Is David Eby’s Grandstanding As Dangerous As A Violent Cop?

David Eby With Denise Miller At Yesterday’s Press Conference

Most of my regular readers know this already- BC’s most famous cop-hater, David Eby, is a man who has obviously has no shame. When it comes to attacking the police, he will take any opportunity he can get. This has been quite obvious since David’s Adam Smolcic debacle a couple of years ago.

But, what do you expect from someone who associates with Harsha Walia…

Dave was accused by the RCMP of grandstanding last week- unfortunately, he still hasn’t learned his lesson. He did the same again yesterday, dragging-out the mother of a girl who got into a rumble with the police during a domestic violence incident. Dave must have coached the mother well because her language was typical of his grandstanding:

“She had metal pins in her arm where it was broken at least twice and she’s still in a lot of pain — she’ll be disabled for a long time”

Disabled? Is the proper word not ‘injured’? And, isn’t this an insult to people who actually suffer from disabilities? As I said, David is shameless. And, as he continues in this press interview, he only gets worse. Catch this gem of Ebyesque logic:

“With three serious injuries in two northern towns, over just five weeks, the rate of injury is five times greater in towns policed by the RCMP than it is in communities which have their own municipal police”

Obviously Dave didn’t fare well at his statistics courses back in his university days. Because, what sort of a comparison is a period of five weeks? Or, perhaps he is being intentional in his misconstrued logic to add to his grandstanding?

Dave then goes on to discuss Terrance Watts, who received multiple injuries to his head while he struggled against being arrested. He also had to have a ‘spit bag’ put over his head to protect the police with him from spitting or vomiting on the police. Sounds like a real charmer this guy.

Hasn’t Dave ever seen how challenging it can be to arrest people who are resisting them? If not, he should have a look at this video- it’s no walk in the park sometimes…



Who knows, perhaps the RCMP are doing bad. That said, it is only conjecture at this point- until something has been proven. So not only is Dave’s grandstanding incendiary- but, it is also dangerous. Crying wolf (as he has many times in the past) will only make the public less interested when real police violence occurs. This is how we end-up with cases like the Paul Boyd affair where it took five years to get a path to justice.

It seems to me, that with all of his grandstanding, David Eby is as much a danger to the public as a violent cop…

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