Toronto Police Arrest ‘Veteran’ At Remembrance Day Ceremony (Feat. Davyn Calfchild & Gary Wassaykeesic)

Davin Ouimet (a.k.a. Dayn Calfchild) gets belligerent (again) with the police

Davin Ouimet (a.k.a. Dayn Calfchild) gets belligerent (again) with the police

It’s Remembrance Day in Canada, a time when Canadians remember the great sacrifices made by people who’ve served in past wars- this is a solemn event in most cities. Not so in Toronto, last year a group of misguided protesters tried to interrupt the ceremonies and got into a scuffle with the police.

The Toronto Sun’s report on the ceremonies claimed “Toronto does itself proud with uninterrupted Remembrance Day ceremony“. Things were more quiet this year (there was no violence) however, a group of the usual suspects did show up and (as expected) they got belligerent with the police. Then something unexpected happened, instead of their usual tactic of ignoring the protester’s insults and profanity and telling them to go away, the police took decisive action and took them into custody.

One of the arrested protesters claims to be a veteran…

Davin Ouimet (who goes by the name Davyn Calfchild) has been a regular on the professional protest circuit since the early 2000’s when he was being groomed by defrocked United Church minister Kevin Annett. He participated in some squats in Victoria, BC, ran as a 2001 candidate for the BC Marijuana Party, and took the role of a negotiator during the infamous Woodsquat anti-gentrification battle in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Back then he referred to himself as the Reverend Davin Ouimet:

Davin's previous identity during the Woodsquat...

Davin’s previous identity during the Woodsquat…

Ouimet also makes the claim that he’s a “hereditary chief”. Like any good monarch, a king needs to go to battle- it’s his claim that he served as a “UN Peacekeeper” in Afghanistan somewhere around 2000 (though he never talks about his experiences there)- he also claims to have been in Yugoslavia. He was wearing a UN beret and carrying an indigenous flag when he was arrested today.

The incident was caught on video, and was classic Davin Ouimet- the police approached him to ask some questions, and he immediately got belligerent. This time he swore at them, said his trademark “don’t F##king tell me what to do”, and implying his right as an indigenous person to be on that land. (His father is from Yemen, his mother comes from Treaty 7 territory- neither nation has special rights on the ceded land in front of Toronto’s Old City Hall.)

Ouimet was arrested, along with Swamp Line 9 arrestee Gary Wassaykeesic and Copwatch Toronto’s Miguel Avila-Aelarde- the three have worked together extensively over the past year.


Davin claims to have served in both Yugoslavia and Afghanistan…

Only a few hours after the arrests, people in far-left activist circles are sharing the video as ‘evidence’ of what an ‘oppressive’ country we live in. Some have taken that to extremes- Six Nations professional protester Fran “Flower” Doxtador claimed that she watched the video and expressed that she hopes Ouimet will get some ‘vengeance’. And what did she mean by saying “burn some red n whites”- the RCMP?


Ouimet has a history of trying to bait the police, the video clearly shows how he was doing the same today. It’s hard to imagine that a war veteran would know better than to make a scene yelling obscenities at a ceremony for his fallen comrades (and their families). How could any sane veteran do that? What about a chief or a reverend? If he is a veteran, he’s certainly eroding away at any respect he gained earning that title- his behaviour was shameful.

What would Saul Alinsky do? (He spent time with Canada’s indigenous communities)

The answer to that last question is simple, if he was alive he’d probably be sitting in the background taking progress reports, planning next steps, and giggling in excitement. Truth is almost always the first casuality of revolution…

Click this link for more of Davin Ouimet’s adventures. Veteran or not, he’s a con-artist, no different from his mentor Kevin Annett…

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    • Ken on November 12, 2013 at 09:35
    • Reply

    If anyone did their homework, Canadians didnt send peacekeeps to afghanistan.

      • Stephen on November 12, 2013 at 21:55
      • Reply

      Not right away anyhow….

  1. as a member of a Canadian First Nation, I have family members who were recognized and decorated for being actual war veterans. I really take offence when a “professional protester” tries to bring attention to themselves claiming to be war veterans, and maybe they are. Their disruption undermines the war veterans and heroes who are being honored with special Rememberance day ceremonies. I am in support to those police who decided to place Davin Ouimet under arrest for disrupting the peace. our veterans deserve respect and freedom from from the actions of so-called “professional protesters”…..

    1. I think what happened is that the cops saw him looking his usual self, and actually thought he was there in protest mode, when really he just wears the same thing to protests and all official functions, and has legitimate reasons to bring flags to both. I can’t find any video that shows what happened leading up to where Miguel’s video starts, but apparently they were just standing around, chilled-out, waving them flags, and were detained and released without charge, without ever leaving the area.

      1. Davyn went there looking for a fight. This is the third year in a row he’s tried to bring his flag without asking anyone in advance (the polite thing to do at such a sombre ceremony). He was asked both this year and last why he didn’t try and contact the people who run the ceremony- he responded by saying “I don’t think I should have to”. That’s belligerence.

        Remembrance day at 11:11 is the most quiet and respected moment in the country. To march in saying “I have my rights” is the height of assholery…

        1. Well, yeah he’s gotta ask if he wants to be part of the ceremony or part of the organization, but to just bring a flag as an attendee? Why would anyone have to ask permission for that? What if I want to bring my Yukon flag or something? Do I have to ask for that?

          1. All Davin does with his life (besides smoking pot while his wife goes out to the food bank) is agitate and cause disruption…

  2. I still say that the RCMP have treated the natives of Canada in terrible ways especially what I have read about in Alberta and Manitoba. Veteran or not a veteran, the Natives are especially treated with meanness even causing death in the winter and so many other cases I have heard… the RCMP!

    1. Nothing about this story has anything to do with the RCMP…

    • Jim Whyte on November 15, 2013 at 10:34
    • Reply

    BS detector is going off here. I doubt any genuine “veteran” would be wearing the made-up uniform Davin was in, with phony unit/formation insignia and Yanqui rank hooks.

  3. Sadly we don’t see any investigative journalism from the media anymore, they just take someone’s word for it that they’re a veteran and were roughed up by the police and don’t bother to spend any time or money to investigate the claim.

    1. I know, it’s embarrassing to read and watch some of the stories about this incident. One of the main things I’ve learned while reporting on activist mayhem was that the media barely scratch the surface. Some say it’s because of the ’24 hour news cycle’, I don’t think so myself. They media runs into the same activists day-in and day-out and not once have they pointed out the conflicy that it’s all being run by the same people. Day-in and day-out…

    • A.A.M. on March 16, 2014 at 21:46
    • Reply

    Is this guy actually a Veteran as he claims? What unit was he with in the 90s? I noticed he wears RCA epaulettes on his shirt. Does he claim to have served with the RCA? If so, what battery and what years?

  4. I will be doing a follow up to this great story shortly on . This twits game is up :-)

    1. I’m looking forward to that one!

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