#KeepingItClassy: David Eby Accused Of Grandstanding!

You’ve probably heard by now that David Eby is busy trying to establish a foothold for the BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) up north. I first heard of this when I published my story Civil Liberties Czar Endures Cheap Airport Wine! Obviously, this man is no saint. (regardless that Lorraine “Raincoaster” Murphy thinks he is @MotherTheresaBC)

Well, today we’re going to have a quick peek into David’s antics in Prince George…

There was speculation on the radio last week that the BC NDP may consider running David again for MLA in Christy Clark’s Vancouver/Point Grey riding (my old neighbourhood). And, from the look of it, he’s out there trying hard to get the position. On the one hand, I’d be very unhappy to see this happening. That said, it would make for weeks of great articles letting out the dirt on Eby. So, it could be a lot of fun!

I saw from one of his tweets this morning that he was planning to have a press conference. My first thought was that he was grandstanding again. After all, David is a well-known cop hater with a record of promoting any story where he can bash them. I learned this while studying the Adam Smolcic case– that one was a real dozy!

There were three incidents up north where there were accusations against the RCMP about police violence. All of these cases are currently under investigation, but this didn’t stop good old David from capitalizing in them! Well, it seems he has overstepped his boundaries a little.

Ray Bernotie, the Superintendent of the RCMP later said that David was being a little hypocritical. He made the following statement after:

“I am disappointed that the BCCLA would grandstand on these files when they know full well that there are independent external investigations ongoing by the New Westminster police, Delta police and the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP,”

Hey, he said ‘grandstand’! Was he reading my mind, that’s exactly the word that I said to myself this morning! Well, to be more accurate, I said to myself ‘grandstanding’- but, pretty much the same.

And this, my friends, is the reason why we should never have a politician running a civil liberties organization. It’s simply a bad idea to have a political hack cheapening such an important role with his political aspirations. Not only that, but it is dangerous.


David Eby DTES poverty pimp of the legal world...

Imagine what could have happened differently in the Paul Boyd case if David Eby didn’t have a reputation for crying wolf every time someone complained about the police breaking one of their fingernails while handcuffing them! Justice may have come a lot earlier!

I’ve written a lot about David’s antics in the past, if you want to read more click this link for my David Eby page!

One last thing. I’m writing an article right now with the “top ten” reasons that the NDP shouldn’t consider running Dave in the next election. With your help, perhaps we can expand that list to the top 100! Please, if you have any suggestions, add them to the comments section at the bottom of this article. Or, if you wish to do so confidentially, email me at: grenouf(at)genuinewitty.com.

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