Who Is Sasha Wiley-Shaw And What Is Her Agenda?

Sasha Wiley-Shaw, Mathew Kegis, & Chris Waddell


The shenanigans at Vancouver’s Casseroles Gone Stupid march are no coincidence- we aren’t talking about an innocent young teacher who was randomly attacked by the police. The real story is about a group of politically connected professional activists who were out to create a media storm. This is a group of people with deep connections to the NDP and the unions- the same people who hijacked and perverted Occupy Vancouver…


Sasha Wiley at the NDP convention…


The story begins late last year when a small group of people hijacked Occupy Vancouver from the majority. The same thing happened in Toronto too where the Occupy movement was hijacked by a group of people who the others refer to as the Activistocrats. In both cases, these groups were backed by the unions, and the union’s minions kept rule with an iron fist.

Sasha isn’t a mere teacher- she is a highly active member of the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) with deep connections in the NDP.Up until this week, she was a rising star, and it seemed inevitable she would one day run for public office. Let’s hope that isn’t going to happen now- Sasha is part of a very radical group of shit-disturbers.


The above screenshot is from the Robocall Rallies- partisan events I have already exposed as being organized by TIDES Canada / George Soros affiliated organizations. They were labelled as non-partisan, but this was anything but the truth. And, look at the list of people involved here- there’s as much ‘radical’ as a BMX rally…

Considering this, one shouldn’t be surprised that Sasha puts blame for her arrest (for her own bad behaviour) on Stephen Harper- they blame him for everything! This is the NDP radical’s primary tool for relieving themselves of responsibility for their own actions:


Sasha is a very angry young woman- she’s a feminist activist who, at Occupy Vancouver, expressed a lot of anger towards men. Her article that was published in the Anarcho-Communist website libcom.org gives us a good understanding of where she comes from:



Her problem with men is also exemplified by the types of things she posts on her Facebook page, where she promotes the radical-feminist concept of ‘male privilege’- a concept that most non-radicals feel a bit uncomfortable with. Many view it as a form of sexism itself.

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But, why is Sasha so full of anger? A video of her speaking at the Vancouver poetry slam “Slam Central” gives us a good clue of what is behind this angst.

I’ve been told by a couple of sources that Sasha is a victim of a previous sexual assault- she makes no secret of this. She also has a lot of anger bottled inside of her. I truly feel sorry for her, and for anyone who has had a similar experience- I have a couple of close friends who have also lived through this horror. So, I was reluctant to post this part of the story. But, it is an important part of understanding who Sasha is- particularly in reference to her being a teacher, and considering the radical feminist ideologies she promotes.

Here’s a video of Sasha, and the other radicals who hijacked Occupy Vancouver, trying to exclude a man from entering an OV meeting- using ‘sexual harassment’ as their weapon. You see, Sasha doesn’t only have unresolved issues- she takes these issues and externalizes them on others.- particularly when there is a political gain to be made. The man in this video’s main crime was to ask questions about misuse of OV finances. This event led to the shameful moment in OV’s history I covered in my story Occupy Vancouver Gone Wild!.

One hears a lot of complaints that BC teachers are radicals, and that their radicalism could effect the kids they are teaching. Well, Sasha Wiley-Shaw certainly seems to fit that mould. It is sad to hear about the challenges she has faced in her life- but, equally concerning to see someone who is trusted to teach in BC schools behave the way she has been. Particularly in such a public forum.

My next article on OV will dive into the people who hijacked the movement, and their ties to radical and union organizations. Ever since the hijacking, they have been using OV as a tool to get coverage in the BC media. It is time that the media see they have been hoodwinked by a small group of radicals who do not represent the movement as a whole…

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