Vancouver Casseroles Gone Wild! (Featuring Vancouver Cop Watch!)


While the Toronto Casseroles parade is fading, Vancouver is only getting started. And, unfortunately, things are not starting well. It seems that most of the crowd had good intentions, but the results of the evening were rather dismal…

A crowd of between 30-40 people gathered peacefully at the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG)- a place near to my heart ever since Occupy Vancouver. Once everyone was there, they marched towards the Cambie street bridge, where they planned to meet with another group who were coming from City Hall.

The city hall group was about 80-100 people- including some of Vancouver’s more radical crazies. People like Lauren Gill, and Suresh Fernando decided to go all Ivan Drury and burst into the building. City Hall was in-session, and they thought it would be a good idea to get into a confrontation with the police.

Lauren Gill – Employee of Vancouver Coastal Health (Atria & RainCity Housing)

As expected, things didn’t go well at this point. There was a kerfuffle with the police, someone tried to break one of the windows, and a 50 year old security guard got punched in the face. Here’s how the ‘heroes’ at Vancouver Cop Watch explained it:

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Notice how they tried to misrepresent what actually happened? “Nobody got…injured by the VPD” is typical of how they frame things- funny how they left out the assault on an older man! Way to go Cop Watch, you are only further proving that you are the wrong people to be doing the job that you have assigned yourselves.

Well, it seems that some of the morons who were involved in this just don’t get that. First, let’s look at a comment from Suresh Fernando:

But, wait, Suresh- don’t you realize that there were families with children present? To my understanding, there was no mention that this event would be violent, so wasn’t it totally wrong and unfair to intentionally clash with the police and put the kids at-risk?

Here’s another moronic POV from yesterday- this time from a guy named Tyler (last name unknown)- according to my sources, he was drunk and stupid last night:

After the gong-show at City Hall, the crowd left and marched towards the Cambie Street Bridge, where they met with the peaceful group who marched from the VAG. For some unknown reason, the crowd got mildly feral on the bridge. Rather than just block one side of traffic, they decided to split-out and block both sides. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, they decided it would be a good idea to stop in the middle of the bridge and continue to block traffic for some time.

Not only did they block innocent members of the 99% on the bridge- but they also caused emergency vehicles to have to re-route through over other bridges and/or through the East side of the city. This is not cool- the Cambie bridge is the quickest route from downtown to Vancouver General Hospital. Let’s hope there that no people in ambulances had to endure any extra agony and/or injuries because of this.

The lesson here is that activist communities need to learn restraint and figure out how to self-police themselves. The majority of people at the Casseroles were peaceful and came with good intentions. But, the actions of a few radicals, and a stupid drunk, killed the spirit of the march. If anything, last night’s event hurt the cause much more than it helped it.

It is unfortunate that there are idiots out there who don’t understand this…


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