Open Letter to Maryam Monsef: I’ve Shown You Mine, Now You Show Me Yours!

Yes, I was born in the centre of the world!

Looks like a government freedom of information release, doesn’t it?

Hi Maryam,

I’ve been watching the media’s coverage of your “birthergate” controversy closely since it began. I don’t envy you right now, politics is a dirty game. That said, you seem like a smart cookie, so I’m guessing you knew what you stepped into when you decided to launch your campaign.

If we’ve learned anything from Barak Obama’s experience with his own “birther” incident it’s that questions like these can be corrosive, and disruptive to the real business at hand. Part of Obama’s challenge was self-created. He could have nipped the issue in the bud if he released his birth certificate back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton’s people kicked-off their whispering campaign. His decision to wait until 2011 to release his birth certificate was a serious mistake.

The ambiguity of your birthplace and foreknowledge of where you were born has become too much of a distraction. It’s time for you to take action to shut this debate down once and for all. The answer is simple, just take a photograph of your passports and prove to Canadians that they both say you were born in Afghanistan. After that, it will be hard for anyone to continue making political capital out of your mother’s mistake.

In the spirit of fair play, I’ve taken a picture of my passport and posted it at the top of this letter. You don’t need to share any of your personal details, blank them out like I did. All we need to see is the “Place of Birth”, it’s a standard part of all passports.  We already know you were born in Iran, so if you blank out the rest of your personal information (issue dates, passport number, signature, etc) you should have no reason to worry about your privacy.

So, what do you think, are you ready to fix this and let Canadians get back to worrying about more important issues? If not, why. Is there something that you’re trying to hide?

Sunny Ways!

Afghan passports (like the rest) have a "place of birth" section.

Afghan passports (like the rest) have a “place of birth” section.

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    • Observer on October 27, 2016 at 12:07
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    I never had a doubt about Obama being American born.

    I just have doubts his father is Kenyan, with how much Barack liked to talk about “uncle” Frank Marshall Davis, who openly admitted he was sent to Hawaii by the Communist Party and paid by them to organize people for the party.

    Other than his mother’s chin, Barack sure has a lot of features similar to Davis’ and not to his “Kenyan father”. Who da’ daddy?

  1. To Maryam Monsef I find it hard to believe that you didn’t know you were born in Iran until the Global & Mail pursued the matter, you have changed your story about the dates etc, and your mother not wanting to talk about it. 200 meters into Iran is 200 meters. Saying you were born in Canada but in reality you were born in the U.S. is the same par ell , you were born in the U.S.A and yes it does make a difference. To you this was a slight mistake and you would go down to the passport office and secure a new passport. Sorry but you take this too casually, your mother has made a false statement in your request for Canadian Citizenship. There is so many people who have been rejected for simple mistakes or oversights, and have been deported for what you have also done. I sincerely believe you need to step down from your position and reapply doing all the applicable paperwork and suffer the same lengthy time other immigrants have had to go through. To take advantage by being a member of Parliament would only show Canadians that similar to the U.S. system that their is two sets of laws, which hopefully never happens in Canada. I sound like I’m taking a hard position on you, but have John MaCullum look up the rejection E-mail for the Mark Andrew Lowe Redcliff Alberta file, they are being deported on November 02, 2016 back to England, their simple mistake is that her son from a first marriage is mentally challenged and the Canadian Government feels this 16 year old boy could be a financial handicap to our medical system. In two years the Mark Lowe family have followed all the procedures to become Canadians, they have spoke to No Canadian official either in London or Quebec, all question required two to three months for a response by E-mail including our Minister of Immigration. November 02, 2016 is going to be a very sad day as they are expelled from our country, and all over a medical file they couldn’t secure from the original father in Germany. I have written to Our Prime Minister asking him to look into this sad case with no response. Forty four donors were attempting to raise $10,000 to hire a immigration lawyer expert in Quebec, unfortunately we only raise $3,900 Dollars. So Maryam do you realize what people truly go through to become Canadian Citizenship, it is one of the most prized Passport to owe in the free World. Do the right thing step down while your paperwork and immigration application is filed and reviewed, show Canadians that yes a slight mistake was made and you will take full responsibility.

    • Larry Kokkonen on January 29, 2017 at 19:38
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    Monsef, please swallow your pride and resign from your position in the Canadian Government. The situation has developed into a farce, and you know that you or your mother was fraudulent in the citizenship application… is being wasted in trying to defend your dogged ongoing career as a demoted useless cabinet appointment. Look for a future, unless you are deported, in the private sector and hopefully your indiscretion will be forgotten.

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