Student Fee Casseroles Hijacked In Toronto & Vancouver! (featuring Harsha Walia!)

Clowning around at Dufferin Grove Park...

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder” ~Rumi

Today was Toronto’s second Casseroles march- like last week, it began at Dufferin Grove Park. I arrived at 7:45pm and there was only a small crowd there. An important thing I learned today is that the best possible way to stop a Canadian socialist revolution would be to learn how to induce a rainstorm…

As time passed, the crowd began to grow. Eventually there were about 600 people who showed-up. Considering there were almost 3,000 people last week, and this event was supposed to be even bigger, it can be said that today was a disappointment. The ghost of Vladimir Lenin was not impressed!

As usual, I was impressed by the excellent work by the people from Rhythms of Resistance. They always add great energy to events where they appear- they are, by far, the best part of the Toronto activist scene. Every city needs a group like this!

Once everyone was gathered, the crowd marched East out of the park. You’ll notice that during the first part of the video, one of the intrepid tumours of the Black Bloc gave me a New York style one-finger salute. I love you too Black Bloc! Without you, the chances would be much higher that the International Socialists would get their way and win power over all of us.

And, that, would be a great tragedy…

"Anarchist Ashleigh" Ingle (2nd from the left)

After a long absence from the Toronto scene, our good friend “Anarchist Ashleigh” Ingle showed-up. I was surprised by this- with Pride weekend coming up shortly, I expected she would be busy whipping up a plan to sour it up with her Israeli Apartheid crowd. I’ll be writing a bit more about this soon- let it suffice to say that there are a number of good people organizing to stop Ashleigh’s thugs from screwing up the parade this year.¬†Insha’Allah…

And, as usual, the crowd was full of Bolshevik! The sad reality was that it appeared that less than half of the people at the march were students- the rest were the ‘usual suspects’ from Toronto’s Marxist revolutionary crowd. I think, by now, it is crystal clear that these marches are much less about student fees then they are about putting socially violent socialist obedience cults into power.

It’s rather Quixotic really, we all know Canadians won’t let that happen. So, it seems inevitable that these people will screw-up any chances we have for making a more equitable system of paying for one’s education. Tragic.

Speaking about tragic hijackings, I just saw a very disturbing tweet come out of Vancouver:

It appears that Toronto isn’t the only city to have their¬†Casseroles tacoed by people with selfish intent. Somehow, Harsha Walia convinced the Vancouver march to join her poverty pimping in the DTES! First she tries to steal the thunder of Occupy Vancouver with her condo protests, and now she is doing the same to the unfortunate students!

Harsha, you should be very deeply ashamed of yourself. And, people of Vancouver, haven’t you had enough of this crap? Or, do you desire a long future of being used like this…


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