Occupy Toronto Hijacker Sonny Yeung Speaks On Drugs! (feat. Barry Weisleder & Barbara Jackman)

Notice the pretty picture of Leon Trotsky?

I figured that Sonny Yeung was one of the hijackers of Occupy Toronto about 15 minutes after I arrived at my first meeting. He is the guy to came running to Dave Vasey and Trey (whiney) Winney, flashing his Blackberry at them, just as they all looked at me with suspicion. That was about 3 days after Vasey inexplicably decided it was time for me to be exiled.

Typical Trotskyists, always trying to put people into exile…

Sonny spent a lot of time trying to put me down over the next few weeks- he was never void of a negative comment to make. It got so bad at one General Assembly that the crowd started turning on him. I was unsure about if his allegiances until a couple of weeks ago when I saw him at one of the Casseroles marches. Here, have a look at a picture I took that day:

Sonny Yeung wearing a Robin Hood t-shirt!

Yep, he’s wearing a Robin Hood Tax t-shirt! For those of you who aren’t in the know, the Robin Hood march was on of the first pieces of evidence that came out to show that Occupy was hijacked. At both Vancouver & Toronto we had the mysterious appearance of these green t-shirts. A lot of people joked that it was the march where nobody knew what they were marching for. Well, that is, except for our Marxist hijackers!

Sonny was also a candidate for school board trustee.

Sonny is seen here with Barry Weisleder’s group named Socialist Action. You may remember Barry from when he was ditched by the NDP for being too radical. That’s quite an accomplishment! I’ve also been told by a couple of people with inside knowledge that Weisleder pulls the strings behind the Occupy curtain…

There’s some crank who keeps on posting comments on my blog that I don’t publish. He’s constantly on the attack and doesn’t add to the conversation. This week he has been trying to convince me that there’s no connection to the NDP’s Socialist Caucus in this whole mess they call Occupy, this shot of Sonny at a Socialist Action meeting will clear this up for once and for all:

Sonny talking at a Socialist Action meeting…

I’ve attached the video below. You will notice that it includes Weisleder, and a woman named Barbara Jackman. Jackman’s claim to fame is that she is the lawyer who fought the battle to allow UK dissident George Galloway into Canada after the government tried to ban his entry for his connections to terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Why do I bring-up Jackman & Galloway? I’ll keep that a secret until I put-out the article that explains- all I’ll say for now is that it will be a really juicy article….

Here’s the video:


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    • Me on July 7, 2012 at 18:16
    • Reply

    Sonny is one guy who can ruin a sunny day with his socialist gobbledygook . I think he would be suspicious of his own mother. I’ll bet he has a poster of Marx and Trotsky on his walls at home and sleeps with a communist flag for a blanket, in an un-airconditioned room of course, because only capitolists have a/c

    1. Yep. I remember when we were at the seminar about Occupy at Ryerson. Sonny stands-up and starts spouting a bunch of gobbledygook to one of the professors, she responded saying “That sounds like it was repeated verbatim from the movie The Corporation!” She told him! lol

    • Me on July 7, 2012 at 18:34
    • Reply

    Sonny Yang is about as original as a remake of Star Wars 25, The Empire gets Unionized . He is one of those who talks a lot but say nothing, but talks for the sake of hearing himself speak. He has no concept of what reality is , in a real world . Ask him what socialism is and chances are great that he actually can’t even tell you.

    1. He sounds like a good little robot. Barry Weisleder must be proud!

    • Me on July 7, 2012 at 19:06
    • Reply

    Sonny, I have a few question to ask of you.

    Under a socialist state that you proport to desire, how would everyone be treated equally and further, would the leaders be exactly as equally as the rest of the populous ?

    I could not help but notice you wear nice cloths ( ok, the green robin hood tax t-shirt does not count ) , nice watch and so forth, I could not help as well, notice how you have a strong dislike for corporations. My question sir is: who exactly will provide you with those very things, the food you eat and all of the things you have now, if there are no corporations in your utopian world of make belief ?

    Will you have internet in this planned world, since they too are run by corporations?

    Lastly , what will YOU do in this new world you are planing to create?

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