Is No One Is Illegal Organizing A Treasonous Uprising?

Members of the Canadian Auto Workerspreparing for NoII's May Day march...


I’ve been aware of No One Is Illegal (NoII) for a few years now, and I thought it was a strange concept when I first heard of them. After all, how could Canada keep-up it’s social & healthcare safety nets if there was unlimited immigration? Their concept is noble, but it doesn’t appear that they provide any solutions as to how it can be realistically achieved…

CAW Member with an International Socialist face mask...

It wasn’t until I had my first run-ins with Harsha Walia, the leader of their Vancouver operation, that began to realize there is something wrong with this organization. Harsha’s viament support for violence was quite disturbing. Have a look at this video where she uses racist & sexist hate to tears apart Derrick O’Keefe for his stance on non-violent protest during the Olympics

But, still, I wasn’t about to denounce a whole organization because of the weakness of one of their misguided leaders. So I gave NoII the benefit of doubt and didn’t pass a blanket judgement on their organization. Then, on May Day.  I realized this organization is a serious danger to our country.

Banner at the May Day March

I knew something was wrong during the planning phases for the May Day parade. A number of people from Occupy Toronto attended these meetings, that were led by NoII, and were highly upset with how they were run. Dave Vasey’s crowd showed-up with a written statement of support from Occupy Toronto, yet OT had never voted to approve this statement at the GA. Then, as Occupiers tried to complain, the rules for how the group would vote were changed three times!

Black Bloc at NoII's May Day March

As the May Day crowd marched down Queen Street West, people from many races and nationalities were yelling, singing and chanting calls for a socialist revolution. Have a look at this video- a great example of the spirit of the event:

So, here we have a group of people waving red flags, with a man singing and yelling out propaganda that we need a class war in Canada! Say what? Also notice the voice in the background was Octavian Cadabeschi, a prominent member of the International Socialists, harassing me trying to block my filming the spectacle. And, of course, at the end of the video we have PottyMouth, Taylor Flook,  harassing me by trying to block the camera with her red flag. Why are these people so scared of me filming this event? Because they know the impact if the 99% see what they are up to of course!

Indigenous Warriors at the march

When the day’s march had paused at Spadina & Dundas, and NoII had people speaking through the PA system in a multitude of languages, it dawned on me that what this organization is doing is taking advantage of the activist community, new immigrants, and Canadian’s fear of being viewed as politically incorrect in an effort to raise the wrong kind of revolution.

NoII speakers at the Toronto intersection of Spadina & Dundas

This intersection is right in the middle of China Town, which was an interesting place to be when surrounded by 1,500+ people marching with red flags and yelling out communist slogans. There were many dozens of Chinese people standing on the sidelines, watching the event. I was curious to know their opinions, so I went up to 7 different groups to find out their opinions.

Patrons of a Chinese restaurant watching as crowds marched by with their red flags...

What I asked was that, considering they left China to be in non-communist Canada, what was their impression of the march? Surprisingly, the answer was unanimous-  all said it was wonderful to see it happening! Wow- this is the exactly opposite of what I expected!

One of the speakers was a Roma ‘refugee’ from Hungary. I lived in Budapest for over three years, and travelled extensively across the country- never would I have imagined that the Roma would qualify as political refugees. But, most certainly they do count as economic refugees- that said, most Hungarians would these days, the economy there is horrible.

Dave Vasey organizing the crowd as they block the intersection of Spadina & Queen

Then, as I was surrounded by 100’s of people with red flags, chanting for a socialist revolution, it dawned on me- NoII is taking advantage of newcomers & illegal immigrants much like how some churches do with addicts and alcoholics. But, rather than selling them God, NoII is selling them prospects of a Communist revolution!

This can’t be good…

I’ve lived in countries that suffered through Communism before, and it didn’t work out very well for the people in them. The International Socialists may say that they have plans for something different. But, then they fall into the same patterns of the past- hatred for non-believers, slanderous attacks, and exiling people who disagree with their tactics.

"Anarchist Ashleigh" organizing the Black Bloc contingent

NoII, and the International Socialists may talk-the-talk, but they definitely don’t walk-the-walk. What they are offering us is, in essence, no different from the social ills of the Soviet Union. I can say with confidence that the vast majority of the Canadian 99% abhor the idea of this being their future. Watching Tuesday’s parade made on thing crystal clear to me- NoII must be stopped.

So here we have this organization that is promoting the use of violence, class-war, hatred for the police, recruiting unwitting new immigrants, working directly with Black Bloc thugs, and calling for a communist revolution- right in the middle of downtown Toronto!

But, wait, it actually gets worse! NoII is also deeply involved with organizations like the Native Youth Movement– a group that promotes hatred and violent revolt within Indigenous communities! Have a look at this video- this will scare the Bejesus out of most Canadians:

If you listen carefully to the lyrics, you can hear the chorus: “Take back the land, Kill the white man!” And, if that isn’t bad enough, look at some of the disturbing images. Here’s a great example:

Indigenous Kids Dressed Up In Balaclavas With Guns...

And, if you still have any doubt about the connections between this group and NoII, the final link is evident in this video that NoII posted on their YouTube account:

There is good reason to for us to be immediately concerned. First we have Kevin Annett, an International Socialist who has convinced indigenous communities across the country that he has identified numerous mass graves caused by “the Queen of England and the Holy See”. He is also making allegations that the queen is ordering executions of indigenous people- including Ricky Lavalee, a former member of Occupy Vancouver.

The word out on the streets, and inside the Canadian Occupy movement is that there is a plan for more than twenty Oka-style uprisings across the country on Aboriginal Day this June 21st. This uprising was first called for in a video (which has now been taken down, but was viewed by Ian Hanomansing of the CBC) after the Sacred Fire incident at Occupy Vancouver. A Sacred Fire was also lit at Occupy Toronto- both fires were organized by people with direct connections to Harsha Walia & NoII. (I’ll cover the Toronto Sacred Fire in another story in the next couple of days).

Additionally, people like Dave Vasey & Macdonald Stainsby from the International Socialists are busy using environmental issues to rattle indigenous cages. The above image can give one an idea of the sentiment- Wiebo Ludwig may only be the beginning…

So, here we are, only seven weeks before what could be a violent resurrection in cities across the country that are being orchestrated by NoII and the International Socialists. Scary stuff!

Beyond the implications of how this situation could affect our government- this  could also have a seriously negative impact on the indigenous communities who get involved. Not only could some of them end up dead- but, also, any such action could kill any/all goodwill the indigenous people have with the rest of the country. This negativity could reverberate through any future treaty negotiations in a very bad way.

Put simply, all of the parties involved are actively in the process of committing treason. This includes NoII, the International Socialists, and the people who have hijacked Occupy Toronto, Occupy Vancouver & Occupy Edmonton (amongst others I presume.) They should all be seen as dangerous criminals at this point- people who are promoting race wars with the plan to take-down our government.

These people need to be stopped- now.

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    • bonnibrai on May 4, 2012 at 19:48
    • Reply

    Be sure to tune in the O.T. livestream Thursday nights for hours of racist rhetoric.The star of that show is heading off to six nations reserve this weekend for more indoctrination no doubt.

  1. I disagree. They can not be seen as dangerous criminals for organizing anything you’ve described. ‘Kill the White Man’ is not as offensive as the majority of what gangsta rap talks about. Also “the White Man” is symbolic, like “The Man” and they are not encouraging actual hate speech or actual violent actions.

    As far as treason, one mans treason is another’s revolution. If it’s violent the police will crack down and return to the same old. If it’s not violent I have no idea why you would call it treason or imply what you have. You are pre-judging people who have NOT committed crimes. This is bs tactics and WILL lose you supporters.

    As far as saying “these people need to be stopped” just think about how pointless that is when the police will definitely be able to stop anything that happens shot of a full on revolution… The only thing you should do is raise awareness that there might be Black Bloc and to tell people to stay home.

    You alone don’t have much ability to stop them, no matter how many articles you write!

    i understand you don’t want socialism because of how shitty the socialist system is but the current system is quite fucked and full of hidden illegalities and open immoralities.

  2. Michael,

    First, I am not against Socialiasm- I’m against most ‘isms’ in-general. That said, I have always appreciated how Canada straddled both Socialism & Capitalism, and it would be a loss for us to reject both entirely. Somewhere in the middle there is a solution that could work for us all.

    That said, I am totally against having the International Socialists implement their brand of Socialism. And, not so much because of their ideologies (though I don’t agree many things they do) but because this is an organization that is socially toxic. The methods they use to control people who disagree with them are deeply shameful- using tactics like ostracism, bullying and worse. They have had the opportunity to make a better world, yet they are doing it in a way that is equally as bad as what happened in the Soviet Union. Do you really want to see our country run that way?

    As for the music, it is but one piece of the puzzle- and, I have equal reservations about Gangsta rappers singing ‘kill the white man’ as I do with this song, as I do with the KKK singing ‘kill the black man’. Each of these cases is horribly racist and not conducive to the world we all want to live in- is it?

    Last, I am not a politician, and my intention is not to gain or lose supporters. I’m here to share ideas & analysis of the world through my own lens, and to collaborate with others to find a better way. I will therefore not self-censor myself thank you. But, I will use restraint when necessary.


    • Occultpie Myass on May 5, 2012 at 13:08
    • Reply

    Totally agree with you Greg!

  3. Reblogged this on Harsha Walia Is Dangerous.

    • xtofury on June 2, 2012 at 00:46
    • Reply

    excellent! Yes indeed we need to be very careful. Occupy Victoria is hijacked too. But we’ve got some fun surprises for them planned. These people are a minority I do not think the rest of canada will stand for them. This revolution seems like it was never destined to work, seems like it was meant to get people to think that activists are a dangerous pest. At least that’s what I’m thinking now after hearing of potential issues for the 21st. Thanks for the heads up. I would be surprised if their behaviour remained non-violent.

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