The Curious Case of Adam Smolcic, David Eby & the Occupy Movement.

I’ve been holding off on this story for a while- wasn’t sure where it would lead, and thought I’d give it some time to percolate more information became available. I’ve learned a few things since then- and, along with other stories I’ll publish over the next few days, it appears to have a some significance to solving the puzzle behind the Canadian Occupy movement in Canada.

Adam Smolcic is a marijuana activist with a long record of police incidents and apparently false accusations. His history caught my attention when I noticed he had worked with David Eby and the BC Civil Liberties Association on a rather dubious police complaint…

The first case to come to my attention was an incident where Adam claimed to have witnessed Vancouver police shooting a homeless man. Adam said he recorded this incident on his mobile phone but, when a police officer took the phone from him they erased the evidence. That said, he admitted to being under the influence of his beloved Mary Jane…

David Eby, the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, couldn’t resist getting involved. As an aspiring politician, the free publicity was useful- and, he tends to jump at any opportunity to drive an anvil between police and civilians. Eby is well-known as one of the city’s leading cop haters, As you’ve seen with his connections to the Black Bloc during the Olympics, his close relationship to Harsha Walia, his refusal to stand-up against the violence we’ve seen at Occupy Vancouver, and his challenges drinking sub-par wine.

Chief Chu seemed to doubt Adam’s story was true- however, as usual, he bypassed common sense in the interest of  limiting political risk. The phone was sent to a forensic lab, and ultimately no footage was recovered. Video was found from another source, and it conflicted with Adam’s claims. Brent Wittmeier wrote a great blog entry about the incident titled An Ethical Dilemma. The police report is available on this PDF document.

Smolcic was issued a most wanted poster by the Kelowna RCMP on March 14, 2100. He was accused of breech of undertaking, and possession of a controlled substance- can anyone guess what this substance would be? I called CrimeStoppers, but they believe the issue is now closed…

Smolcic came to my attention through his attendance at Occupy Ottawa– an occupation I’ve been told, by many, has a significant element of radicals & Black Bloc supporters. I feel this from personal experience- after Vancouver & Nanaimo, the Ottawa Facebook page is where I received the highest amount of ad-hominem attacks for daring to write about this issue. There is an interesting video connected to the story I linked above where Adam puts a lot of effort into discussing problems with violence & harassment at their camp:

Another incident came up with Adam back in December with Jody Emery, wife of famous ‘political prisoner’ Marc Emery, and a participant in the Occupy Harper event I worked to organize back in November. In this case, Smolcic was in a heated exchange of words accusing Marc of forcing young women to give him oral sex as a requirement for employment. Considering Adam’s history, I can hardly believe him (not as gullible as David Eby I guess, lol) that said, it is quite a titillating story…

‘There was an interesting posting on Youtube this week that I believe was the catalyst for the spike in people who arrived at my blog using the search term “Adam Smolcic” this. It appears someone caught him setting up another police incident- a seemingly popular sport amongst people who have worked with Eby. Have a look at it below- and make sure you listen to the end where there is a surprise mention of David Eby! [NOTE: This video has been made private on YouTube]


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  1. In case you missed that last video, listen again- you’ll hear Adam mentioning David Eby…

  2. Thinking about this article, do you think Adam’s relationship with Marc Emery had any influence on Eby taking the gig protecting him? Curiouser and curiouser…

    • Eye Witness on December 9, 2012 at 18:14
    • Reply

    The last video was shot by Adam and the police set themselves up

    1. The police set themselves up- or Adam setup the police? I don’t understand…

    • Eye Witness on December 10, 2012 at 12:06
    • Reply

    The police broke his phone and threatened him after he said he was filming they are obviously not the brightest and not my kind of civil servant they should have been repremanded

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