Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman’s Lies: What Does Ex-Parte Mean?

Kevin Annett- Vampire Grifter Squid

In case anyone out there still doesn’t understand the significance of Kevin Annett’s blunder in how he describes filing an ‘ex-parte’ lawsuit, I’ve found a document that helps explain the details. First, let me start with a definition of the phrase- here’s one from the Canadian Legal Dictionary:


You see, the phrase doesn’t mean that one can file a case in-secret, nor does it mean that a case won’t be published on the docket. It only means that one doesn’t have to notify a defendant prior to getting a ruling.

Ex-parte filings/rulings are only made in cases where there is an extraordinary need to get immediate action and it is not possible to contact and serve the defendant within time to stop damages from occurring. I’ve embedded a PDF document below that gives a full explanation- here’s a short clipping from it that makes this clear:



This should put any of your doubts to rest. Basically, Jason Bowman and Kevin Annett are boldfaced liars. Why would they lie about this? Think about it, if one was lying about filing a case in court, they would have to make a cover story for why the fake court case cannot be seen in the docket. This is their excuse.

Despite being outed for his deception, Kevin Annett is still online lying about this fake court case. Here’s a screenshot of a conversation of his I found tonight:


(click to expand)


Here’s the next bit of bullshit in what Jason and Kevin said today. I was at their ‘press conference’ where Jason explained how he went to the courthouse on Wednesday morning, and they had already scheduled time before a judge- Kevin repeats this in the above screenshot. The problem is that Canadian Federal courts have a notoriously bad backlog- here’s a statement on the problem from the Ontario Attorney General’s office:



When I went to the Clerk of the Court’s office yesterday afternoon and shared Jason’s story with him the result was that he laughed out loud. That’s impossible he said! Things just don’t work like that in the courts of most any country. That said, in some banana republics, I guess it would be possible to pay a bribe to the clerk of the court! But, in Canada, this is an impossibility.

So, if you had any doubt of whether Kevin & Jason were lying or not, please rest assured- they are lying. I will be reporting this to the RCMP today- if you have given them any money, you should too. Let’s protect other people from being conned by these two guys in the future…

Here’s that more detailed description of ex-parte I mentioned above:


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  1. My goodness Annett and Bowman can’t get their stories straight. Thanks again Greg, my own article will be coming real soon. You really shed some more light on Annett in your interview. If we all work together to point out these glaring lies spewed by Annett and his supporters and anyone like Bowman, it will serve to have people see contrary information on Annett before they get suckered in by him and now by Bowman.

      • Crystal on July 5, 2012 at 13:39
      • Reply

      Greg! I was hoping to check out your stuff, as we had interesting conversation yesterday at Osgoode Hall…. I didn’t know how to reach you. What is this? I kinda thought you were on the up and up…. but why are there crazy faces and pictures? Well…. I thought I’d drop you a line :) look me up on fb if you want. ttfn

      1. Hi, I’m glad you found me – I enjoyed our conversation yesterday.

        Yes, the picture of Annett was a bit over the top. It was created by one of my readers, and I thought it would be a humorous thing to share. I write about some pretty disturbing people, and sometimes try to lighten things up with a good chuckle…

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