Was Wally Oppal Setup In A Hollywood Honeytrap?

Rochelle Clark (of the Clarke VIP Lounge) & Wally Oppal

It has always puzzled me why David Eby and his NDP crowd appear to be so hell-bent on discrediting the Pickton inquiry. It seems almost daily I see an article of them complaining about competence, sexism or some other reason to attack the efforts of the inquiry.

Perhaps he does this out of genuine care for the families involved- but I just can’t see Eby as being primarily motivated by altruism. After all, he’s a political hack who wouldn’t even stand-up to protect the Occupy movement (which he claimed he supported) from the damages caused by Harsha Walia’s friends in the Black Bloc

The story today about Wally Oppal, lead commissioner at the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, taking a role in a movie about a serial killer was equally puzzling. It was rather stupid of him to make the mistake of accepting the role- as a lawyer, and a high-profile associate of the Liberal party, he really should have known better than that.

And what on earth motivated Shawn Williamson, and associate of the NDP, to offer him the part? Was he just trying to win favours from Oppal, or was this part of a more cunning plan?

Could it be that Wally Oppal was setup in a kind of honeytrap? Only, instead of being offered the affection of a beautiful woman they offered him something equally enticing as a role in a Hollywood movie? Hell, a movie could be many times more enticing than sexual favours- don’t you think?

Because, could you think of a more perfect way to discredit Oppal’s leadership in the Pickton case than to con him into compromising himself like this? I couldn’t, that’s for sure…

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