OPSEU Backs The Use of Riot Gear On Autistic Children!

Warren "Smokey" Thomas - President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) has backed Education Assistants using martial arts blocker shields to control their autistic students. Seriously folks, this is probably the most disturbing story I’ve heard all year!

When asked about her Opinion, Laura LaChance of the Simcoe County School Board’s Special Education Advisory committee said “It’s like special-ed meets G20,We don’t need riot gear if there’s no riot.”

“They’ll use them as a blocker to just block the aggressor. It is just to protect themselves for the moment until they defuse the situation,” said Silvanna Petersen, president of OPSEU Local 330.

Did she just call autistic children “the aggressor”? I’m sorry Silvanna, but are you  fucking kidding me? Or, is this story somehow a ploy related to the fact that your union’s contract is currently being negotiated?

Well, hopefully, Alex Hundert and Harsha Walia won’t show up for the flying squad!

Something is seriously wrong here, and I really can’t believe any union on this earth would be backing such a situation- no less, professionals who work with children. OPSEU should be deeply ashamed…

OPSEU's next solution for unruly children...

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