Meet The Hardcore Racists Featured At Toronto’s “Anti-Racist” Trump Protest

Cathy Walker (left circle) with Davin Ouimet (right circle) at "Anti-Racist" Trump protest

Cathy Walker (left circle) with Davin Ouimet (right circle) at “Anti-Racist” Trump protest

After days of American protests against President Elect Trump, the usual suspects from Toronto’s Social Justice Warrior scene held their own protest today. The Nathan Phillips Square event was billed as an “anti-racist” protest. And like the vast majority of Toronto’s “anti-racist” protests, today’s hypocritically featured three of the city’s most overtly racist SJWs- and a person-of-interest to law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border.

The banner used on the Facebook event page claimed the event was to “Make Racists Afraid Again”. Of course, in Toronto’s SJW community, there are two types of racists- the “right type of racist” (those on their side) and “the wrong type of racist” (those who might not even be racist, but who the SJWS disagree with on other issues). The racists at today’s protest were of the former category.

Racist 1: Davin Ouimet

Davin Ouimet (a.k.a. Davyn Calfchild) has been a regular on Toronto’s SJW scene since the Occupy movement. Prior to that, he was highly active in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Ouimet might be most well-known in Toronto after he and an SJW buddy were arrested in 2013 for interrupting the city’s Remembrance Day ceremony. His behaviour was so disgraceful, that a fellow First Nations SJW spoke out against his idiocy.

When he’s not assaulting police officers, Ouimet has differentiated himself from the crowd as possibly the most overt racist in Toronto’s SJW scene. You can see Davin in action in the above video yelling out a racist attack on a Canadian-born black cop “He probably did that to his own people in Africa.” Davin hates cops and has no problem making “WOP” jokes about them.

Earlier this year he was seen marching through downtown with a Confederate flag. Most of his SJW friends screamed from the top of their lungs complaining that the flag should be banned when was apropos several months earlier, but had no problem when Ouimet marched with his.

Ouimet loves a good racist joke from time-to-time, including this anti-immigrant joke he made about Mexicans.

Racist 2: Cathy Walker

Cathy Walker has an anti-Semite problem...

Cathy Walker has an anti-Semite problem…

Ouimet’s wife Cathy Walker is less overtly racist than her husband, but she still gets a good laugh out of joining in when he mimicks Chinese people. She also has a problem with Jews, as we can see in the above screenshot where she claimed that “Islamic group [sic] need to start taking Hollywood away from the Jews”.

Ouimet & Walker weren’t just participants, they were actually on the stage for the opening ceremony. The two are part of only a handful of First Nations activists in Toronto who haven’t realised (or are too embedded to care) SJWs racist appropriation of their people’s causes- and are regularly used to give First Nations “credibility” to their protests.

Both Walker and Ouimet participated in a highly disturbing live broadcast from Ryerson University that was packed full of racist and anti-Semitic hate speech.

Racist 3: Wesley Williams (a.k.a. Qaiser Ali)

Wesley Williams's sees himself as the "death of the palefaces" (2015)

Wesley Williams’s sees himself as the “death of the palefaces” (2015)

Wesley Williams is a special kind of SJW racist who’s as much of a media whore as the rest of them but cowardly hides his name when talking to journalists. He used the pseudonym Qaiser Ali speaking to the Toronto Star and The Sun.

Williams was one of the most visible SJWs at the protests against Dr. Jordan Pererson at the University of Toronto Protests. As I photographed at a 2015 Black Lives Matter protest, Williams sees himself as the “death of the palefaces”.

Special Mention: Sakura Saunders

Sakura Saunders at the 2013 Westover Line 9 occupation

Sakura Saunders at a 2013 Line 9 protest

Sakura Saunders is an American anarchist who’s everywhere you don’t want to be. Saunders has taken a pivotal position in the SJW scene since she was one of the leaders at Occupy Toronto. She’s since become a person-of-interest for an alphabet soup of law enforcement agencies including Toronto Police, Ontario Provincial Police, RCMP, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Saunders’ racism isn’t overt like Ouimet, Walker, and Williams’, but it’s the worst kind of all. Back during Occupy she teamed-up with Ouimet and a few other occupiers to help promote and bring a monster named Kevin Annett to the Six Nations reserve in Brandtford, Ontario.

Once there, Annett faked the discovery of a mass grave of residential school children. The story got a lot of traction at first, but after several months being debunked here on this website, APTN jumped onto the story and proved that the “children’s bones” Annett was waving around at Occupy Toronto (you can see Saunders facilitating in the video below) were actually animal bones.

The Six Nations community was devastated by the fraud.

Closing Thoughts

It’s no coincidence that Ouimet & Walker were featured speakers at Black Lives Matter Toronto’s occupation of police headquarters earlier this year. Just as much is it’s no coincidence that BLMTO’s co-founder Yusra Khogali says that white people are “sub-human“, and yelled out at an Ethiopian refugee last month calling him a “coon”.

Toronto’s SJW anti-racist activism scene is an outright fraud. It’s time for Toronto’s media to wake up and stop legitimizing them…

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