New Brunswick Mi’kmaq Warriors, Molotov Cocktails, The Media Co-Op & Lies (Feat. Miles Howe)

Miles Howe: Don't trust this reporter, or his publisher...

Miles Howe: Don’t trust this reporter, or his publisher…

Big news is coming out of New Brunswick today. According to reports that came from the Media Co-Op’s Miles Howe this morning, Mi’kmaq Warriors have been throwing Molotov cocktails- a report from the CBC indicates police cars have been set on fire too. But, of course, we have to ask the question: can we trust what the media has been telling us?

Unfortunately, not all media can be trusted. The CBC has a bad habit of not publishing uncomfortable truths- the Sammy Yatim marches were a perfect example, his family led chants of “kill all pigs” and CBC news deemed it not important enough to report on. And, as today’s story gives further evidence of, the Media Co-Op is probably the worst source of all…

On October 11th Miles Howe published a scare piece claiming that the RCMP denied an ambulance to a burn victim after one of the Mi’kmaq warriors’ sleeping bags caught on fire. It was the story’s claim that when the warriors tried to call in the ambulance the RCMP decided not to let them in, and forced the camper to walk out to the ambulance on the outside of the blockade.

Unfortunately for Howe, the real story came out this week- explained by Mi’kmaq Warrior leader Jim Pictou on the Occupy Toronto Livestream. What really happened is that ambulance staff were uncomfortable entering without an RCMP escort- and Mi’kmaq warriors refused permission for the RCMP to come past the blockade.

Anarchist propaganda...

Anarchist propaganda…

As this article is being published, the RCMP are busy enforcing a court injunction and arresting protesters. It’s likely we’re going to hear a whole lot of stories about police brutality, disrespect of indigenous religion, and whatever grievances the protesters can make up. When you read these claims, please be aware that many will be untrue- it’s a regular pattern we see over, and over, and over.

And, as for the Media Co-Op, it’s the recommendation of Your Humble Narrator that readers should always look for a second (more reliable) source before jumping on the bandwagon behind their outrageous stories. Their purpose isn’t to report the truth, but to publish propaganda that will help further ‘the revolution’. Put simply, they can’t be trusted.

More news to come soon as the story develops. Until then, here’s the video of Jim Pictou debunking Miles Howe’s revolutionary bullshit…

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    • Observer on October 18, 2013 at 00:38
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    You’ve made the mistake the anarchists like, that of not pointing out the people from the “media cooperative” are not journalists but only marxist and anarchist propagandists.

    Look at the Toronto Media Cooperative as an example, being formed by OCAP executive member Tim Groves, and the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations executive director (and former Vancouver No One Is Illegal senior member) Geordie Dent. If you are suckered in by assuming a “tenants” group is an innocent organisation representing tenants, it was founded by the Communist Party of Canada and is closely associated with OCAP. The tenant group public housing organizer is Kelly Bentley a former paid OCAP public housing organizer, with the city funded tenants’ group organizing public housing tenants as the primary means of recruiting new members to OCAP.

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