The Occupied Vancouver Sun- BCTF Edition!

I’ll be writing more about how people from the unions hijacked Occupy Vancouver soon- think of this as a teaser. I was going to wait, but with all of the attention being paid to the BCTF’s Sasha Wiley-Shaw and her involvement with the shenanigans at Vancouver Asseroles march this week.

Occupy Vancouver just put-out a new issue of the “Occupied Vancouver Sun” last week. And, of course, it is further evidence that the movement has ‘gone union’ on us. Here, have a read!

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  1. how can they use that text, layout and name, it is an outright theft of branding from the vancouver sun. WTF. Someone should call canwest and let them know about this blatant defamation of their intellectual property.

    1. It’s PostMedia now – but, yes, someone should bring this to their attention. Hopefully, now this has been published, they will find out themselves…

      1. I emailed a copy of the pdf and the link to editor, publisher, legal and feedback addresses. I also called them, they snickered a little when they got told but am going to have the editor to deal with it.

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