Yusra Khogali held the same position with the UofT Scarborough Campus Student Union.

Like Khogali (the anti-racism activist who called a black man a “coon” during the protest), Williamson is also a bit of a hypocrite. A week after he assaulted Barbara and smashed her phone, Williamson explained to the campus newspaper The Strand how Peterson’s words made her feel unsafe on campus:

“The biggest impact was that it made me feel unsafe and anxious on campus, as it gives other people with the same dehumanizing opinions an opportunity to speak out and cause more violence towards the trans community. I used to feel safe walking around UofT, but now I’m finding myself checking over my shoulder more often in case someone feels compelled to cause me harm. I am ashamed and disappointed that UofT would not realize the violence that Peterson’s actions have caused.”

Says the person who lied to the police about an on-campus attack and is facing criminal charges for assault…

High School Hate Crime?

Yes, but is she telling the truth?

Yes, but is she telling the truth?

Prior to enrolling at the UofT, Williamson was a student at the St. Anne Catholic High School in Belle River Ontario. Interestingly, Bryan told me yesterday that he had a relative who used to work at the same school.

In December 2015 there was an incident at the school where an unknown person(s) spray painted offensive messages that “targeted the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.” Williamson was a member of the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance and, along with other classmates was featured in a story by CTV News Windsor.

Curiously, the graffiti was discovered on the first day of exams.

The Ontario Provincial Police were called in, but it’s uncertain if they had any results. That said, considering how Williamson was filmed by Rebel Media making a false report to campus police, it raises the question whether or not she was telling the whole story back in 2015. Could it have been a lie or a hoax? It’s not out of the question, particularly after seeing all of the lies and misinformation spread at the UofT protest.

The students definitely benefited from the incident. In 2016 the Gay-Straight Alliance was presented with the Premier’s Award for Accepting Schools for their role in “reducing negativity and discrimination and in raising awareness of LGBTQ issues in the school environment.”

Stay Tuned For More…

Stay tuned for ongoing coverage of the UofT battle for free speech. I’ll be publishing a hard-hitting analysis of the media’s malpractice covering the protests in the next few days. I’ll also be following Williamson’s progress through the (dismal for both victim and accused) legal system, and will do my best to be in court for the trial.

On Thursday student activists are planning to hold a rally on behalf of Jordan Peterson’s fight for free speech at the UofT. I plan to be on-site for the event and will be live-tweeting from my account @Grenouf, follow me there for live updates as it happens. If the likes of Williamson, the Williams siblings, and Yusra Khogali show up- it’s bound to be an exciting day.

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  1. Throw the book at this smug cow.

  2. Great story Greg . I was wondering what the name of this pompous ass was and low and behold, now I do . :-) I am wondering, Do you have, or know the name of the creepy humanoid who was wearing the black lipstick who carried out the assault as posted on your video ?

    1. Thanks! And nope, sorry, don’t know the name of the protester with the lipstick who assaulted Lauren. :(

        • John on October 24, 2016 at 22:37
        • Reply

        The protester’s name is Meera Ulysses IIRC

        1. Thanks!

    • Michael on October 23, 2016 at 22:47
    • Reply

    Just disgusting!

    • Dave on October 23, 2016 at 23:42
    • Reply

    Go to the CTV report (linked above) on the anti-transgender vandalism that occurred at Smuggly’s high school last year. Watch the video, which includes a few clips of Smuggly denouncing the hate crime. Now, tell me if she isn’t wearing the very same smirk on her face as she did in the “I didn’t see anything” video from 2 weeks ago. She is smiling the entire time, which is bizarre considering that she is discussing a supposed anti-trans hate crime.

    1. Yep, that’s exactly what I thought the first time I saw the video…

      • Nina on October 29, 2016 at 12:07
      • Reply

      This smirk is a symptom of “duper’s delight” and is commonly seen on sociopaths and other abusive people. Dollars to donuts, she simply wasn’t prepared for her exams and decided to whip up an excuse to skip/postpone them.

      1. Or someone wasn’t ready for their exams, there’s no indication of any sort it was Smuggly herself.

    • Barry on October 24, 2016 at 02:33
    • Reply

    Criminal, assaultative behaviour NEEDS to be addressed! But sounds like there may be some mental health issues at play here too!

    • Patrick on October 24, 2016 at 13:05
    • Reply

    Great work Greg, as always. You were the one that woke me up to the travesty that was the Gregory Allan Elliott trail.

    1. Thank you! :)

  3. Hey Greg, good piece. I just want to address an issue of invalid logic, I found with the article. In no way defending the actions of the individual or condoning it. But it should be noted that the actions of said individual are only relevent to this incident. Her dishonesty here doesn’t not implicate her moral value on a different incident. I think this is covered under “Tu Quoque”. She may indeed have a track record of dishonesty but we can not make that claim, from this one event. I think it’s misleading to draw conclusions on her character by virtue of the one incident, no matter how likely it is. I’m sure we’ll have more examples from Smugglypuff in the future to talk about.

    1. Fair comment. I never meant to imply it was a lie, but it does raise the question- as does the fact it happened on the first day of exams. I’m going to be digging into this, will issue some freedom of information requests to the school and district.

      1. so this is where ACTUAL journalistic opinion and discussion has gone lol been looking for it everywhere since the mid 90s

        1. LOL

      • John Holmes on October 26, 2016 at 10:45
      • Reply

      Actually it is three/four incidents. She lied to police about the assault on Lauren Southern, she assaulted someone else and destroyed their phone subsequently trying to evade police. Finally she gave an account of the events of that day to the newspaper that is entirely inconsistent with video footage. I see a clear enough pattern of dishonesty and illegal behavior to make it reasonable to call into question the graffiti incident.

      1. Good point!

          • John Holmes on October 26, 2016 at 11:24
          • Reply

          Thanks. There is pretty good circumstantial evidence for the graffiti incident being faked as well. There was motive with the timing of the exams and attention for their advocacy aspirations. Her disposition (smiling) while being interviewed on what is supposed to be a hate crime against her group and the fact that her disposition/body language matches her later incident where she is proven to be lying to police. Not enough to convict her on it but more than enough to make the allegation or suggest a connection.

    • Sage on October 25, 2016 at 09:47
    • Reply

    wth. I went to St. Anne. Glad to know we churned out some quality humans. -_-

    1. LOL

    • Stephen on October 26, 2016 at 22:40
    • Reply

    I hope this little troll learns from this public shaming, he/she/they deserves it. But, he/she/they, is young and stupid, hopefully he/she/they will grow the f**k up.

    • ChicksDigJerks on October 28, 2016 at 05:02
    • Reply

    That is one “Nasty Woman”… She needs to buy that woman a brand new phone and get punished to the full extent of the law. Don’t let her get off like Anjali Ramkissoon, the doctor biatch who assaulted the Uber driver early this year… Anjali was not arrested and did not pay proper restitution for the destroyed phone.

    1. The full extent of the law doesn’t mean much in Canada. Assuming she’s a first-time offender, it’s highly unlikely she’ll get more than a slap on the wrist. The worst part of her experience will be going through the painfully slow and expensive wheels of Ontario’s justice system.

  4. It’s about time these SJW pigs get called out. I hope in a years time no one will give a shit about PC culture and everyone sees them for what they really are.

      • Insidious_Sid on October 29, 2016 at 04:13
      • Reply

      Damn straight!

    • Lol on October 31, 2016 at 15:06
    • Reply

    Shit website

    1. Shit comment

    • peter on November 3, 2016 at 04:03
    • Reply

    so is whatever it thinks it is going to the jail of its preferred gender? now that would be social justice!

  5. Do keep us up to date on this. Nothing is more cathartic than seeing a bullshit artist forced to eat their own product. He/she/xe/ve/thon/hu/ge/zee has gotten away with it too many times. I’d get enormous pleasure from seeing that smug face twisted into anguish and shame as a sentence is laid down on his/her/xes/ves/thons/hus/ges/zees head.

  6. I wonder if Rebel Media will provide the video of the man attacking Lauren Southerns as video evidence. Maybe they can charge her of being an accessory.

  7. I actually wouldnt be suprised if “Theo” is a transtrender like Milo Stewart.

    Oh, and the guy who attacked Lauren – definately a transtrender!

    • Joe on January 4, 2017 at 14:36
    • Reply

    Please is there any further news on this front? I can’t find any so I am assuming no one face the slightest consequence for their actions and in fact they are now all proud and emboldened and rewarded to think that their views are right and society wants them to behave like that again and even worse.

  8. Someone who lies to police to protect a man who just assaulted a woman and then goes on to attack and rob random students says they don’t feel safe on campus . . . I hope something is done so the violent criminals can feel safe!!!

  9. Google News aggressively claims there has never been a news story involving a Theo Williamson of Toronto. Getting caught being wrong doesn’t fit the narrative, so down the memory hole it goes…

    • Robin Wood on January 22, 2018 at 18:37
    • Reply

    Isn’t there a further detail that it looks like Smuggles right-hooks Lauren South from this video angle – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADSi2SBKSlQ&t=1m55s

  1. […] there was a “hate crime” incident on her campus – the usual spray painting of homosexual epithets. She was at the center of it. […]

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