Report: OPSEU Is Wrong To Suggest Riot Gear Against Autistic Children!

OPSEU 330 President Silvanna Petersen- A New World Order?

Considering how much time the unions spend talking about repression, it amazes me to see OPSEU at work these days. Above is a picture of Silvanna Petersen, local 330 president, donning her full stormtrooper- the equipment that OPSEU recommends that teachers use in the classroom! It kind of leads one to question- shouldn’t they require drug tests for leaders?

Perhaps this is normal in Silvanna’s bedroom (she looks like a natural)- but, I can’t believe any sane Canadian would like to see this in their children’s classrooms! Is this the New World Order that OPSEU is trying to build for us?

A report was released and discussed a Simcoe County District School Board meeting yesterday evening. The findings were that school staff should look for alternatives to using riot gear, and should consult with other school boards and educational agencies. Unfortunately, they didn’t rule-out using this equipment yet, but they did recommend to look at other types of equipment.

OPSEU's recommendation for alternative equipment…

One of the statements in the report was rather promising though:

“The optics of the blocker shields being used in the community has brought negative attention to both students and staff,”

Perhaps the bad optics can be explained by a recent “President’s Message” published by OPSEU president Warren ‘Smokey’ Thomas titled Politics And Spin – Don’t Get Dizzy!

“Spin. A modern communication tool used by business and government. In a bygone era, we had a bovine reference for that sort of nonsense but I digress. Spin spurs crisis. Scare people to death and they will relent to authority.”

Smokey wasn’t referring to the blocker pads of course. He wrote this letter in response to the province of Ontario insisting on an audit of OPESU’s pension fund. It seems that the former CEO of the fund was fired after he was caught trying to reign-on lavish spending at the fund.

I have a question for you Smokey. Would an honest organization respond to a request for an audit by writing a long diatribe about spin- or, would they invite the auditors with open arms? Do you have something to hide? If not, why the Machiavellian double-spin?

Warren "Smokey" Thomas

So, OPSEU knows a thing or two about spin- and, it seems that the optics of the blocker pads could possibly be intentional. If not, why would Sylvanna be wearing them in front of the media? This is dirty, gross, politicking- conveniently right at the same time they are in contract negotiations!

It is time to stop this nonsense- screwing around with disabled children’s lives on behalf of getting a good contract is beyond sleazy. If you agree that the children should no longer be used as pawns, can I please ask for your help? Write and/or call Smokey and let him know. Here are his contact details:

Warren ‘Smokey’ Thomas
[email protected]

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