COPE’s Tim Louis Should Be Deeply Ashamed With Himself!


Tim Louis of COPE

A person who is an active member of Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) came to me a couple of weeks ago and warned that Tim Louis has been hanging out with a bad crowd. I have deep trust in this source- but, I almost couldn’t believe what they said at first. I’ve met Tim a couple of times, and he appears to be a rather nice fellow. I’d never imagine he would be aligning himself with the DTES crazies.

Well, after some research, it seems they were 100% on-target. Tim Louis has been associating himself with a rather motley crew. I’ve gathered a lot of evidence on this, and will be putting out an article on this soon. But, for now, I have something much more important to cover…

Tim put out an article yesterday about the events of last week’s Casseroles march- an article that totally blew my mind. If I ever had any doubt about his suitability as a political leader, I don’t any longer. Tim is either an incredibly naïeve man, or the worst kind of political hack.

Louis starts off talking about the injustice of Quebec’s Bill 78- I agree with him on this part. That said, it is a bit disappointing how he neglects to mention the background behind how Quebec got to that place. Many of the participants in the Quebec demonstrations acted rather unreasonably- culminating with a gang of masked hooligans invading the Universite du Quebec a Montreal and assaulting two women.

But, for Louis, it seems to be the norm to ignore people acting like hooligans- at least, he totally ignored the asinine behaviour of the demonstrators in Vancouver. In case you have forgotten, let me share a quick video with you:



Now let’s look at how Louis frames the story:

“If there is one lesson from Quebec for Vancouver’s ruling class, it is that the crackdown against the protesters came too late in Quebec. Rather than following Montreal police forces in their initial hesitation to confront protesters, the VPD is acting early rather than waiting for things to multiply out of control.”

Can you see the difference here? Tim’s implication that the Vancouver Police Department decided to pre-emptively crush the Vancouver casseroles to stop it from multiplying is completely ridiculous! There were only about 20 people at each of the past two Casseroles, this was not a movement that was about to mushroom. The reality is that all of the conflict was created by the demonstrators as part of an effort to grow their numbers.

Tim’s next sentence says a lot about his lack of good judgement:

“As Lauren Gill has recently stated after the arrest of a dozen non-violent ‘Casserole’ protesters in the past week: “this is not the criminalization of dissent but the preliminary criminalization of dissent: the police are trying to stop a movement before it event gets started.”

Remember what I was saying in earlier articles about the ‘talking points’ about ‘criminalization of dissent’? Well, here we see them again. Quelle Surprise!

And, remember what I was saying about Tim hanging out with a bad crowd? Lauren Gill is one of the most crazy of the DTES activist crazies- I really expected more of him than to quote her verbatim. Tim, if you hang out with bad kids, you are going to end up getting into trouble. Didn’t your mother teach you this?

If you have any doubt, watch this video of Lauren Gill telling people to ‘yell out to the pigs across the province’ and Harsha Walia (supporter of Black Bloc violence) creating division between the police and the people of the DTES.



Next, Louis quotes Ethan Baron’s story from last week’s Vancouver Province.  Unfortunately, as my first video shows, this story has already been discredited. Either Tim is behind on the times, or he is conveniently ignoring the fact that this article is a sham.

And, finally, Tim starts ripping at Mayor Gregor Robertson for increasing police funding. Has he forgotten that Vancouver has a serious problem with gang wars and organized crime? Not to mention Riots! The police can hardly keep-up with the city’s crime problem- they desperately need all of the resources they can get!

If I’ve wondered what’s behind all of the fake controversy people have been stirring about the Casseroles events, I’m not any longer. This was most obviously a sarcastic, manufactured, crisis to help COPE build a platform for the next election.

Tim Louis, you should be deeply ashamed of yourself for promoting this crap. If you were ever to become mayor, you’d have to build a trusting working relationship with the Vancouver Police Department. This is not the path to doing so. If you continue down this road, you are the last person who should be leading the city’s government.

Shame on you!

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