@VancouverPD: We need some answers!

VPD on Day 1

Dear Chief Chu,

Your officers know me; I’m the one who has been fighting to ensure Occupy Vancouver live up to our anti-violent commitment. I’m the one who stood up on Oct 8th and yelled out:  “Are the police not members of the 99%?” We’ve coexisted at OV for over a month now, and the relationship has been fruitful.

When a crazy guy threatened to ‘de-occupy’ OV (he threatened fire tonight) I came to Seargent Argent and asked for his assistance.  Your force  helped do a risk assessment for us, and made sure we are safe. Thank you!

I’m also the guy who was talking at a GA and said “Police violence only exists because the people allow it!” The moment when two of your undercover’s exposed themselves to me and nodded in solumn agreement. That moment changed my feelings on the VPD forever- you are all members of the 99%.

Then, it was one of you who told me that OV may have been hijacked, by “Highly organized people”, and they told me these people could be violent. I’m in a mess now because of it, and I need your help to get me out of it.

Can I ask you for a favor?

You need to come out of the closet now, and speak about this in public. We need some questions answered, or our movement will be damaged. You are part of this thing – like it or not – so, you have a responsibility to help too:

1. What political manipulation have you experienced during this election?  If you  respect us, you will not keep secrets about what happens in the background.

2. New York had some problems like ours, as may have Oakland. In NYC, there is a strong belief that the NYPD sent disadvantaged people  towards Occupy Wall Street in a cynical ploy to hurt OWS.  Can you please confirm nothing has been done like this by you, or any other influential force in this city?

3. Tell us the whole story about your suspicions.  If there are idiots in ninja costumes, there can’t be too many. By exposing them together, we can all be winners.

I’ve worked hard the past few weeks to make OV peaceful. This has benefited you- so, can I please ask that you do this for me?  If you can, I will love and cherish you as brothers forever…

Greg Renouf

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