Today’s Toronto Casseroles- A Deflated Soufflé

I’ve just come back from Toronto’s casseroles march tonight- it was a beautiful evening for it, lovely weather. I Ieft early, at about 8:30- there were only about 125-150 people there at the time. This is a far-cry from the 600 who turned-up last week, and the 3,000 who showed-up the week before. It seems to me that the people of Toronto aren’t that enthusiastic about having a Marxist revolution.

The ghost of Vlad Lenin is rolling in his mausoleum…

After the march began, the police refused to let the marchers block the main streets. When you have a small crowd, the police end-up having more power. I’m not sure where all of the International Socialists were today, the Bolsheviks didn’t even show-up.

The Euro Cup is going on today- but, for some reason, I’m guessing Toronto’s Marxist community wasn’t watching…


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