Get Your Waffle On At The House Of International Socialists!

This is quite possibly the most important story I’ve ever written…

Here’s an interesting video from 1969- just before the NDP convention, with a group of politicos self-identified as The Waffle. Notice the participants include (associate of Judy Rebick) Ed Broadbent, and a union leader! One can sense here the ‘usual suspects’ behind the Canadian Occupy movement…

So, what’s the significance of The Waffle here? Well, it appears from this story that The Waffle was the predecessor to the International Socialists! That should wake some of us up now, shouldn’t it?

This article is so rich with good information that it is hard to even get started on the content. First, let’s get to the ‘usual suspects’ involved. The Waffle had deep involvement of the United Auto Workers (now named the Canadian Auto Workers), the Steelworker’s Union, Teacher’s Unions, and York University! And, over time, the majority of the International Socialists and The Waffle migrated to today’s NDP’s Socialist Caucus!

Then, this article also makes an interesting mention about the cliquishness of how The Waffle worked- and it sounds a whole lot like what’s been happening at Occupy Toronto & Occupy Vancouver.

In the Waffle, the small … leadership clique employs personal criteria at many levels, where political leadership requires political criteria: ie., the general membership are expected to show personal allegiance and personal responsibility to the top leadership, rather than to the rank and file, and to support the predominant top leadership line … . Grounds for expulsion are failure to adhere to the line, and methods are essentially skillful bureaucratism — rather than being expelled by either principled or unprincipled means, the leadership can and does effectively make it impossible for a Waffler to be either effective or influential in any Waffle functions … . Gossip plays an important function in the Waffle because it fills the vacuum of principled criticism, on the one hand, and acts as a powerful tool of the Waffle secret service on the other … . Rather than providing political grounds for membership, all new students, intellectuals, lefties and Americans, if they become active, are subject to strict surveillance within the movement.

Wow! This explains a whole lot, doesn’t it? First, there is the incredible pressure to follow the directions of ‘the leaders’. If people don’t, they are ostracised and subjected to gossip and whispering campaigns. Then, there is the part about ‘strict surveillance within the movement.’ If you follow the links I’ve provided here you will see examples where all of these actions have been used against me at Occupy Toronto!

I was always a bit confused by how deeply the International Socialists appear to be involved with environmental issues. After all, the Marxists of the Soviet Union had a terrible record with environmentalism. And, when studying people like environmentalist Macdonald Stainsby, I was surprised to learn that he was also closely connected with the IS.

So, what is the motivation for the deep connection between the IS and activists who focus on the Tar/Oil Sands & organizations who target mining companies like Barrick Gold? This last clipping goes a long way to explaining it all…

In the NDP, the Waffle was driven out by the top bureaucrats in the American unions and the continentalists like the Lewises … . If this is the case, then in terms of alliances we have much more in common with Eric Kierans, in his strong opposition to the US oil and mining companies and his recognition of the need for their take-over through public ownership, than we have with groups on the pseudo-left … . There is no left, there can be no left in Canada that is not first and foremost against continentalism as the priority point on its agenda — and this includes continentalism on the trade union front … . The people of Canada will listen to us, with our particular program for independence, if we are in the van of the development of nationalist slogans and actions. We will have to be in the thick of it, known as we have already become known, as the most strongly nationalist political group in Canada.

Look at that, here’s the explanation- it is all part of a hidden nationalist agenda to remove foreign involvement in our country’s natural resource industry! Just like they say in the video- they want to nationalize these industries. And, it seems that their care for the environment may only be secondary…

My dear Occupiers, I think it has become clear that our movement has and continues to be used by these people, and that they are working for a set of undeclared goals. Even if these goals are ‘generally’ compatible with your beliefs, the fact that these people are not disclosing their intentions makes them very dangerous to our country’s future.

Why? Because how many other undeclared goals do they have? And, because they operate using harsh tactics against individuals who cross their paths. If an organization like this can think it is acceptable to demonise, ostracise, and destroy people’s lives- how likely do you think it will be that they will go the path of the Soviet Union and send people to Stalinist Gulag’s at state-run mining operations?

Miners at a Soviet Gulag (are we next?)

Occupiers- it is time to revolt and ‘fire the liars’! People like Dave Vasey, Judy Rebick, Dave McNally, Sakura Saunders and others are just too scary to be viewed as credible leaders.

Besides, did we join Occupy so that we could support the old-guard of the NDP- or, did we sleep out in our tents in a quest for a new, and better way…

A sugar Waffle

The Waffle- It's all about control of Oil & Mines!

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  2. You need to study left history much better than this piece,
    Maybe start here…
    and here…

    1. This looks like very valuable information- thank you very much! I’ll be reading this over the next couple of days…

    • Seriously? on May 1, 2012 at 09:41
    • Reply

    Dude! Seriously? Are you and your colleagues just figuring out what everyone else seemed to know already? Why do you think the NDP struggles to get traction nationally? It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that they are this socialist.

    1. My only surprise was that these are the people behind Occupy Toronto. I’ve always known the NDP were this way, since the days when my childhood neighbour used to show off his Lada to me…. Lol

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