The NDP Vampire Union Squid That Ate Occupy’s Soul…

There is a lot of debate on whether the Canadian Occupy movement was organic, or if it was a construct of the unions. personally, I believe it is a bit of each. It is the unions who put a lot of funding, and who sent a lot of the people who put it together. But, the soul of Occupy was brought by the individuals who were moved enough by the movement’s promise of something new that they decided to go urban camping in the winter.

Occupy was probably the closest Generations X, Y and the millennials will ever get to the spirit of the 60’s. People from diverse cultures, classes and ages banded together and built modern communes based on love and mutual respect- at least, at the beginning. But, as the NDP’s vampire union squid got a stranglehold on the movement, the soul quickly began to whither to where we are today. The movement is, for all purposes, dead.

Back in April Adbusters published a story titled Battle For The Soul Of Occupy. In this article, Adbusters warned us that Occupy was at-risk of being co-opted by the ‘old left’ under the guise of a group labelling themselves the 99% Spring. Basically, the 99% spring is the Democratic party co-opting Occupy in the same way that the Republicans took over the Tea Party.

The co-opting of the Canadian movement was no different- only, it was on behalf of the NDP instead of the Democratic party. But, the cast of characters behind the attack in Canada mirrored the people behind the US attack- a combination of unions and TIDES Foundation/George Soros led NGO’s.

Have a look at the chart below of organizations behind hijacking on behalf of the Democratic party (on the left) and behind the hijacking on behalf of the NDP (on the right):

Each of the US organizations in has a either a direct connection/partnership their corresponding Canadian group, or they are the same organization that is active in the Occupy movement in both countries. The parallels here are too much to be ignored- this is beyond a simple coincidence.

Occupy Toronto’s Queen’s Park garden- last remaining soul of the Toronto movement…

Occupy still has some small remainders of it’s soul- a great example would be Occupy Toronto’s garden they planted at Queen’s Park on May Day. And, there are still some good people in the organization- hanging onto some last remnants of hope. But, for the most part, the soul of Canada’s major occupations has dwindled now to a place where it is unlikely to come back. Like the 60’s, the days of love and mutual caring of the encampments is gone now.

The only thing that remains now is a brand- something the hijackers are using and perverting for their personal and political allegiances. Shooting out the name Occupy will, occasionally, get the attention of the media- at least on a slow news day. The people of Canada, and the media, need to understand this now, and not let themselves be duped any longer to thinking that the people who say they speak on behalf of Occupy speak on behalf of the movement.

Those days are, unfortunately, long gone now. If Occupy is to survive beyond today- first we need to fry-up some calamari…

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    • Standing Water on July 2, 2012 at 00:45
    • Reply

    Occupy…the 60s, without LSD or good music.


        • Some Dude on July 5, 2012 at 12:49
        • Reply

        I was at Occupy Portland and there was plenty of both. But, then again, we are talking about the west coast.

        1. So true! But it is the same back East. Here in Toronto, things are no different…

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