Was Wally Oppal’s “Chance” Meeting With A Hells Angel A Setup?

Where's Wally's Hand In This Picture???

Most people agree that something doesn’t seem right about the DTES Missing Women’s Inquiry. All of the focus has been on Robert Pickton, a man with an IQ of 86, who conveniently owned a pig farm. Yet, there has been little discussion of the elephant in the room- that Pickton lived across the street from an illegal after-hours “booze can” run by the Hell’s Angels.

You’d think that would have been the focus of the investigation- right? Well, it wasn’t. From what I can see, this was only brought-up twice during the hearings- and both incidents are rather suspicious…

This first caught my attention just under a month ago when I read an article by a former sex worker said she was once picked-up by Pickton. It was eerie how she said he asked her “Want to go a biker party?”. I tweeted out my thoughts about it that night:

This reminded me of an incident at the Missing Women’s Inquiry when Jason Gratl, a former member of the BC Civil Liberties Association brought up a potential connection to the Angels. I didn’t pay much attention to this because I was unsure of the circumstances. But, when it was brought up again during Cameron Ward’s closing remarks this week, my spidey senses started tingling. Something seemed wrong.

A friend of mine who works at an Ivy League law school once told me that “everything is pure theatre” once it reaches the courtroom. There are no surprises and every word said has been planned long before the hearing. So, when Ward brings-up the issue of the H.A. right at the end of his 15 minutes, there is little doubt he knew what he was doing. Yes, perhaps he lost track of time- but, I have more confidence in his lawyering skills than that…

Cameron Ward

Then, on Friday, I saw this tweet sent out by David Eby:

If there’s one politician (dressed in civil libertarian clothing) I trust less than the rest, it is most definitely David Eby. From my experience, anything that comes out of this man’s mouth should be considered to be suspect. So, when I saw Eby tweeting that Wally Oppal was seen talking to a member of the Hells Angels at a concert in BC Place– my bullshit meter flew into the red. It appears that Charlie Smith at the Georgia Strait also felt the story was being overblown.

I published a story on May 5th, questioning if Wally Oppal was setup in a Hollywood honeytrap back in May. Something seemed too convenient that an NDP supporting film director would invite Oppal to appear in a slasher film. Well, I get the feeling this could also be true for his chance encounter with a member of the HA. Both incidents are great ways to create FUD about Oppal- aren’t they?

Look, Wally Oppal is obviously a schmuck- I doubt many people don’t believe this. It was stupid of him to agree to appear on that film, and he is deep in-bed with the BC Liberals. But, does it make sense that he has a relationship with the HA?

Personally, I just can’t believe that- and, people in the DTES I talk with don’t either. Especially when it is being pushed by David “Harm Reduction” Eby and his pals. Between Cameron Ward’s poor timing, the NDP’s connection to the slasher film, and use your imagination…

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