How To Start A Fake Revolution!

The parallels in this theory with what has happened inside the Occupy movement are unnerving. But you know what is more unnerving? Having a look at the logos used by OPTOR in some of their colour revolutions!

OPTOR Image from Serbia

OPTOR Georgia

OPTOR Egypt!

Occupy Toronto! Hmmmmm.....

International Socialists!

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  1. heh surprising people at this point need educated on this, I pointed out back in november the use of this logo and how it applies to “otnop!”. The organization is purportedly defunct but I think they built upon their success and expanded the scope of their organization to a global scale, exploiting the network of soros NGO’s to take this system and market it under multiple brands to recruit and indoctrinate shills before rolling out a consolidation movement called occupy. I’m GLAD it failed however we need to raise the awareness of the people to a point where they realize just what is going on.

    • Seriously? on May 1, 2012 at 10:01
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    This speaks to my point that your movement has failed Genuinewitty. If you listen to the video from 1 minute on and compare it to occupy you will see what I mean. 90 percent of people in every revolution don’t care about politics and only about their own lifestyle and the ability to maintain it. When that occurs they take to the street and a revolution occurs. Occupy claims to represent the 99% but the results of the effort show that they haven’t been joined by the 90% of the population that would rise up if they felt genuinely threatened. So the question becomes….if the population as a whole does not feel like their lifestyle is threatened enough to take to the streets in revolution then what is the purpose of occupy. If it isn’t an attempt at the “practical” revolution that it pretends to model itself on then it must be an attempt at a political revolution. So who’s political gains are being promoted here and who sustains it? Why pursue something that has been clearly rejected by the 90% as evidenced that they didn’t join the movement and take to the streets? If the 90 or 99% actually supported the cause would they really need to take to the streets? Maybe for a short term incident but for something fundamental and systemic they would fix it in the ballot box. This is not, after all, a totalitarian regime. Politicians of all stripes present ideas that they think the people will vote for. Occupy’s fundamental socialist world view is something we, as a nation, flirted with 30 to 40 years ago and then rejected as a society. So what options are left? If Occupy was serious about change they would create a political party and preach their message in a manner that might actually have a chance of working. If enough of the population believed then the money and votes would flow and change could occur in a bloodless and non-violent fashion. For some, however, it’s better to not place a message before the public and have it openly rejected. It’s much easier to snipe from the corners and make excuses for why the idea is “oppressed”.

    1. Not my movement, I left Occupy a while ago. I only write about them now- watching from the outside, hoping that they eventually get their shit together…

    • Seriously? on May 1, 2012 at 10:27
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    Lol oh? Well there’s hope for you yet ;). Didn’t realize you were on the outs. Explains the cult like nastiness that gets thrown your way. It’s a requirement to maintain discipline in these sorts of things. Otherwise how can you manage personalities to get otherwise intelligent people to make some of the least intelligent decisions and conclusions? They’ll never get their shit together. This is what they are about. The monkey(s) in the middle of all this make their living keeping the pawns in play. Why would they ever sit back and get their shit together. When you’ve lost, when your message is flat out rejected then the only way to keep the faithful motivated and sending donations is to do exactly what they are doing now. Think about the Annett supporter’s comments on your other blog. That level of irrational commitment is required and it takes a lot of manipulation to maintain.

    1. I love your Annett analogy, will have to steal that idea and use it for a future article. ;-)

    • Seriously? on May 1, 2012 at 10:37
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    I love it when my food for thought becomes..well… food for thought lol

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