Exclusive: Alleged Jordan Peterson Protest Assailants In Court, Justice System Screws The Pooch (Feat. Smugglypuff)

Jordan Peterson: "I've studied totalitarianism for 4 decades, and I know how it starts!"

Jordan Peterson: “I’ve studied totalitarianism for 4 decades, and I know how it starts!”

Correction: I originally posted that Williamson’s next court date was December 7th, it’s actually the 15th (the accustics were truly horrible in the courtroom).

Had it not been for the disruptive actions of a group of campus & city social justice warriors Jordan Peterson’s October 11 demonstration would have been a peaceful affair. They blasted white noise over his speech, sabotaged his PA system, Yusra Khogali called an Ethiopian refugee a coon, and two were arrested for assault.

The University of Toronto’s response appears to many as political. They totally ignored the aforementioned disruptive and violent activities and instead put a very public focus on mean/ugly messages SJW trans students allegedly received through social media. Mainstream media reports sounded like they were reading off of the SJWs talking points. When Canada’s state broadcaster hosted a debate between Peterson and Physics professor AW Peet they defamed him as an angry tyrant who associates with Nazis (for opposing a proposed new federal law).

Meera Ulysses was charged for allegedly assaulting (on video in Technicolor) Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern. Theo (Valerie) Williamson (a.k.a. Smugglypuff) watched Ulysses assault and lied to the police that she saw nothing- she was later arrested for a separate incident assaulting a Jordan Peterson supporter and briefly stealing (and smashing) their phone. Today was their first court date, and the justice system has already screwed the pooch.

Meeera Ulysses at Oct 11 Protest (left) and court (right)Meera Ulysses (official name unconfirmed) at Oct 11 Protest (left) and court (right)

The two defendants were scheduled to appear at 11am this morning. Both came into the court at the same time. Williamson walked in and sat with her father (who must really love UofT right now), but when the judge realized Smuggly was carrying a cup of coffee she booted Smuggly out of the courtroom.

The court took some time to get started, cleared a couple of defendants through the process, but then stalled a few minutes later after a complication with another defendant being held in remand. The court reconvened at 11:30.

Ulysses was first up to the bench. One of the main purposes of a first appearance is for the defense to ask the Crown (prosecutor) for disclosure (“discovery” in the US: copies of the evidence held against them). It’s normally a rubber stamp process, but today was quite unusual.

“Do you have a copy of the video and victim’s statement?”, the defense asked. To which the Crown responded saying something along the lines of “I didn’t know there was a video” (the acoustics are horrible in courtroom 111).

The video, of course, went viral. About 400,000 people have watched it on Rebel Media’s YouTube channel, and 100’s of thousands more have seen or read about the story through other media outlets. Sadly, it appears that the Crown was the only person on Earth who’s aware of the assault but didn’t know it was all captured on video.

I originally blamed this on the Crown in my tweet from the courtroom, but a person who’s worked for many years in law enforcement tells me it was the responsibility of the police to have notified them. Lauren Southern has confirmed to me that Rebel Media did indeed send a copy of the video to the cop. She commented that he seems to be a good guy, and it was weird to see this screwed up.

Theo-Valerie Williamson (left) Smugglypuff (right)

Theo-Valerie Williamson (left) Smugglypuff (right)

Theo Williamson appeared right after Ulysses, they was dressed in a gray men’s suit with a red power tie. Their lawyer had a quick interaction with the judge and it was all over in a flash. Ulysses’ next court date set for December 15th and Williamson’s is on the 8th. I’ll try to be there to report as their trials progress.

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