OPSEU Uses Ad-Hominems To Defend The Use Of Violence Against Autistic Children!

Our good friends at the Ontario Public Service Employees Union are at it again! Continuing on their ‘at all costs’ battle to win their contract negotiations, they are refusing to give up on their inhumane pursuit to get approval for using martial arts equipment against autistic children!

OPSEU' wants to use weapons like this on children!

Pulling directly from a page in the union guidebook- rather than get into an honest discussion of the issue, OPSEU has decided to lean on a more ad-hominem approach. Standing outside of Ontario MPP Rod Jackson’s office, OPSEU 330’s president Silvannia Peterson stated:

“We have to send a loud, clear message to Jackson that we will not be bullied by his insults and disparaging comments about the role of support staff at the SCDSB. This taints us all and devalues the important work we do every day with, and for, students.”

Way to go Sylvannia! Insist on not being bullied out of your right to bully helpless children! One, Two, Three, Four- this is f#$king union war!

Then, Sylvannia decided to pull-out the big guns and start throwing out the ad-hominems:

“health and safety standards aren’t maintained, what will they go after next? Conservatives are well known for nibbling away at the rights of workers – especially unionized workers.”

How about the rights of the children not to be beaten-down by their teachers Sylvannia? Do you really think that the Conservatives are specifically fighting this issue because you are union workers- or, is there a slight chance that they also don’t agree with using riot gear on the children?

A similar situation was resolved last month a a school near Boston. In this case, the idiot who ran the school decided it was a good idea to use electroshock equipment on Autistic children. Every time they acted up they would be given a shock by their teachers. The parents there were horrified, and decided to take action to stop it.

It got to the point where the United Nations special rapporteur on torture contacted the US government and insist that they immediately stop torturing these poor kids. Luckily the parents won in this case. Eventually, criminal charges were made against the head of that school, he was given 5 months probation and was forced to resign from his position.

I’m not big fan of the UN- but, at this point, I believe that the time has come for the parents who are facing OPSEU’s wrath contact them- filing a torture complaint in-advance of having their kids beaten by their teachers. This has just gone on for too long, OPSEU needs to be stopped…

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