Montrealers! Unhappy About Bill 78? Blame It On The Bloc!

The city of Montreal has passed Bill 78 by a margin of 33-2- banning the use of masks in demonstrations. The bill also requires protesters to provide the authorities with planned routes for their demonstrations eight hours before they are initiated. The law comes across to many as draconian…

It is no coincidence this bill was passed a couple of days after a group of idiots burst into Universite du Quebec a Montreal vandalizing the building and terrorizing those students who disagreed with their cause. Two women were assaulted by these thugs and their act of terror.

If one feels the need to assign blame for this change, one can easily point towards the Black Bloc anarchists who initiated this terror. Basically, blame it on the bloc!

Many people have expressed they feel there are legitimate reasons for wearing masks at demonstrations. One good example is those people whose employers may have objections to their marching for certain issues. I’m sure there are others.

Well, due to the few idiots who decided to get violent, people with legitimate reasons will now have to pay the price. Nice, huh?

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  1. I suggest people listen to the mask thing but not listen to the giving notice of routes, that is not the authorities business. Put simply, I think those black block were provocateur cops sent in to make this law pass easier so that people can be arrested if they do not give the police 8 hours to setup a trap for protesters.

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    • Tamara Dippel on May 24, 2012 at 05:10
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    Greg, there sometimes the black bloc is police infiltrating protests and doing the violent acts to make protesters look bad… how can we tell the difference at the moment it is happening?? Especially, how can the general public? I am VERY angry about this anti-mask law because as an adult no one has the right to dictate to me what to wear or not, masks included… People are backing this law out of fear and sometimes it has been police doing the violence… like at G20, but we get them blame then get our rights taken away! I’ll wear a mask if I want and I think from now on I will!! I will never be violent and there have been protesters wearing masks in the past who weren’t violent! They have no right to tell us we can’t wear masks! We can’t let then dictate laws that take away people’s rights and dignity (as adults especially) because of fear! Fear is being used in this country and very rapidly now in the US to strip people’s rights away… Trading rights and freedoms for a false sense of security is not acceptable! If you give the fear-mongers an inch where rights are concerned they will take miles… until we have no rights left, only privileges.
    The black bloc are from both sides… activists AND police!! This is a mess but I am more fearful of what the police are doing… The Montreal protest was becoming highly inconvenient… How do we know the police, under orders from higher up, didn’t have a hand in any black block actions?

    Also, it is ILLEGAL!! for them to demand protesters seek permission for gathering and protesting! They don’t have to tell the police squat! I’m not advocating violence here, they don’t have to be abusive to the police either… But Bill 78 is illegal, it is a violation of federal law, the Canadian Charter of rights (which is supposed to be the highest law in Canada)! The Bill, as far as I understand it, says the police can deem protests illegal unless protesters fulfill certain criteria first. So even if you are totally peaceful, your protests can be deemed unlawful you would face fines or worse.

    Check out the Montreal Gazette: Several sections of Bill 78 will be struck down by court challenge: expert (title of article)

  1. […] Lewis starts off talking about the injustice of Quebec’s Bill 78- I agree with him on this part. That said, it is a bit disappointing how he neglects to mention the background behind how Quebec got to that place. Many of the participants in the Quebec demonstrations acted rather unreasonably- culminating with a gang of masked hooligans invading the Universite du Quebec a Montreal and assaulting two women. […]

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