[Updated] Are Canadian Black Bloc Anarchists Working With The Government & Police?

Montebello Black Bloc wearing police boots…

UPDATE: After almost two year’s investigation, I no longer think this is true. Yes, the police aren’t perfect, and the incident at Montebello was indeed real. But, the people behind most of the street violence are members of socialist obedience cults who are out to cause trouble and ‘ignite’ a revolution (at least, in their heads)…


Back in 2007, in Montebello, the Quebec Provincial Police were busted. Some observant demonstrators at the Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting realized there were a number of Black Bloc there who looked suspiciously like police officers- some were carrying rocks and trying to get the crowd to engage in violence. In particular, they all were wearing police issued boots. The officers were called-out and the truth came out the next day in the mainstream media. Ever since that day, many people have believed that police and security services have deep connections with the Black Bloc…

Something amazing happened at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Hundreds of average middle-class people suddenly woke-up and became activists. Their movement was “Healthcare Not Olympics”, and they decided to protest. These people were bound & determined to block the Sea to Sky highway and disrupt the Olympics. Considering this road was so small, and there were so many protesters, it was likely that they could have succeeded. After all, how could the police get away with arresting masses of middle class housewives?

But then something else amazing happened. On the first day of the protests a group of Black Bloc, including many from Harsha Walia’s Anti-Poverty Committee, came out onto the streets vandalizing the city and getting into clash with the Vancouver Police Department. As soon as the damage was done, and the story was reported in the media, all of the middle-class demonstrators went home hanging their heads in shame. After all, how could they explain to their friends that they were a part of such violence?

It is also curious how David Eby, a prominent member of the NDP and head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, withdrew his legal observers only a few hours before the Black Bloc violence occurred. Apparently, the Bloc didn’t want potential witnesses to be used in court. What I find strange about this is that Eby, who is a lawyer, got away with this. If he had prior knowledge of a crime, wasn’t he obligated to report it? And, if he didn’t, why didn’t the BC Law Society disbar him for his inaction?

If the government wanted to make sure the Olympics weren’t interrupted- the Black Bloc strategy would have been perfect…

The Toronto G20 is the most famous of Canada’s Black Bloc incidents. Prior to the event, the government used the existence of violent anarchists as an excuse to implement a billion dollar security infrastructure. Cameras were placed across the city (they are still there today), walls were built, and 100’s of police were brought into the city to ‘protect’ the event. The day before the protests happened they arrested Alex Hundert, a leader of the Ontario Black Bloc. He helped train the anarchists, and gave them a list of businesses and places to attack.

The police had some undercover agents watching Hundert- they knew the people who would be involved, and they knew their destinations. But, on the day of the riots, the police were sitting around the corner from all of the violence and many people felt that they let it all happen. What a better way to justify all of the expense incurred? Then, there’s the question of the police cars that got burned-down, it is widely believed that they were older models that were no longer in service.

My first experience with the Black Bloc was at Occupy Vancouver. The first time they appeared at the camp was curiously also the first day that Harsha Walia showed-up. The joined an anti-pipeline march and got into a street fight with the police. At one point a police office was hit in the face with a flagpole. Curiously, there were no arrests.

I first met Alex Hundert at Occupy Toronto. He came to one of the meetings to block me from entering a General Assembly. The police came that night and did nothing to stop him. The next day I went to the Toronto Police’s 52 division to file a criminal complaint. Something amazing happened that day too- the police came back to me and said that they couldn’t find any record of him in their computers. I explained to them that Hundert was on bail for the crimes during the G20 and one of the most famous criminals in the city. The tried to discourage me from filing a complaint, and said that they had never heard of him.

This was the first time I became suspicious about the Black Bloc’s connections with the police and/or government…

A couple of days before May Day I was having beers in a pub’s garden with a group of friends when the G20’s Scary Cop Lady came and took our picture. All of us were vocally non-violent people who had a commonality of having researched the Black Bloc. The Scary Cop Lady is famous because during the G20 she was seen helping the police get people dressed as Black Bloc behind their lines into safety out of the crowds. Here’s a quick video of that moment:

Earlier this summer I was assaulted by a group of Black Bloc thugs at the park in Kensington Market. I reported this to the police, and gave them pictures and names of two of my assailants. A month later I pointed-out one of the people who attacked me to 52 division police in-front of city hall. They called the detective who told me that they already had his name and that they were instructed not to stop him.

A few weeks later the detective told me that they don’t know the name of the person who I pointed out to the 52 division. This is very strange, because they said they did when I pointed him out to them. Also, they have made very little progress in this case- despite the fact that the two people who have attacked me have been at demonstrations & events where the police were present.

Does this prove that the police & government are working with the Black Bloc? Perhaps not, but it certainly raises many people’s suspicions. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in Canada, and it is a pattern that has been happening in the US at least since the 60’s. Curiously, in 1968, it was discovered that the FBI was deeply involved in the formation of violence promoting “anti-poverty” organizations. Does this sound familiar?

A story came out last week that the FBI brought weapons to members of the Weather Underground- it was rather shocking to many, but others fully expected that happened. Occupy Toronto’s Ian Smart claims he was a member of the weather underground- perhaps he can tell us a thing or two about what happened.

Now, it is doubtful that all of the people in the Black Bloc are police or government. But, perhaps some of their leaders are? As I said, this has happened many times before, and it wouldn’t be unusual. And, considering that the only achievements of the Black Bloc have been to justify police power- it does make one rather suspicious.

The police & government have never made a statement that they are or aren’t involved with the Black Bloc. If they want to rebuild trust, it is time for them to come out and make a statement…

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  1. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Black Bloc in Toronto are working hand in hand with the police and as the evidence for this being the case piles up the real question is who is watching the watchers?

    1. We are I think!

      1. Some of us are- yes. I’m guessing that’s why the Toronto Police have taken no action on two separate Black Bloc assaults I’ve been victim of…

    1. Yes, and the police just stood-by around the corner while the band played on…

  2. Ah.. the Montebello video… such a classic expose of the dark dealings within the police forces to stir discontent among the discontented masses…. What I loved about what happened at Montebello was that even the Anarchists could smell a rat. Like scary-cop-lady, and “this isn’t Canada anymore”-cop… one has to wonder what the nature of the marching orders are and how high do those orders come from? http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CCQQtwIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DgAfzUOx53Rg&ei=ooQ-ULeTDYbnqgG-qoDwBA&usg=AFQjCNHfAI1pT62IwzPrxLuHCTnLQsF9Aw

    1. I imagine the orders came from pretty high- regular beat cops wouldn’t have a real motivation to try and stir up violence, would they?

    • brotherwolf1 on August 29, 2012 at 19:11
    • Reply

    Greg at al, I have to admit that this is something I am not convinced of. I certainly have not done the research however, i do think there are arguments I can make to support my doubt.

    The image of the boots has been around for a while, however, these boots and other surplus gear is very easy to come by at any army surplus store , and for quite cheap . AS an example of the boots, Occupies own Trey Winney has two pairs of the exact same boots , as does occupies Damian Boyer from Live Stream. I know these boots can be bought for about 140 dollars at one surplus store on Yonge Street . Clothing is not a good indicator in that if someone wants to do some sort of destructive action, what better way to deflect attention than to appear to adorn at least some of the clothing of the “enemy ”

    Skin heads and punk rockers often wore surplus military clothing as a “uniform “and this look has become somewhat standard fashion of this scene .

    The other argument I have to support my hypothesis is that no cop would risk their career and criminal charges for what would amount to an act of mischief . Now yes, it makes perfect sense that there will be undercover cops infiltrate these fringe groups , however, even when that does take please, I am certain that as part of any investigation, they would be barred from actually committing an offense. Also, how would the ordinary cop on duty at such an event have anyway of knowing that the person adorned as black bloc is a cop?

    As I said, I am certainly no expert but it makes no logical sense to me that anyone sworn to uphold the law would openly and willingly use a disguise ( which is also an offense by the way when committing a crime ) to commit a serious offense, and seriously risk jail , getting fired and losing a good pension .

    1. Brotherwolf, what happened at Montebello is undeniable- it was admitted by the QPP and reported widely in the media. Have a look at Heather Martin’s link and you will see a CBC story about it…

      1. … good read… this isnt hard at all to believe. The proof has been in the pudding for awhile… and to say this isn’t a tactic used by police would be ridiculous. Look at drug investigations, how many HA’s are police?. It does make you not want to trust anyone.

        1. I started off on this journey having some trust and respect for the police. But, as time goes by, and they have ignored multiple assaults, that trust and respect are quickly fading…

    • brotherwolf1 on August 29, 2012 at 19:29
    • Reply

    Thanks, I will have a look as i have not seen it as yet.

    1. You’re welcome- it’s definitely worth watching, proof that this sort of thing has happened in Canada before…

    • brotherwolf1 on August 29, 2012 at 19:58
    • Reply

    I just watched the video. Very interesting as i have not seen this before. I am at a loss to understand this .

    • Foxtrot on August 30, 2012 at 07:40
    • Reply

    The Black Block were definitely infiltrated and in some cases it’s clear the police pose as Black Block either to act as agents provocateur or to shield their own actions. However, those who are serving jail time are definitely not cops since if they were cops they wouldn’t have been charged.

    • Foxtrot on August 30, 2012 at 07:42
    • Reply

    BTW Greg, if you’re interested in filing a complaint against the police the process for doing so is outlined at http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/professionalstandards/complaint.php

    1. what’s the bother, file a complaint against a cop, another retired cop comes to your house to get his buddy off as the investigator. Police complaints are a waste of precious time and energy in this country!

  3. also just a weird note I noticed about the boots, if you walk down Granville you see a lot of street kids with those similar boots, i’m thinking caterpillar and doc martins have similar style. I could be over thinking it a little though… Also police informants and instigators dont need to be “full time cops” they could just be paid civilians from various organizations or the little snitch crew of project GRIFFIN.

    • Jimmy Nguyen on September 3, 2012 at 02:29
    • Reply

    Great observation. Sometimes Security needs to create the problem in order to justify Budget.

  4. Brotherwolf, what you think happened in Montebello is undeniable- it was confirmed by the Quebec Provincial Police (QPP) and widely reported in the media. Do a Google search for “Heather Martin” and you will find a CBC story about it… My name is _________, ___________(grade 10). I am attending Ramsay Heights Secondary School.   Content:

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