Six Nations Elected Council Denies Supporting Kevin Annett

Fake Reverend, Fake Excavation, Send Money Orders To My Dad In Florida!

I’ve just run across a treasure trove of documents on Kevin Annett- and, expect to receive a large amount of other documents soon. The bell is tolling, and it is the end of his con. For those people who still believe in this guy I leave you a challenge. I’ve provided a couple of dozen pieces of evidence showing that he is lying, and have totally disproved his claim to have filed a court case. If Kevin is real, it is time for him to produce a piece of evidence or two proving what he says is true- don’t you think?

Have you noticed his trend to label anyone who calls him on his lies an ‘agent of the state’ or something else like that? Wouldn’t it be easier for him to prove what he is saying? Or, is that not possible because he is lying? Think about it…

Anyhow, below you will find an article from the Brantford Expositor from October 18, 2011. The article clearly states that the Six Nations Elected Council has not worked with Annett, nor did they approve of anything he has done in Brantford. It also states that the data from the use of the Ground Penetrating Radar was never given to Annett.

Caught you in another lie Kevin. Can I suggest it is time for you to stand-up like a man, apologize, and walk away? I’m gathering information on a large amount of money you have taken from people. Perhaps they will be merciful and not press charges if you do the right thing now.


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    • TD on July 13, 2012 at 15:43
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    I did have faith in him based on the unrepentant movie… it seems over time he went corrupt :( Very disappointing, very sad :( Perhaps he believes these tactics will fulfill a greater good in the end? He’s hurt the native people’s while trying to help them. Over time perhaps these tactics you are exposing are him trying, in a twisted way, to help but making things worse? Or maybe he’s lost his true focus and got caught up in the atmospheres he’s been involved in… look at politics, how corrupt it has gotten. I’m sure some politicians did start out with good intentions but learned to “play the game” to succeed, and over time they accepted the game and have become part of the problem? I hope that’s all it is… I hope he really is trying to help, he has to realize then that he’s starting to do more harm than good and re-orient himself. Maybe he’s being played too?This is a terrible mess!!!

    • sheray on July 27, 2012 at 14:29
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    Has there been any response from the Canadian Anti Fraud Center or from the Police regarding Annett’s scheme?

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