Civil Liberties Czar Endures Cheap Airport Wine! (Or, virtual cream pie hits Eby- Gregor & Quatchi hit with the splatter)


Intrepid renouncer of Ninjas and defender of DTES civil rights David Eby had to endure drinking Bread Garden wine after his flight was delayed. This presumably coming home from what he reported as a trip to Prince George.

In his anger, he publicly shamed a great airline by broadcasting a picture of his “keeping it classy with bread garden wine” while waiting for his delayed flight- one can hope that he confirmed the delay was as a result of the airline and not weather, air traffic or other external factors. He may be at risk of losing his Elite card. It was unfortunate for Mr Eby to face such a challenging first-world problem.

Fiddlesticks! This one could be highly independent!

It is uncertain if Mr Eby coughed-up his wine when he read the tweet from the Globe & Mail’s Iain Bailey- who announced that Christy Clark had to a different country to find a trusted head police investigator.

Yeah, I she probably sleeps with him already!

I cannot confirm David was feeling catty about this announcement in his choice of the word Flattering. We will need to wait on his response to clear-up the question.

Gregor Robertson cozies up for threesome with Quatchi & Branson

While Dave Eby drops tears into his glass of Rice Wine, he realizes he is not well enough connected to the 1%. Had he been cool enough to hang out with Branson, he’d probably be contemplating his place on Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural flight in 2012. It is unconfirmed, but one can assume there are good odds Robertson will be Flying in the Upper Class Cabin.

I’m hopeful Virgin will include beds on this route- the optics will prove real life is more bizarre than art. And, with Eby on the flight- there is a possibility for a foursome! Joining the Mile High Club together will be easier this way- though, Richard Branson has been quoted saying his employees are not the type to “bang on lavatory doors when a couple slips in there“. It is unknown if Quatchi can fit in an Upper Class lavatory…

If David can’t get on the flight- or, Quatchi doesn’t fit in the lavatory, they can always sneak into one of the many empty suites at the Olympic Village. Quatchi has some fond memories there with Sumi and Miga. (link may not be safe for office).

Prince George does not have a Maple Leaf lounge, so it is unsure which cabin Mr. Eby was seated in. Please let us pray he had the dignity of a business class fare. A question is out to Mr. Eby to confirm.

There were no cell phone recordings of police violence during this incident- nor were any Olympic mascots or stallions pleasured or cream pies thrown.

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