The Mystery Of The G20 Scary Cop Lady…

One of the most debated issues from the G20 has been the question of how connected the police were to the Black Bloc. And, the most famous, and analysed, film clip from back then has got to be the film of the ‘Scary Cop Lady’. She’s called that because she’s a mystery- nobody knows her name, and she looked rather scary in the video…

The Scary Cop Lady, from the G20, and when she took my picture…

You may remember, shortly before May Day, I was having a beer with some friends when the ‘Scary Cop Lady’ showed-up and took our picture. The picture of her from that day is on the top-left on the above image.  The article got a lot of attention back then, and I reached-out to the Toronto Police on their Twitter account for some help. They haven’t yet given me a final response- but, their last message was rather interesting, they said she may work for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

I showed this collage to my friend at Occupy Police, and he is pretty certain the picture of the Scary Cop Lady is the same picture of the woman who took our picture that day…

A friend passed me some new research yesterday that may help us identify who the Scary Cop Lady is. There are a couple of new pictures, and a clipping from the OIPRD report on the G20.

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The report names several police officers who were assigned to the G20 Rapid Response Team (RRT):

  • Detective Dicosola
  • Constable Watson
  • Constable Huber
  • Constable Zivcic
  • Constable Storey

It is possible that this is the same team that we see in the video, and that one of them is the ‘Scary Cop Lady’. The person who runs the Toronto Police Service’s Twitter account had committed to trying to identify who she is. I haven’t heard back from them for a while now- but, with this new information, I will be asking them again to investigate.

I’ll keep you updated as the investigation progresses…

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  1. heh and my dallas goldbug moment with photoshop comes back….lol… hope to hear more about this story if I nailed it or not.

    • Rob on July 14, 2012 at 05:44
    • Reply

    I have it on fairly good authority she works in the drug squad of the Durham Regional Police.

    1. Interesting, I’ll have to check that one out…

    • Notfooled on July 14, 2012 at 20:18
    • Reply

    Are you sure this is a chick? She looks like a dude. Just sayin . . .

  1. […] This appears to have been confirmed! This all happened a few months ago a fellow reporter had posted her photograph. I immediately thought of scary lady from the g-20 and photoshopped the two pictures together to illustrate, took me 2 minutes in photoshop. It would seem this third photograph absolutely nails it. This lady is an enemy to the people of Canada, a thug willing to do whatever it takes for a paycheque, even if it means stabbing the general public in their collective backs. scary cop lady article […]

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