Vancouver Asseroles (sic) Gone Stupid!

Yesterday’s Vancouver Casseroles march crossed the line from “gone wild” to “gone stupid”. The people who were involved with this event should be deeply ashamed of their asinine behaviour. The only way to describe them now is to call them ‘Asseroles’.

A small crowd, of less than 20 people, gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery at the start of the march. They were met with as many police officers. The cops told them they weren’t going to be allowed to block traffic that day, so they decided the best move would be to start harassing the police. Bad move.

As you can see from the beginning of the video, they immediately got into a kerfuffle. They were using the guise that they wanted to see the cop’s badge numbers. This is funny, because if you look closely, most of the cops had their badge numbers visible on their jackets.

The biggest Asserole of the group seemed to be Mathew Kagis. After the first person got arrested, Matthew decided to start banging his pot cover in the face of a police officer. I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish here- it seemed a rather stupid idea. I have no idea why the cop didn’t decide to arrest him.

This is a big part of the problem. Activists are always complaining that the police are being heavy handed- but I just don’t see that, if anything they are way too reluctant to arrest people when they get out of hand. Eventually, things get more out of hand, and tend to go sour- someone is going to get hurt one day because of their reluctance to arrest the crazies.



The other big problem here is that activists are discrediting themselves- and consequently discrediting the causes they are supporting. If you watched the video you wouldn’t see any brutalization or false arrests- only the police doing their jobs while some idiots decide to get physical with them. Occupy Vancouver should be deeply ashamed of this sort of posting- it is not in the spirit of the movement.



One of the problems when activists lie is that the truth ultimately comes out. Take Cameron Bode, who was featured in last week’s Casseroles video swearing at the police. He posted an outright lie on Twitter last night, which was countered by someone at Occupy Vancouver:



So, for two consecutive weeks, Cameron Bode discredits the movement. What a jerk!

And, of course, no story that includes fake reports of police violence would be complete without an appearance by Vancouver Cop Watch! Isn’t it time for them to retire?

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