This Guy Works For CSIS…

Occupy Toronto & Occupy Vancouver have fallen into a collective psychosis. Every time someone who disagrees with them speaks-out they are almost invariably accused of being a cop, working for CSIS (Canada’s version of MI5), or being a paid agitator. I know one Occupier who has been accused of working for at least eleven different agencies!

Can you see what is wrong with this picture?

Did you guess yet? Yes, none of these organizations would be wasting their time on these fools by placing someone undercover to try and discredit them- the Occupy movement has been doing this just fine without external help. External agencies could never screw-up Occupy’s reputation as effectively as actions like the Vancouver Asseroles!


But, is this really part of a psychosis, or is it something more sinister? The above screenshot gives us a good idea of the answer. Greg Cipryk, one of the people who was involved in the hijacking of Occupy Toronto posted this lame attempt to smear someone who was asking questions. And, as you can see, a sensible Occupier decided it was necessary to question this attack.


hen, Taylor (PottyMouth) Flook chimed-in. Most of my readers will know that she’s another Activistocrat who was involved with the hijacking. Then another, more sensible, Occupier questioned her flawed logic. Do you see a pattern here?



And, of course, no asinine Occupy Toronto attack thread would be complete without serial liar Sakura Saunders chiming in. This time she pulls out the ‘racist’ card- cheapening the concept of anti-racism by using the concept as a weapon to discredit someone who spoke out with a different opinion. Also notice how Sakura says that immigrants are treated poorly in Canada- what a bunch of crap! Canada is probably the most immigrant friendly country in the world!

Marxist claptrap if you ask me…

As this final screenshot shows, not all Occupiers have drank the kool-aid, and some good people are questioning those who are serving it. So, I’ll conclude saying that this is not a collective psychosis- labelling someone as an agent is only a well-worn tactic to try and quell dissent.

Next they will be trying to send people to occu-gulags…

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