Occupy Vancouver’s Lauren Gill Lies On CKNW Radio!

Lauren Gill – Serial Liar


Lauren Gill appears to be a serial liar. First I caught her lying about me with a letter she sent to people on Cortes Island shortly after I moved there. Then, today, I caught her lying to Bill Good on CKNW radio! I like CKNW, but I must say, I really wish they would balance out their guests more often. This is the second time they have broadcast a DTES radical who lied in their show- last time it was Jennifer Allen of Cop Watch.

That said, I was thankful they gave me a minute to straighten things out today- and, I’d be very pleased to come on one day and help them understand the background behind this mess…

Lauren talks a good talk, but she fails to walk a good walk. She made it sound today like the people who were at the Casseroles marches were innocent and being unfairly treated by the police. She also lied about Sasha Wiley-Shaw’s injuries from the last Casseroles. Here’s a video I compiled with some responses to what Lauren said:

Lauren, if you have documents that prove Kate Gram has broken ribs, I’d like to see them. You told me on CKNW that you would share- please send them to me at: [email protected]

And Lauren, one last message for you. When you lie like this, over the public airwaves, you discredit the entire movement. Please think carefully before you do this in the future- you are hurting the people around you…

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