Kevin Annett Doesn’t Only Steal Survivor’s Stories (He steals their signatures too…)

Justice is about to be served for Kevin Annett's victims...

Justice is about to be served for Kevin Annett’s victims…

Kevin Annett has been pulling a con-job for quite a while now. He claims to be individually responsible for bringing the issue of Indian residential schools to people’s attention, but that’s not true. It is people like Willie Blackwater who brought the story to prominence- those who spoke out publicly and shared the pain and humiliation they went through. It is the same people who have accused Annett of stealing their stories and asked him to stop.

But, Annett didn’t stop- and despite the fact he’s been shown to be a serial liar, he continues to tread on their memories. Today I share with you a story about how he stole more than just their stories. In this case, he stole the signature of one of Canada’s most respected indigenous activists- Harriett Nahanee…

Nahanee was an indigenous rights activist, and an environmental activist who was honoured and loved by the people in the communities where she dwelled. She was also a survivor of the Ahousaht Residential School, a place where she was forcefully placed away from her parents and where she experienced physical and sexual abuse.

She witnessed a fellow student get killed on December 24, 1946. Rev. A. E. Caldwell was in an argument with a female supervisor that night about a little girl who was running up and down the stairs. Nahanee said that, as usual, the female supervisor was drunk. According to her testimony, Caldwell kicked the little girl and she fell down the stairs and died. This is only one story of many children who died at the schools.

Nahanee was involved in campaigning and demonstrating over many issues. The last issue she worked on was the expansion of Vancouver’s Sea-to-Sky highway being prepared for the 2010 Olympics. She was sentenced to 14 days in jail for that protest, as she was trying to save what she believed was a vital wetlands where they planned to build an overpass (the demonstrators were suggesting a tunnel.)

She spent two weeks in the Surrey Women’s Pre-Trial Detention Center- then, one month after she was released, she had a case of pneumonia. At the hospital she discovered that she had a terminal case of lung cancer. She passed away on February 25, 2007.

Nahanee is another unfortunate residential school survivor who got caught in Annett’s web. She participated with him at first, then she separated herself from him when Annett was denounced by the Circle of Justice for stealing their stories and evidence (and taking donations in their name). When she died, Annett stole her story once more, and labelled her death a ‘judicial murder’. This is a man who has no shame or honour.

Annett mentioned Nahanee on the radio show we were both on on Sunday. He said that Nahanee supported him, and ignored the fact that she eventually denounced his work. It surprised me that he did that- but, it wasn’t shocking- Kevin has a habit of acting this way.

Then, today, I was contacted by Nell Cole, a woman who was previously one of Annett’s most staunch supporters, but who has recently separated herself from him due to his lies about the bones at the Six Nations Reserve. Nell was concerned that I had the story wrong about Annett & Nahanee, and shared a letter that Annett gave her a few years ago where Nahanee said she supported his work. Here’s a copy:

(click to expand)

This letter didn’t make sense to me. First, it was written very shortly before Nahanee passed away- she was not healthy, and she was very busy working on her activism over the bypass. But, also, three people had told me that Nahanee thought Annett was a fraud. So, I dug into the problem and started investigating. After a sahort while searching, I came across a document from one of Annett’s  websites, an affidavit signed by Nahnee:

(click to expand)

The signatures looked awfully similar- too similar really. So, I blew-up copies of both and put them beside each other:

(click to expand)

Well, well, well. Besides the fact that they are digitized at a different resolution, both signatures are identical! Look closely at the spacing of the letters, the crossing of the t’s, the dot over the i. Also look at how the letters cross over and sit on the line- they are exactly the same.

The other thing to notice is how, on the letter about Kevin Annett is that the text is printed at a different angle than the signature. And, the title below the signature is at a different angle too. Also, the line under the signature is in exactly the same sized font- yet, the fonts are different in both letters.

I’ve shown this to a dozen people so far, and everyone immediately came to the same conclusion. This document is forged. So, not only is Annett stealing residential school survivor’s stories, he’s now stealing their signatures too. This letter was shared with Nell Cole after Nahanee’s death.

Kevin, you are a sick man…

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    • McLean on August 30, 2012 at 01:45
    • Reply

    omfg, Greg. It clearly looks like a fraud! I think you need to take this to the RCMP. (not to the federal justice Minister, but the RCMP fraud department)

    1. That’s a good idea. I’ll try to do that tomorrow after my date at the legislature…

  1. It was not my intent to create this. I originally got this letter from Kevin to disprove some of the stuff at the time I read on the internet back in like 2009. I thought there letter would clear things up. I guess I was wrong.

    1. It seems to me that Kevin was deceiving you with this letter. It’s time for all of us to realise that he is damaging the cause he claims to be supporting. It is time for Kevin to step down and leave residential school issues to the survivors…

    • Tamara D. on August 30, 2012 at 10:40
    • Reply

    Ok.. now you have evidence he is lying, now it is more than just opinion on Kevin’s end… court time!!! he needs to be stopped, he cannot be allowed to forge signatures and steal people’s names like that!!! He is also violating the will of God himself (I’m an agnostic, but even with that I know God wouldn’t accept this!!!) He is no priest or minister, as he is violating his own religions tenets – commandment no. 9 (of the 10 commandments) You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. i think his forgery actions goes much further than that, to a sickening degree.

    1. He’s taking donations for what he’s doing- so he is also violating “Thou shall not steal”…

  2. Wow! I’d love to see him explain himself out of that one.

    1. Perhaps the Smithsonian is responsible. lol

    • brotherwolf1 on August 30, 2012 at 11:06
    • Reply

    Fuck that God shit, he is a simple scum bag liar, plain and simple. He is exploiting people for his own agendas. this guy needs to spend serious time at the corwbar hotel resort .

    1. I’m sure his cellmates will treat him well. I hear prison inmates have great love for men who steal from old ladies…


    An animation of the two signatures…. a width adjustment was done to the original, to produce the EXACT match with the forged document. This is not possible unless it is FORGED. The same person signing something twice will not produce this, and in fact I will see if I can get an expert on signatures to have a look at this. If kevin is forging documents for his fraud then the police need to be made aware of this.

    1. Wow, brilliant work! Thanks for sharing…

  4. screw this.this is an attempt to discredit a man who is exposing the largest most depraved and sadistic genocidal crimes in the history of this planet.peace justice and prosperity to KEVIN ANNETT!!

    1. First, it wasn’t Annett who exposed this problem. It was the brave residential school survivors who stood-out and told their personal stories to the world. Giving Kevin credit for this is an insult to the survivors.

      Second, are you trying to justify how Kevin forged a survivor’s signature and used it to write a posthumous letter that said the opposite of what she believed? Are you kidding me? Have more respect please…

    2. kevin’s brainwashed cult members cannot see the truth in things that are cut and dry, they have truly drank deep of the koolaid. The whole lot of you are nuts, kevin, and anybody ignorant enough to follow kevin.

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on August 30, 2012 at 20:39
    • Reply

    I have a few statements to make. First of all I’d like to start with Nell Cole. When it is convenient, responsibility for her actions, which directly contribute to genocidal reality for every surviving Native on Turtle Island, whimpers away. I have never in all my life encountered a more lost, pathetic, attention thirsty little girl, a little girl who absolutely has NO SOUL. She puts the entire white race to shame, and feigns oblivion when she sells out the red. I could write a definitive essay on the mental and spiritual illness of this creature alone. However, Annett is the important matter here. Harriet Nahanee and I spent a valued 24 hours after the Tribunal at her house, where she confided in me – and the others present – the truth about Kevin Annett. As well, I had spent an intense five days in deep communication with her during the Tribunal. Let it rest for once and for all. Everything Harriet was trying to expose about Kevin – and all the other survivors that I was present for as Juror at the Tribunal were desperately trying to expose as well – are true. He stole their testimony, abused them in every manner, is guilty of every crime named by all over the entire years of his career of fraud. He is a moral criminal of the lowest sort, a spiritually depraved man. No one has been more shocked into the rude awakening of truth regarding Kevin Annett than me. I had been his most staunch and historically oldest supporter ever. I have known him longer than anyone left alive. His wretched, alcoholic, violent, mentally ill father is a newbe on the scene – and Kevin despises him, but does not tell him. Instead he uses the old horrid man. And the horrid old man uses Kevin in agonizing desperation to redeem a wretched and utterly wasted life. With regard to the red race, Kevin Annett deserves – and here I appeal urgently and seriously to all responsible citizens of the human race – to be held accountable for War Crimes himself to the Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere. I helped put him on the map. In honor of those who truly have no voice- for they dwell in the Other World, or are in active genocide in this one – it is my human duty to now take him off that map. Let us hold a Citizen’s Arrest to Kevin Annett, and try him for War Crimes under his cherished COMMON LAW. THE ITWCIPKA – The International Tribunal for War Crimes to Indigenous Peoples by Kevin Annett, HEAD OFFICE IN BRUSSELS BELGIUM. Let us do it in Harriet’s memory. Now. Enough is enough.

    1. actually I think that letter seals the deal considering nobody else had anything to gain other than kevin for that letter…. and it is obviously forged. His skills are so amateurish! Even the obama birth certificate is a more sophisticated forgery than anything that Kevin ever did and that certificate at best might stump an amateur (with the cross-hatched background behind the text, I still can’t believe there are idiots out there that think this is possible to do with a scanner! Scanners can’t see behind black ink, LOL!). In fact I take that back even amateurs know that obama’s birth certificate is a fake. And it’s amazing, that same schism exists with kevin annett! His supporters are willing to toss rationality and logic out the window because “he is a fellow activist”, and, “he is spreading awareness”. I am frustrated to no end at the outright paranoid lunacy his supporters are immersed in. Yeah it’s good to be paranoid but there’s an extent when it becomes utterly delusional and there is not a fragment of doubt in my whole body with regards to him suffering from a condition. I am making the same appeal. Let’s take this son of a bitch down.

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on August 30, 2012 at 20:41
    • Reply

    I swear by my honor that I know it to be true that Kevin Annett forges signatures of the dead, and has as many false identities as needed to perpetuate criminal fraud.

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on September 3, 2012 at 12:42
    • Reply

    It is important to add here, that after this interaction with Harriet, Kevin convinced me, and I convinced my Native husband, that Harriiet was under death threat to lie about Kevin – to insist that she was under duress and being forced to denounce him. This is what Kevin convinced me off. HE claimed to me that if I continued to support him, that I therefore would be supporting Harriet. This is the kind of madness that people with good hearts buy. The way he has gotten away with this for so so long is that long distance from his supporters, He is verifiably accountable to no one. The internet also assures a complete lack of accountability. I hope this answers why it took me so long to see the truth – it took me being face to face with this loathesome creature to see him for what he was and is – and all truth surrounding The Great Fraud of Kevin Annett.

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