Toronto Police Send the “Scary Lady Cop” From the G20 To Take Pictures of Me Drinking Beer!

The "Scary Lady Cop" From the G20 The Top Left picture is from yesterday when she took our picture, the top right is from the G20.

Dear Toronto Police Service,

You know that I’m a┬ápacifist! So, that you are sending officers to take pictures of me while I shared drinks with my friends at a pub yesterday literally turns my stomach. What the hell is wrong with you people?

And, what is the significance that you sent the “Scary Lady Cop” to take these pictures? Wasn’t she involved with a questionable incident during the G20 that left people thinking that the police and the Black Bloc were working together as a team? This is beyond creepy.

If you want to build trust with the people, how the hell do you think you can accomplish this by spying on peaceful demonstrators while we are meeting with friends at a pub? There is no ‘reasonable cause’ for you to be tracking me- I’m a pacifist who is incredibly outspoken about non-violence and not breaking the law.

I demand an immediate explanation.

-Greg Renouf

Note: A copy of this letter will be emailed to the police chief’s office tonight

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