A Video About Kevin Annett’s Mishandling Of The Evidence At Brantford…

This video from Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) brings up so many questions about Annett’s handling of the ‘mass grave’ at the Brantford. It makes it obvious that Kevin Annett’s handling of the case was anything but professional. No wonder the elders kicked him out and took back his Mohawk name!

First, if the bones were actually human, it would have been a crime to have started digging them up without bringing in the police.  In addition to that, by digging in such an unscientific way, he tainted the evidence from the very moment he began.

Next, as the archaeologist explains, Annett should have never taken the bones out of the province. By doing so, not only did he kill the chain of evidence, but the work could have been done locally. Annett gave one of his standard responses to this accusation- that ‘the RCMP and the Queen’ would have interfered. Do you notice a pattern here yet? (hint: he called me an RCMP agent recently- as he does anyone who disagrees with him)

The last big one here is that, back in the winter when this story was broadcast, Annett said that the archaeologist had identified multiple bones as potentially being human. But, in this video, the archaeologist clearly says that only one of the bones was potentially human. Notice how the more you look at Annett’s stories the more one finds contradictions?

If there is one thing I can say for Annett and Bowman it is that they are truly brave men. Yes, on the surface, it is obvious that they are cowards. But when you think about it, who else would be so fearless as to mess around with Mohawk Warriors this way? I’ve met a few, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be caught lying to them!

Something tells me that Bowman should be watching his back this weekend while he is in Brantford…

One of the animal bones Annett was trying to trick people into thinking were human…

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  1. Bowman and Annett are frauds and it’s about time they are exposed as such. The native people don’t need this clown exploiting their very real pain.

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