Curtis Brick Fountain: We may be on the path to a success!

When there is something important I want done- I can often be relentless. Many of you know I’ve had a lot of criticism about that because of my pursuit to rid Occupy Vancouver of its Black Bloc problem. Often, this relentlessness pays off…

I’ve approached many people in our city to try and get the Curtis Brick fountain running again- from the city Engineering department, to Mayor Gregor (who didn’t even answer when I warned about a potential death at OV), and Penny Ballem (I marched her over to the fountain on the night she was blocking OV from setting-up camp at Grandview Park.) All of these pursuits proved to be fruitless.

So, when I saw Sarah Blyth posting on Twitter after she had won her new position on the Park’s Board, I couldn’t resist sending her a message. She and Aaron Jasper have discussed a solution and it seems hopeful they may be able to close this issue for us!

I will, of course, keep you all updated. And, if the fountain is finally repaired due to Sarah’s help- I will be sending her a (modest) Christmas gift as a token of my appreciation. Because, after all the negativity I’ve felt from our city over the past couple of months- this would be a wonderful way to move on into a new year!

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    • Jeremey Lynch on December 15, 2011 at 23:29
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    Why do you think you are in any position to speak on behalf any first nations community?

    1. This was requested of me by a member of the First Nations community, and I made sure the first signatures I got on my petition were from FN. I refused signatures from others until I had a majority of FN at Occupy Vancouver.

      I view this project as my message to the FN community that, though we have political gaps, and I was uncomfortable how they were given preferential treatment (we are an egalitarian society), I have deep respect for them as equals.

      I’d hope the city will understand we need to start with baby-steps to rebuild trust. @MayorPlasticman supposedly said in September that this fountain was built so nobody would die of dehydration in Grandview park again. The fountain doesn’t work now.

      I had recently had a brilliant encounter with DemocracyWatch I am intrigued with their idea for laws to ensure honesty as a new pillar for our government.

      Does that answer the question? ;-)

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