Kevin Annett’s Nutbar Supporters Invade UK Church…

Nutbar followers of Kevin Annett...

Nutbar followers of Kevin Annett…

Kevin Annett is one of the nuttiest people to come out of Canada’s radical left. He began his career as a United Church clergy, but was quickly defrocked after refusing to accept psychiatric counselling.  Filled with anger, Annett began a one man crusade against the church- making up fanciful tales that Canadian churches mass murdered children at Indian residential schools and buried them in mass graves. At one point, Annett claimed to have discovered a mass grave, but it was quickly proven the bones he claimed were of small children were actually from animals.

Most people (who aren’t sociopaths) would have accepted they’d been caught and have quietly walked away. Not Annett, instead he came up with a new set of fanciful tales. His next big adventure was to create a fake “International Court of Justice”. Annett’s kangaroo court claimed that the government of Canada was dissolved, and he labelled himself the Interim President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Kanata. He also claimed that his ‘lawful court’ dissolved the Catholic Church, put an arrest warrant on the Pope, the Queen, PM Harper, and a retired RCMP officer who was once assigned to investigate Annett’s fraudulent activities.

Annett is a very sick man- most would say he’s (at the minimum) suffering from delusions of grandeur. While most reasonable people have seen this, it appears that there are still a few useful idiots out there still willing to do stupid things on his behalf. Today’s story is about a particularly idiotic group in the city of Coventry in the UK.

A video titled “church reclamation coventry uk and police” was posted on YouTube on September 8th. It was posted by Rhianne Baines who, along with a few of her friends, burst into Coventry’s St Elizabeth’s church and told a priest that they’ve taken it over on the order of Annett’s ‘Court of Justice’.

They stated that the Roman Catholic church has been “lawfully convicted of child trafficking, genocide, and crimes against humanity”. The priest, rightly, looked at them like they were insane. When some of the parishioners came to help the priest they threatened them with ‘citizens arrest’.

The video was so sad it was painful to watch. One of Annett’s nutters was wearing a jacket with the words “Peace Officer” painted on, and a pair of knock-off Dior sunglasses. When the parishioners tried to guide them out of the church he threatened that he would ‘cuff’ them. Eventually, after a bit of a struggle, the nutters were guided outside of the church- but, on their way, they continuously shouted “we’re sheriffs of the court!”.

The police were pretty good natured when they arrived. They listened to the nutter’s statements, had a glance at their documents (without laughing out loud), and gently explained that they wouldn’t be allowing them to take over the church. It would have been a good laugh had people’s church services not been interrupted.

Looking through Rhianne Baines’ videos, it appears this isn’t the first time she and her friends have had run-ins with the local constabulary. A couple of weeks ago they attacked a couple of traffic wardens and tried to read them a document saying that their ‘common law court’ had dissolved the United Kingdom and put out an arrest warrant for the Queen. On August 28th they chased down a couple of police officers, yelled abuse at them, and shared the same story.

A study came out in April that claimed 4% of Americans believe that their country is run by lizard people. Considering this, it’s not surprising that there are people out there who still believe in Annett’s grandiose (and utterly ridiculous) claims. That said, what is surprising is that Annett is allowed to continue his crimes unhindered. Evidence has been presented to the RCMP of his taking money from his victims, bragging about cheating on taxes, and forging the signature of a deceased indigenous woman- yet, no actions have been taken to stop him.

Annett’s story teaches us a couple of things. First, Canada is one of the best countries in the world for con artists- our laws are so weak, that it’s unlikely they will be convicted. Next, as PT Barnum taught us, there’s a sucker born every minute- Rhianne Baines and her friends are perfect examples of this. Perhaps, one day, the system will catch up with Annett and charge him for his crimes. Until then, I’m sure there’ll be lots of entertainment for us in the future.

Here’s the video of the nutters invading the church last week. You can’t make this sort of craziness up…

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    • Leslee on September 12, 2013 at 01:22
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    Oh, yeah. At a time I should have been fast asleep because I had to work the next day, there I was watching every minute of this video. I too thought the police were to be praised for not laughing out loud while trying to find official confirmation on the documentation handed to them that there was basis for this action.

    Last week I emailed Kevin through and was surprised I got an answer. He is in the middle of working on a video of an event held at a school of economics in New York for which he was a speaker. Heather at questioned whether he actually showed up….we shall see.

    • Fritz Kohlhaas on September 12, 2013 at 05:30
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    Lock them up in a loony bin!

  1. This diatribe is nothing more than fanciful drivel. People may have issues with Annett for whatever reason, but theres hardly any dispute whatsoever that there was a horrendous amount of horrific paedophilia, child murder and a whole lot more outrageous crimes against the indigenous victimised people of Canada. To publish a report such as this is flies in the face of a vast amount of evidence, including eye-witness testimonies. If I were the publisher of this nonsense I would remove this misleading unfactual bullshit from the Internet and put it where it belongs – where the sun doesn’t shine. And when thats done how about the writer do some proper research into the subject – there are plenty of credible witnesses around who will tell you the real story, which is far removed from this drivel youre expecting people to swallow. If youre in Canada you should know the facts anyway, as Im in the UK and found the truth about the child abuse there, and it wasnt hard. Or maybe you do know the real facts but have no conscience – which is probably closer to the truth.

      • Leslee on September 13, 2013 at 13:09
      • Reply

      There is no denying that horrible things happened. Right here in Canada. The problem is that Kevin Annett has absolutely no business speaking for the First Nations people that suffered at the hands of the government and the churches involved. And those First Nations people have told him that – many times. That is why he has moved his attention to another continent. Because this continent has proven his perfidy. He has lied about being fired from St. Andrew’s United Church…he resigned. He was invited to defend himself from being delisted. He went for a while, but opted out when the hearing did not go in his favour. He claims to have dug up children’s bones and had them authenticated. They were not children’s bones and they were never sent anywhere for authentication. Kevin has a bad habit of arranging things like citizen’s arrests, fake court convictions, and has even claimed that he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Since that nomination is impossible to confirm – that works to Kevin’s advantage too. I just can’t see anyone other than Kevin or his father Bill nominating him for any award.

      There is no denying that there are criminals in every walk of life. Priests and politicians are part of our history and sadly, they are some of the criminals. But fake courts and fake court documents are not the answer to Italy’s, Ireland’s or England’s problems. The next date to watch for? September 22nd, 2013 when the promise of ‘big things’ are going to happen. We will wait and watch.

      • Pearl on February 8, 2014 at 11:17
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      Terrible things happened in Canada’s residential schools. Native Canadians are dealing with this themselves. They asked Kevin Annett to butt out because they don’t trust him. Do the research and you’ll find out.

      1. Indeed, native communities don’t need Annett, don’t want him, and are perfectly able to handle this issue without him…

    • The Hammer on September 12, 2013 at 08:24
    • Reply

    Oh this is beyond funny. Only thing that could top it would be if Jason Bowman started acting up again.

    The comments on Rhianne’s YouTube videos are pretty funny too.

    • Devils Trumpet on September 12, 2013 at 16:39
    • Reply

    These self-important pseudo-fascists and fashion criminals will attach themselves to anyone who offers them a cause,any cause,that gives them reason to behave with illusions of self-grandeur,Annett offered them the vehicle.Had it not been him,they would have found some other deranged soul to follow.This is what happens when you have no life other than You Tube.Any actual social injustice they claim to champion against is lost behind the Monty Python circus way they conduct themselves.These people have seen personal success pass them by because of a belief that effort is superfluous.
    To them,their righteousness allows them to arbitrarily masquerade as citizens of authority,something they aspire to in their minds,giving them a contrived sense of self-confidence and self worth.Best to leave them under the rock of which they came from.

    • The Jurist on September 23, 2013 at 11:28
    • Reply

    Really what is wrong with what the itccs is trying to do here? It would be interesting to find what you folks would think if the “Justus Township” was set up today…The Montana Freemen espoused belief in the doctrine of individual sovereignty and rejected the authority of the federal government of the United States. They conceived their own system of government in “Justus Township”, including their own versions of common-law court de jure, banking, and credit

  2. Well – Everything this “NUTBAR” says is justified! Just listen to Yale Educated World Bank Whistleblower KAREN HUDES , Sr. Legal Council for the World Bank!!! Interview USA WATCHDOG.COM – Karen Hudes , or Your Tube Camelot – Karen Hudes or Michael Snyders article on her at Have a listen and judge for yourself. My bet is on Educated , Intelligent people …

    • Solange Garson on November 21, 2013 at 16:38
    • Reply

    I’m an “indian” who believes this “nutbar” as those who wishes to keep this quiet. I saw and heard from others who were in residential schools where children were murdered and never to be seen again. I’m one of the lucky ones who was hidden from these Indian Agents to simply take away as animals to be slaughtered as the Jews were treated but this was done “secretly”. I believe this man and, of course, they would label him “crazy” because he saw the atrocity that was occurring, not only “Indians” but orphans, the rejects as they are called, don’t matter if they were white, black, Chinese, but if they were orphans, they were fair game for pedophiles, sick bastards who has no sympathy for any child or persons. Of course they would label this man as crazy who is speaking the truth, I’m living proof to know that, I seen it and heard from others who were abused. They’re many unmarked graves.

    1. Of course the residential schools happened, and of course they were horrible- I have no disagreement with that. The problem is that Annett stole the cause from residential school survivors, slandered them, cheated them, lied to them, and went as far as faking the discovery of a mass grave (in front of grieving indigenous family). He’s a huckster who has hurt a lot of people…

  3. It is no surprise that people are still following K Annette still! people making the accusations should make it’s clear to the average reader that Kevin Annette is a Agent of the Vatican! otherwise it’s just aimless name calling to the unaware! ‘Agent’ that would be the only reason for his behaviour. Without a proper explanation we are in danger of sounding like a shills FOR the vatican. Be clear in your accusations so the people who have just joined in on this knowledge, understand what the hell is going on! otherwise they will turn away from the very important issues all together. When I first heard of this I could not find any clarity because of hot head typing.
    eg: Kevin Annette appears to be an agent of the church to help destroy the exposure of vatican crimes’ would be a good start. To wake the masses they must first UNDERSTAND!
    Your Humble Narrator” was the first to make this clear throughout this hole page to newby’s!
    Spread the word!

  1. […] moment brought to you by the MINIONS OF ITCCS.ORG!!  As Greg pointed out in “Kevin Annett’s Nutbar Supporters Invade UK Church“, Kevin’s delusion’s of grandeur have escalated to a whole new level.  Now the […]

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